• More Arena Woes did enough at end of this Season finished at 7000+ reward of 70k Feathers and thought I could use a feather Frenzy for finishing the Hat game the night before to collect 140k feathers rovio  say in game info that Feather Frenzy does not work on these rewards it is in the game info so bear that in mind if you feel that would be a…[Read more]

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    ok my question is in Clan games not battles how does the system rank player on the same points ie 1 point or 3 points never been able to work it out does not seem to be on FP either Highest to lowest or reverse or first one to get to 1 point etc


    I have the Highest FP in my clan but never at the top for these rewards

  • I saved my one on the same logic had Red and Blue and missed them all at 20 30 and 40 although I did get a legendary hat at 30 which I had already had it is the Tower is so unpredictable today two days later it gave me a run all the way to the Jackpot egg for the use of 770 gems but missed the egg first for me for nearly a year

  • Further more it is my belief that since the new release there is less Gems available I have started noticing last 2 tower of fortune no Gems noticed on cards that I picked or not picked up to 13th Floor  on one day and 9th  on another for which I used 70 Gems and my free video and looking at Cards picked and did not pick only 2 Gem cards (which I…[Read more]

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    what are your thoughts on the new update seem to be less Jewels daily less Apples daily and I have not seen any Pig Poppers yet in Treasure chests or TOF

  • Typical first time I got Chuck Hat went on then bailed at 23 with another pig used video did not load screen froze lost the lot 170 gems down Grrrrrrrr!

    Have complained but not holding out much hope

  • its still happening got an extra 150 feathers instead of a chest then anther 150 feathers for going back in again should be on 4 on the streak taken me back to 2