• There is a youtube video of someone who had 26 000 gems and they got to level 89 (it was when it used to have 90 levels).  The most gems you have to pay is 3200 and it stays at that level.

  • Hi

    I have read the terms of service but it is not written in plain English and I am no lawyer! In simple yes or no terms, can anyone tell me please if I can:

    1. Have more than one account/profile

    2. Can I give (not sell) my profile to someone else if I no longer want to play the game?

    Many thanks

  • I find it very helpful to watch videos beforehand. Try Johnsonfunky, Lakimen, Angry z and anonymous AB2 user. Search for them on youtube

  • I take back what I said, I actually like this. It’s good you only use 5 birds. You can leave out crap birds and use the good ones and get strikes on most rooms. On my main account I got 110 million and the FP of my birds is between 154 and 164. I used Terrence, bubbles, stella, bomb and red, and I also used the same birds (substituting red for…[Read more]

  • I remember when they allowed you to choose your flock for MEBC. It was a complete disaster, I have no reason to believe it will be different for CvC

  • However….at least it is possible to do so. With several of the normal extra hats they have recently brought out, if you manage to collect all of them during the event (spending a great deal of gems), you are then able to upgrade them another two times (spending even more gems to get the special hat tokens). Once the event is over, it is no…[Read more]

  • I agree with you APN, but actually there are currently 3 hat sets already available (samurai, roman and ninja) so if you had bought all of them and upgraded the Sumurai you would have increased your FP by 32 from the slingshot and 14 from the extra +2 from the Saumurai hats (compared to the +10 from legendary hats). It is very difficult indeed to…[Read more]

  • I have collected my reward from MEBC and was going to buy the bomb Star Force Hat Set, only to find that it is 5,000 coins instead of 1,500. Does anyone know what is going on? I am going to give up playing AB2 if they are no longer reducing the exotic hats

  • Yesterday, I said I was pleasantly surprised. However, that was when I was playing with my high FP account. I have tried it with my lower FP account and it totally sucks. I had to restart a match 3 times in order to win, and then I got completely slaughtered in the following match, meaning I can no longer get a winning streak.

    I hate the way they…[Read more]

  • I have just realised that you can restart the room or shuffle the birds. Don’t know how I missed that earlier.

    I have also realised that (at least in my league) I need to get 600 points in order to go up a level!  That is of course possible, but very difficult.

    I decided to continue playing during my early lunch break, and I am now in the clear…[Read more]

  • I had low expectations of this, but I am happily surprised…so far.

    I have played about 7 matches, and won all of them easily getting 10 stars each time. However, I am not happy that once you win the streak, you cannot start another streak straight away. I have to wait till it resets (I guess that will be the usual 5am GMT).

    I don’t like the…[Read more]

  • Rovio love trying to break things that work. Maybe they should remember: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

    They did the same thing with the MEBC…fortunately they changed that back to the way it was (and introduced the local leaderboards, which believe it or not, were a good idea). They also tried doing the same with the new hat sets, introducing…[Read more]

  • @doombaby

    I see what you are saying, but I never advised snow7501 to avoid getting the next hat set from the ToF. I advised to wait till the next season starts, and then get them. But I disagree with what you say. The discounted hats from MEBC are 1500 coins each. And if you were to place first for 45 days in MEBC you would get 2250 bonus coins,…[Read more]

  • @snow7501

    What you are saying is right. Do not get any more hats. And let your hatchling fly away.

    When the new season starts, try getting all the hats (plus duplicates) and start off with your hatchling again. You will then have a higher FP than those in your leaderboard who already collected the hats. And if you get up to a 3rd level…[Read more]

  • @ragebird

    I have just requested to join your FB group, it will show a different name though

  • Hi

    Sick to death of losing clan battles, it seems likely we are going to lose the latest battle, which is about the 10th consecutive clan battle we have lost. Usually due to non-players. I want to join a new clan. I am SR 109, FP 970ish, and currently emerald I in MEBC.  I am first place in the local MEBC leaderboard  and I consistently get v…[Read more]

  • @birdpower, your SR is 36, not 8! There is a large difference. In a clan I used to be in, there was a player who was SR 20 and had FP in the 600s. I believe he was genuine because I used to screenshot his profile each week. His SR remained at 20 (so obviously didn’t play in the arena) and his FP only slowly creeped up, so if he was hacking…[Read more]

  • Your game data is stored on your phone, it is just backed up on FB so you can move it to a different device, or play it on both your phone and tablet etc. So disconnecting from Facebook will only stop it syncing to a different device. Not a problem if you only use one device to play it on

  • I am not sure to the answer of your first question, but once you have reached the max level, you still collect feathers. Every so often, Rovio increase the highest card level, and if you have enough feathers your bird will then automatically level up. I guess some of the top players have millions of extra feathers.

    It’s a bit like Pokemon Go,…[Read more]

  • By using 3 express tickets and countless number of normal TOF tickets, along with DC/KPP daily, I have got 5 of the hats. I cannot complete level 7, but have got very close to doing it.

    Last time, I could get very far using a normal TOF ticket. This time, I am getting a piggy nearly every time before level 5, often even 2. With one of my express…[Read more]

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