• @birdpower, your SR is 36, not 8! There is a large difference. In a clan I used to be in, there was a player who was SR 20 and had FP in the 600s. I believe he was genuine because I used to screenshot his profile each week. His SR remained at 20 (so obviously didn’t play in the arena) and his FP only slowly creeped up, so if he was hacking…[Read more]

  • Your game data is stored on your phone, it is just backed up on FB so you can move it to a different device, or play it on both your phone and tablet etc. So disconnecting from Facebook will only stop it syncing to a different device. Not a problem if you only use one device to play it on

  • I am not sure to the answer of your first question, but once you have reached the max level, you still collect feathers. Every so often, Rovio increase the highest card level, and if you have enough feathers your bird will then automatically level up. I guess some of the top players have millions of extra feathers.

    It’s a bit like Pokemon Go,…[Read more]

  • By using 3 express tickets and countless number of normal TOF tickets, along with DC/KPP daily, I have got 5 of the hats. I cannot complete level 7, but have got very close to doing it.

    Last time, I could get very far using a normal TOF ticket. This time, I am getting a piggy nearly every time before level 5, often even 2. With one of my express…[Read more]

  • @max1

    Is it a feather frenzy next Sunday?

  • I couldn’t believe my luck in the TOF today. I used an express ticket, and got to floor 60 and only had 3 piggies, so only paid out 170 gems. When I got to floor 60 I had received over 400 gems, over 1500 special event coins and a whole bunch of gems and feathers. Unfortunately I didn’t get the Terence Hat. However, I got the special egg on floor…[Read more]

  • I think Axel McBum is a synonym for Sola Alexa, and as he’s banned his clan mates are saying RIP for him.

    As for Beast….it is very likely he didn’t spend a penny on the game. He was a cheat. He hacked gems, feathers and spells and maybe even his star rank. However, he would have spent many hours getting to the top spots in MEBC, so he has lost…[Read more]

  • Solo was also missing. Is he banned?

  • @airplane-lover

    I personally would not do what you said you would do. I know about that glitch, and used it myself after my account got banned after 2 years of playing (I play on 3 devices in total…I’m positive it is something to do with that). If you advertise this glitch, Rovio will just patch it in their next update.

    You still lose your…[Read more]

  • I must admit, the DC was very difficult today. I hated it. I don’t even want to think how many gems I had to spend to finish him off.The first two levels of KPP were dead easy. In both cases I had birds left over. The third one was more tricky as there was no exit, but I think I only had to buy 3 extra cards (60 gems) to finish it off.

  • On the first day of this new feature, I completed DC and KPP and had no extra birds. They just didn’t turn up. But it only happened the once, fortunately

  • Don’t like bragging, but I find the converse to be true.. Last season, I sometimes came 3rd on the daily charts (but ended up as first in the season chart). I found it very difficult to keep coming top of the daily chart. Sometimes this other player got 10 million or more than me.

    Now, the opposite is true. For example, this evening the top score…[Read more]

  • KPP wasn’t too bad today, there were exits for all 3 levels. However, I can only come top of my local leaderboard if I get the two extra cards. I will probably play MEBC till I get to emerald I, and then just concentrate on getting stars as I am still not star rank 100 yet. I will then be rewarded with 1500 coins to get the next discounted hat and…[Read more]

  • @sirtendies

    Matilda is the latest discounted ninja hat, last season it was chuck. The discounted one this season is Matilda, so I don’t know why you said no change.

    Don’t know anything about Terrence, I bought that at the discounted rate when it was the discounted hat, several seasons ago.

  • Today’s KPP was a complete b****. I had to buy extra birds for each of the 3 king pigs. The last one was actually the easiest IMO. But this is what I thought….Rovio have done this purely to get more money as I don’t think many people would be able to complete KPP without having to buy extra birds. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any videos on it…[Read more]

  • I personally hate it. I rarely do daily challenge, never do King Pig Panic, now I am forced to do both! Not happy, a waste of about 20 minutes per day. Either that, or get a crap score in MEBC and not be first place in the local leaderboard anymore.

    I managed to complete KPP without having to spend extra gems but I suspect that a lot of people…[Read more]

  • It’s nothing to do with ios, I have ios 10 and 11, and android. It was there this morning. Now it has gone on all my devices. And a stupid wig hat adventure has replaced it. I am not happy, as I was unable to play earlier as I was at work. I was going to try and level up a couple of my extra birds.

  • I hate the new update, the device I played my alt account on got updated. However, if you haven’t updated, put your device in airplane mode and start AB2,  When logged in, connect to the internet. This will stop the udpate, and you can still get the new easter hats. And change your FP by changing your hats.


    And what is the nonsense about…[Read more]

  • I am unusual, last season I was averaging 55 a day, this season, so far, I am averaging 65. I won’t get that today as it is currently on 66 and by the time it resets it will probably drop down to 62 or lower. I found today’s MEBC quite tough, but the clan battle was dead easy – got 93 mill on my first go (FP 782).

  • Exactly the same here. It worked fine this morning at around 7.30am UK time. But from late morning till now, it still doesn’t work. Bootcamp and clans are down, and my hatchling has gone.  I thought it was my internet connection, but it has happened using two different mobile providers and 2 different broadband providers

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