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    @elric — Sorry, I misspelled your name. Rovio is in Finland, and the support desk does not work on the weekend. So I would suspect you would not get an answer until Mon. Did you get an e-mail confirming that you had contacted the Rovio support group. I think you normally get 2 automatic e-mails before they really answer.
    Perhaps the @admins here can help you if you list what platform you are using and what version of Epic. You might also want to list in excruciating detail exactly what steps you went through.


    I did too, I sent it 4 days ago but no response yet..


    @mvnla2 @satanicoo I’ve also encountered the frozen rage chili. It only happens in autoplay mode when I try to interrupt it.

    However, I found a safe work-around. Only interrupt during the pigs half of the round. That has never failed me.


    Update on broken synchronization:

    I reported earlier how using multiple devices can hurt you… I just got hurt to the tune of $18 REAL dollars. Yes, of course I’ve disputed the charge with Google Play and notified Rovio… but I’m warning the rest of you that it may not be safe to spend real money, and especially not if you have more than one device using the same account.

    (Previously I had spent $25 on LC on iTunes – but then I was using two different devices and two DIFFERENT accounts on earlier versions of ABE).


    I’m stuck at the Wizpig Castle…the game freezes after I defeat the first wizpig…then he transforms to the evil one and prince porky shows up…after that everyone become unresponsive…nothing was working after that…is this a bug?


    Now that the Into The Void event is over and removed, the freezing issue is gone. Yay me, its going to be a bad day for the piggies.


    Bah! The freezing issue has returned. Still waiting on reply from Rovio.



    I would like to report a bug for Angry birds EPIC.

    On the previous event where we had to fight dungeons & dragons mobs on 3 diff. portals I had the issue when using Chuck’s ArchMage on target ability. My party was:
    Red Paladin, Matilda Princess and Chuck ArchMage.

    I hit any of the mobs with matilda 1st so I could force every mob to attack red, after matilda’s attack I used chuck on target ability on red, his ability sets 3 orbs surrounding the target, if red receives an attack, the attacker will get a hit (200+ pts).

    Since Chuck’s main ability is an AoE i just kept attacking as usual, however, all mobs would survive 1st turn attack. On the 2nd or 3rd turn all mobs would still attack red and therefor, get killed. The strategy worked but I could not advanced to the next wave using this party.Notice that, Im not saying I hit and kill the mobs but they hit red and died due to low health. After all mobs get defeated my party would hold ground and not move at all or by any given command. I had to quit the encounter and choose a diff. party in order to finish the daily event. This as you can guess, had me loosing double experiencing tries and stamina drinks.

    Thank you for your time,


    To @mvnla2 re: @dmbfan42. I think that 400 lucky coins is not a lot to people who are prepared to spend real world money on ABE! =) When you can only obtain 35x lucky coins per week… 400x seems like a King’s ransom!


    @toothgnasher I play this game on two iPads and one android smart phone and I have never experienced any issue. My synch between different devices and different platforms works perfectly well. All my purchases from Google play were transfered to my account and I could use purchased lucky coins on all devices no matter of platform. Right after game was released for android there was problem with synching game progress i.e. application was supposed to be completely closed on one device and player had to be signed out from his Rovio’s account in order to play on an other device. As I can see now I can be signed into my account on all devices I have game installed and all datas are synched instantly when I load game.
    If you lost your purchased lucky coins Rovio support team will assist you and you will get them back (possible you’ll get some package of free coins as compensation for inconvinience).


    @angryde — I guess I agree that 400 coins is not that much money. However I do believe that once you shell out $19 for 450 coins, you are likely to do it again and again. And on every AB / Rovio game you play.
    I prefer to consider playing without spending real money as an additional challenge.


    After I got in touch with Rovio about the problem of the game freezing when you try to do more than one battle per session, they asked for screenshots showing the issue on my Kindle. I sent them a screenshot and a video of me trying to use the birds, seeing animation, but nothing happening. They responded this morning that it should be resolved in the next version. I don’t like the term “should” but it looks like they are working on another version to resolve issues. Let’s hope it comes sooner rather than later.

    I’m only playing the daily pig and daily dungeon every day since it is too tedious to exit the application and open again between each battle.


    Thank you for the information Tman.


    @mvnla2. I agree with you 100% I too consider avoiding real-world spend a challenge! It’s so, so tempting at times… but, in the end, it’s oddly rewarding. :-)


    is the Mastery achievement bugged in Game Center? I’m trying to find an answer..


    Hey guys, I sent a request to Rovio but still have received no reply. It’s been about a week now, should I send it again?


    I got no reply, too, waiting about a week. Connecting to Facebook still doesnt work. Because I only have to play the caves, it makes no fun without “friends”.

    I really dont understand, why many games force the player to use Facebook. Facebook connection should be only a feature for those, who like FB.


    @elric. Dude, it’s all about cross-marketing and co-sponsorship agreements between the named parties as well as (their) 2nd and 3rd party affiliates.


    @joeyba We believe so



    I’m with you, just knocking out the Caves and then doing easy auto-play stuff throughout the day (while at work) to earn snoutlings and materials (mainly for Veggie Cakes)..

    I do the Caves without Facebook, so it isn’t absolutely required. If you don’t like the Facebook portion of the game, don’t use it. *smile* Cave 11 has been a slog, but I’m getting it done with Pigiana Jones and Prince Porky…



    @angryde: Yes, I know that. But when I play these games, I try to forget all those things … and sometimes it works. ;)

    : thanks for the encouragement, i keep on playing… :)

    And step back… a few minutes ago I got answer from a friendly Rovio support. It didnt solve my problem, but I replied much more details. Maybe this helps. I post it here, when I solve it.


    Oops sorry didn’t read it properly.


    Epic 1.1.1
    Cave 11-5
    Spies 564 to target, all others 232
    First wave: Mandarin, Master Ninja, Red Ninja & little jerk.
    Targetted Mandarin with Spies, he took the hit, ninjas ignored the 232 damage.
    Saw this is King Pig’s Castle after its value was gutted but kept mouth shut.

    Where do I report this outrage?

    Angry Johnny

    You report it to Rovio.


    @Beaujack: i’ve sent a report today to Rovio since they’re next event involves ninjas and i’m having the same kind of problem. I hit a Mandarim with my Blues (SPIES headgear) and the black ninjas dodged the damaged of 111.

    Report it too so since they better do an update n fix this before the event.

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