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  • KerrAvon

    @marcsloop I suggest you just bite the bullet and force close the app. Otherwise you will be stuck with your unstable environment until the app crashes by itself.

    @mvnla2 Won’t be until new year I guess. I’m in N Europe as well and all around the continent people have holidays till first Monday of the new year. Support desk will likely be skeleton crew only… You got lucky with getting the wheel at all, congrats!

    I guess I saved up for zip again.


    Weird. I’m still playing. Getting reset but racking up Stamina and Snoutlings.


    @all — Rovio has clearly said that they will compensate anyone for real money lost, if you have a receipt.
    They said they were working on compensation for those that just spent time and resources, but we shall see what it is.


    Last time I saw the leader board earlier today I was in first with something over 4k. Came back ~3 hours later an launched ABE only to find the event completely missing. And every subsequent launch thereafter. I thought they just pulled it – maybe ended it early and those that were fortunate got a roll?

    Really bad to release something so buggy and timed over the long holiday break …


    Well, I was able to get 3 stars at least. Got 6K Chuck, 6K All, and 6K Blues.

    Wizard’s finally up to level 9!


    Well, I was able to get into the top 3 at least 4 times, and was back up to #2 when I went to sleep last night. This morning, I logged in to find the event no longer happening, and no sign of it ever having happened.


    Mine crashed numerous times this morning in the final hour of the event. Was able to spin the wheel and get the 6,000 for all along with Yellow and Blue.


    My entire progress got erased, I was at level 41 with a ton of stuff….what do I do?


    I stopped in to see if anyone else’s event just disappeared, only to find out that the event apparently ended early with little warning.

    I missed out completely on getting to roll. Ah well.

    Grumpy Cat

    @beauxdevon Send a support request to Rovio. Chances are you’ll get a reset that’s ~1 week old though.


    Wow I must say that it was the worst event ever. My leaderboard score did not reset at all since the event started, yet I didnt get the chance to spin the wheel for the prizes. Thats sad. What is rovio even thinking?


    It’s strange. I noticed , at least on my game, that scores reset (mine=4) after opening Presents. Early in the Competition , I opened them one at a time . After learning of the glitch to get numerous awards, I went to this method. It was only after using this glitch that scores were nuked. Anyone else experience it, scores resetting after opening gifts?


    @strategia55 My observation was that the resetting of scores and the appearance of the 5 new presents occurred at the same time (i.e. they were both triggered by the crash). If I had new presents, then my score had been reset. I saw this on numerous occasions.

    I am not sure that the tapping of presents to get multiple items was a glitch. I think I have seen this elsewhere – and not just the harvesting sites on the EPIC map.


    @kerravon How can it not be a glitch? The mining sites flash until you get all the resources out of them. And it’s always the same amount. The presents, on the other hand, would disappear after 1 gift if you didn’t tap multiple times. So I don’t see how the multiple tapping could have been intended.

    For those of you who don’t read the bug thread or Twitter, @ABEpic posted this on Twitter earlier:

    “@ABepic: For all of those asking for compensation: YES, we plan on compensating all of you for losses and the inconvenience! Points can’t be restored”

    “@ABepic: @Paardegone The progress will probably not be restored, however, we will compensate for the potions etc.!”

    “@ABepic: @skaterboytobias We will be generous!”



    My two devices both got the reset, so I just collected presents instead of fighting event battles. My iOS device took 4th place and my Android took 6th or 7th without a single medal from battles!

    Two stars for each, both rolled 6kall+blues on the first roll. For a non-FB player, that’s about as good as I could have asked for.

    I do wish the event would have continued—I liked collecting the presents!

    Grumpy Cat

    @filthycasual Just curious, if you have ABE on two devices, why not link them together on FB? No real reason not to, since ABE isn’t spammy, unless you value Rovio not knowing about your FB.


    @filthycasual Like you, I was happy for the bugged event to continue so I could collect presents. No point in playing too many battles, since the results were likely to be reset. I didn’t spend much time on the arena battles, so had plenty of time for collecting. Not wanting to go into details, but it didn’t take much to put 2 and 2 together to exploit the situation and get lots of stamina drinks and snoutlings. I collected enough snoutlings to get the rest of the healing potion and fruit cake recipes. From other posts, I believe a number of other players also worked out how to do this and also have a very large collection of stamina drinks. And all because the event was buggy.


    Yo hice exactamente eso, reanudé cada cierto tiempo el juego y obtenía los 4-7 regalos con bebidas de resistencia, de experiencia, monedas de plata y las medallas del evento.
    Lo único negativo del evento, pero no por culpa de este, es en la tirada de la ruleta final, tiré 3 veces (2 de ellas gastando 10 aromas de la amistad), pero en ninguna me salió el 6000 para todas las clases…

    Angry Johnny

    Just for information, this was posted on Angry Birds Epic twitter today;

    Again FYI: We will compensate each and everyone of you for the troubles of the last days!


    I racked up about 400 stamina potions and 280 experience potions from collecting presents and fighting battles. I know there are others that collected several times what I did, but I didn’t feel like spending hours exploiting the presents, because I have no idea what to do with that many experience and stamina potions. I was planning on using the stamina potions to bltiz for points near the end of the event if I needed to, but it turns out that most people didn’t need to because they were alone on their leaderboard at the end. Getting extra snoutlings is nice, but I’d rather collect them at SRC on auto play.


    In this case, it was much quicker collecting snoutlings from the presents compared with using SRC. But it really depended on how much time you wanted to devote to the arena event. I am not that interested in competing in the arena event and considered collecting snoutlings and stamina drinks for future mastery events a better use of my time.


    Event is still going on for me with about 90 minutes. I get kicked out of Epic after about 2 minutes on my iPad but it has been enough to keep Golden Pig going and collect a few snoutlings. We’ll see what happens in 90 minutes. If I’m still getting kicked out, I’ll just delete and reload Epic.


    As a long suffering Kindle Fire user, I had no problems with the Holidays event. I’ve had just about every other problem in the past though, so I surprised it was so smooth.

    The compensation will be in the next update. In other words, compensation for everyone, including the ones who got to spin the wheel as well as whoever did not play at all.

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