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  • KerrAvon

    @toothgnasher But you were the first with Bomb! At least you’re unique again, and it’s appropriate for the season.

    I don’t have either Skulkers or Thunderbird (and my birds are only mastery 8). I now see their worth after playing against them in the arena. I am tempted to get Skulkers now rather than wait for Sea Dog.

    My team is Rainbird, Marksmen and Canoneer. I just got a new Golden Gun for Bomb and so am using him instead of Samurai. I have been targeting Antler Pig first, but the randomness of Chuck’s Rage attack can allow him to survive and get his Critical Attack Buff off. I am normally able to deal with the Santa Pig level without too much trouble. But if I can’t take care of Antler Pig quickly, I find I really want Tricksters for his de-buff ability.


    I got my 6th reset just now but ended back on the same high score table as another player I’d been with before and apparently they hadn’t been reset in the last 3 days.


    I tried 2 Santa battles today. They had different sets of opponents.
    My strategy for Santa battle:
    I’m level 41
    Team is
    Paladin 10 with dragon-tooth (?) set
    Princess 9 with Yin/Yang although something else would be better because the rage chili doesn’t fill up
    Sea Dog 10 with sugar rush
    I also have the golden chili
    chili to Sea Dog (takes out bombs, which were present in both).
    Paladin protects self
    Princess attacks strongest opponent other than Santa. In one case this was the pig with antlers, in the other case this was a snow pig, who has a 50% chance of dispelling Paladin’s protection, preventing him from attacking.
    All attacks focus on this opponent, then on Santa.
    Sea Dog targets Paladin when Paladin not protecting himself so he gets an extra turn. Princess heals as necessary.
    Got 3 stars both times.

    Marc Taylor

    I actually submitted a ticket to Rovio… here’s their reply:

    We are terribly sorry about the scores resetting, we are currently investigating the cause if the issue. Unfortunately we are not able to restore the scores. We hope to have the issue fixed as soon as possible, but since most of the team is away for the Christmas holidays this might take some more time than we would like.

    If you had made any purchases and lost them, please contact us with the receipt so that we can handle the refunds. If you have lost items you have earned in the game, please be patient as we are currently considering different ways of handling the compensation. We will have more information regarding this once the issue has been fixed.


    @marc-taylor-5458 — Fantastic! Much of your message is the same as I got in response to a support request, except for the last part about losing items you have earned in the game. I am really glad they are thinking about doing something to compensate for time lost. I have screenshots before / after all resets except the first, which is of course the one where I really lost mastery.


    @killerkea I have an EPIC mission that I think you might be interested in. Shouldn’t take much of your time, but I don’t want to reveal details publicly.

    Grumpy Cat

    Weighing in on the reset issue: I had 5k+ points and got a crash after synchronization. Ended up on the same leaderboard again, but at the bottom.


    Still no resolution? Sigh.. I was reset last night and lost 11k points.


    @nytmair Correct, the issue is not resolved.

    At least you have had lots of practice for when it is resolved.
    I hope you are making good use of your presents.


    @kerravon Absolutely. I am stocking my stamina drinks for a blitz in the final minutes if needed to get a top 3. I want that 6k for all!


    I thought I was going to get lucky and not get reset at all but it finally happened after having 14000 medals…


    What I’ve found is, if your game crashes, or if you close the app, and you instantly open it back up your event will reset. I found a leaderboard where the top is a thousand points so I’m going to try and stay with it and wait 10 seconds or so between app close and open. I already have 800 drinks and 5k snoutlings from resets lol.


    Funny thing is that when you’re reset and you farm medals from the 5 presents, that’s usually enough to get you at least 1000 medals and automatically in the top 3 of a new board where most everyone else had also presumably been reset.


    I was resynced this morning, but not reset. I seem to be the only one who isn’t getting 5 presents whenever I want. I did get one (just 1) this morning.


    @mvnla2 This morning and the start of the event were the only times I had 5 presents at once. I am thinking that maybe they pop up 1 by 1 over time.. So when i didn’t play all night they had time to generate? But then again you said you only had 1 this morning… Hmm.


    @nytmair Whenever your event medals reset + you get placed in a new leaderboard there should be 5 presents that appear.


    The resetting just stopped, at around 17:13 GMT, Dec 24. No more resetting leaderboard or farming stamina. Is it just me?


    I’ve lost more stamina, chilis and health than I can count with these resets.

    The simplest and most direct method of restitution for time and in game resources used is giving everyone that competed a spin on the 1st place wheel.

    Shouldn’t be too difficult, broken game says I’m the only person on my leader board more often than not.


    I tried and the leaderboard doesn’t reset to 0 anymore.I hope it’s not just temporarely.


    @flirtybanner I don’t think it’s stopped yet; I just got reset 1 minute ago as of this post. The core programming team is away for the holidays so I’d imagine this probably won’t be fixed until at least after Christmas or maybe for the whole duration of the event.

    Best strategy now would be making sure to be online an hour before the event ends and secure at least 3rd place; shouldn’t be too hard with everyone’s medal count being so low. Or if it’s not too much work, keep checking the boards throughout and just maintain 3rd place with the free medals from presents and an occasional battle or two (no need to spend stamina or FE).


    Still constantly resetting. It’s no big deal. The issue is there and it’s Christmas–I wouldn’t hold out on a fix this week at all.

    I hope the “restitution” everyone mentions is awesome, but who can really guess?

    It’s not the end of the world either way.


    @mmdg– I just sent your suggestion to Rovio support, so maybe it will actually happen. I think it’s a great idea.
    I did get reset later this morning, not sure exactly when.


    I got another reset:(. This time to a board with low points.


    I’ve been getting a combination of either reset to 10 or 15 medals, or reset to a new board, but keeping my low number of medals. I can’t get much over 500 due to my game crashing (plus I’m not about to waste stamina drinks if I’m going to lose my medals). I’m now actually up to #4 on the board, against a bunch of people who clearly have had all their medals reset to a low number. Don’t know how long this placement will last, but at least I’ve collected a large number of stamina drinks to use at the next event or during the last half-hour of this event.


    Anyone that has lots of essence doesn’t need to worry about 3 starring the event. 2 stars is good enough because you can simply respin until you get the 6000 bonus for all birds.

    Because of events like this people are wasting effort to get their birds to level 10 since you might be missing out on as much as 12,000 mastery/bird if your bird(s) are already level 10. To make sure I get the maximum mastery I leveled up my birds at a fairly even pace so all my birds are either 8 or 9 except Skulkers which I just bought 3 days ago.

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