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  • so new update came out.

    good points:

    24 hours on both daily challenge and king pig

    completing those two gives one extra card each for MEBC (daily challenge bird is that days bird eg blues day you get an extra blues card, king pig random card. i got bubbles today)

    new chapter with 70 levels

    not so good points

    another hat set probably another x6 hat or mebc set so i won’t be completing it for a while.

    bad points

    lives amount of time has return to 30 minutes

    whilst getting an extra card in MEBC is helpful it does mean you have to do the 2 challenges before you do mebc and if you don’t you are at an disadvantage to those who have done it already

    i personally felt more pressured to spend gems in both just to finish them quickly and so do the MEBC with both extra cards

    i suppose depending on what your play style is (particularly in MEBC) this update is either a blessing or a curse

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  • Doom Baby

    It’s just another bullshit tactic to get you to spend gems on the DC and KPP. Rewards are still shit and not worthy of my time.


    Got a pig on floors 2&3 of the TOF so looks like that’s back to “normal.” Not getting my gems or my money.


    I personally hate it. I rarely do daily challenge, never do King Pig Panic, now I am forced to do both! Not happy, a waste of about 20 minutes per day. Either that, or get a crap score in MEBC and not be first place in the local leaderboard anymore.

    I managed to complete KPP without having to spend extra gems but I suspect that a lot of people will need to spend gems, so therefore Rovio make more money. Cos at the end of the day, all their updates do is to make people spend more on the game


    indeed. i’ve been lucky recently and saved up a good amount of gems which i then used a fair amount of today on the challenges just to test the new card system. today in mebc i got 93 million which currently places me 3rd in local and 2425 globally. haven’t been that high locally for a while now but i’ve not been as competitive since i made it to the emerald 1 frame – the frame needed to get 1500 coins and so the next discounted hat – so that doesn’t yet prove having two extra birds is helpful


    It was 40 levels for Chapter 70 that came out. I personally don’t mind much as I don’t push bootcamp hard as is, but I can see for those who care about it beyond the daily play it can be frustrating, as the daily challenge gets harder the more you complete it in a row.


    That’s a big NAY from me.

    Did anyone notice today’s first post-update KPP was much easier than normal? Incredibly, for the first time in months, all three KPP levels had exit points! What are the chances? :/

    As @apn19 said, the mighty eagle bootcamp now requires players to complete both the DC and KPP to be competitive. I will finish the current MEBC season in the #1 spot of my local ladder today, but  there’s no way I can compete against other local players who pay to win the DC and KPP every day.

    That seals it for me. The MEBC season ends today, so I’m just going to spend my mighty eagle coins and give this game a long break, if not permanent.

    Dearg mor

    Considering that my DC is broken af, I cant access this ‘extra birds’ feature. Even then, I don’t really like this feature, as we’ll probably get crappy birds such as Hal and the green snotball, and also I find completing the 4-5-6 DCs boring and repetitive

    The hat adventure is ok, as at least that means more temporary fp. It’ll probably mean I’ll spend a lot of gems to get the later hats, though, as I seem to get multiple pigs just before I reach the floors with the hats


    Today’s KPP was a complete b****. I had to buy extra birds for each of the 3 king pigs. The last one was actually the easiest IMO. But this is what I thought….Rovio have done this purely to get more money as I don’t think many people would be able to complete KPP without having to buy extra birds. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any videos on it either.  I haven’t done the MEBC yet, but I hope the gems I had to waste in getting an extra bird was worth it. I guess the next two extra birds will be Hal and leonard, so I will give those two a miss


    As expected this update made the MEBC really hard as KPP was impossible without buying birds. The stupid new hat did not help. Normally I could be around 5-30 in my local group. My current standing with decent run is 80+ as top 20+ had already got all the new hats and score difference between me and top scorer was way over 100m.


    Doom Baby

    Yup, I can’t score a single point in the local MEBC now. Coupled with the ridiculously difficult CvC rooms they’ve been giving us lately, this game has lost every bit of its fun. After we’ve finished this CvC, I’m done with the game.


    As few of you have said before, this is the only game that you go backwards no matter how much you play if you don’t spend real money.


    yay , new update feature really nice ( extra cards plus 24H for DC and KPP )

    Paulo Terrance

    Further more it is my belief that since the new release there is less Gems available I have started noticing last 2 tower of fortune no Gems noticed on cards that I picked or not picked up to 13th Floor  on one day and 9th  on another for which I used 70 Gems and my free video and looking at Cards picked and did not pick only 2 Gem cards (which I did not get )in my last 14 common boxes

    anyone else noticed this stealth tactic


    KPP wasn’t too bad today, there were exits for all 3 levels. However, I can only come top of my local leaderboard if I get the two extra cards. I will probably play MEBC till I get to emerald I, and then just concentrate on getting stars as I am still not star rank 100 yet. I will then be rewarded with 1500 coins to get the next discounted hat and I should also have saved up 5000 coins to get a missing Roman hat. I currently have over 4000 MEBC coins.

    I generally get 80-99 coins a day (the bonus 50 and 30-49 from MEBC)


    @stedman42 30 – 49 coins is 10 to 13 rooms.  I do fairly well and the most I’ve gotten is 9.  I’d be interested in seeing a video of one of these runs.

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