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  • The Royal Guard

    I had experienced three bugs which are all related to each other.In the first bug,in a battle in the the Villains of Piggy Island event,code is displayed and the buttons are unaccessable.The same thing happens in the Angry Birds Epic Anniversary Event,in which the event access screen is glitched in the same way.The third bug was in the arena,in which the whole arena was frozen in the same way except for the golden pig machine and the birds.When I tried to collect my rewards,it always comes up with an error saying to try again later,which doesn’t work.


    So apperently i can’t attend the event, i have replayed this over 5 times already and it still says i still need to win at least 1 battle. This only happens to my new account, i can attend the event normally on my old and abandoned account. Please fix, i am missing out the event


    I have an arena problem, it shows ‘Arena under construction. Next event in 9 weeks.’

    It’s been doing this since I started playing again, and counted down from 3 weeks remaining, to a day and has now reset back to 9 weeks again. I’ve tried on my iPad as well as on my Android phone, both are the same.


    It is possible to ‘fuse’ set items without consuming any existing ones in the progress.

    A Tomato

    In some levels sound does not play, it doesn’t play in the cutscenes, it doesn’t play while your not in a battle. and in some animations, clipping happens, like the pig near the pigs lab behind the friendship gate, his head clips through his helmet for some frames. How do I fix this? I’ve been having this since I reinstalled the game, I installed it again because last time I got to the first cave and then my game lost all of its sound, I thought if I reinstalled it it would fix itself, it didn’t, I had to do it all over again because at that time I didn’t know what a rovio account was, and now you can’t register, great. And don’t think I have the silent bell on, I don’t, sound works for every game except epic. Also the sound is really quiet and the music is really loud.


    Here are my problems:

    Can’t attend events (not arena)

    Can’t login to facebook


    My son is trying and trying to enter the Angry Birds Epic Anniversary Party and the buttons are stuck and although he already won a battle in order to enter, it is saying he needs to win the battle. Is this a glitch! He has been waiting all week for this event! So sad!! Help!!


    if you choose the attack with arrows on the tricksters, it will appear in the overworld at mighty eagle dojo as a bug



    My arena has been saying it’s under construction for a few months now. Sunday at 2pm CST it was finally supposed to be open. I went to play arena and it went under construction for another 9 weeks.


    Hey, I found a bug which makes my lvl 2 sea fruit potion require the same ingredients to craft the snow apple potion, what happened?


    Hey, I got a bug, that make my lvl 2 sea fruit potion cost 5 bigger flasks, cristaline water and 5 snow apples, i’m a little bit ahead of the second dungeon, so help me, it’s very hard to craft this potion.


    I went to the apocalyptic hog riders event, but when I went to go choose my birds, it turned into the boss from dangers of the deep. What do I do? Also, it says I need to win 1 event battle to qualify for the event. How do I do that?


    About mid month the daily calendar reset to the beginning of the month.  Also in tournament.  I reached the mid level reward and instead of unlocking the next class upgrade , I have a black bar down the center of the screen.  It does not clear when I restart.


    Epic is really dead now – no more events scheduled and the daily calendar is just snoutlings…

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