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  • Yevhen Markovskyi

    I have same problem, achievement in event is lost every time I load Epic. And list of players every time is new. I hope this will be fixed soon.


    Same problem for me too. I have twice re-started after a back-to-zero reset and twice lost everything. Will flag to Rovio, but will not resume playing until the bug is fixed.


    @kerravon Awesome! Mine don’t come back so quickly though, even after crashing. Wish they did though.


    @epicjon Are you on iOS or android system?


    Reset too, and I’m not with the same guys now


    @QALauri — People seem to still be having the reset problem today. It only happened to me once, but I stopped playing.


    it’s still happening! no need to play as everything will be lost over and over again!


    Might help Rovio to know if there are any differences in platform or operating system.

    — I forget what platform and operating system you use?
    I’m iPad with IOS7.
    I just played a few event battles this morning, taking screenshots in-between, ad so far it is OK.


    @mvnla2 im on IOS7 Iphone 5
    i tried playing 5 coins and exist the game then in again. All progress lost… again!!


    have had no resets of any kind, android or ios.


    I’d gotten through 12 hours without anything happening to me – was on top of my board with 4k medals… Just now got hit with this event-reset bug. :(

    (iPhone 5c / iOS 8.1)

    Green Whacker

    Got reset twice over the weekend… sent Rovio an support ticket to get this fixed. I’m running iOS (since Andy emulator no longer works). As of this point I’m only going to play the free 15 drinks I get and search out the presents.. not going to burn any saved drinks or use up friendship gems until they fix this buggy event.


    reseted ssecond time a 1 day


    the same thing on android devices


    Crap. I just read this thread, went to check, and I went from first place in my board to zero. I actually went in to take a screenshot to send to Rovio in case this happened. 6000 mastery… they picked a bad challenge for this bug. (iOS 7/ipad4)

    I haven’t been playing nearly as much as before, just aother reason to stop playing.


    Still bugged for me iPhone 6 ios 8


    Sounds like I should just keep playing the stamina earned over time, and banking any energy drinks I spin on the wheel. Was wondering why my medal count was not increasing very quickly.


    I’m on iPad Mini with iOS 6 and no one on my leaderboard has been reset yet, hope I’m not knocking on wood!


    Just noticed something interesting — Usually there are 4 pigs scattered about the island; right now there are 5. Not going to play any of them, but I wonder if this is related. Does everyone agree that there are usually 4?

    Green Whacker

    At one point I had only 1 Santa pig and at least 6 presents scattered all over… scored a bunch of stamina drinks (at least I got those drinks back I burned over in the past)


    I noticed that you can collect all of the items from the hidden presents (coins, stamina & experience potion), close the game, then restart the game and the presents are back and you still have all of the items from the presents from before. I’ve collected over 100 stamina and experience potions so far. The medals are still going back to zero though.


    @MVNLA2 5 pigs has been the standard for me in all events. Sometimes, right after I defeat one, it doesn’t respawn immediately and I only have 4, but if I wait long enough (e.g. whenever I first play in the morning) it always goes back to 5.


    I have the event, but since my birds are all 10s my top prize is … 500 SNOUTLINGS… woohoo! (satire) Literally the wheel is full of 500s. I can get 1,400 snoutlings for finishing on top, too… but I’ve already accumulated 148,000 of them so 2000 or so more is not very appealing.

    I also notice the game is crashing a lot more. So far I haven’t been smurfed back to zero though.


    I’ve been reset 3 times so far at roughly 2.1k, 0.6k, and the lastest at 4.3k. Android 5.0.1 (Nexus 5). Each time I seem to be with a new group. I don’t mind being shifted among groups for balancing or whatever they intend, but having my points reset each time is extremely aggravating. The fact that is is work 42k mastery points this time just makes it that much more annoying.


    I’ve been reset at least twice. It’s really irritating.

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