• My two cents:

    I don’t agree that Rovio abandoned AB2 but they screwed it up last year with the update that changed the Arena.  I hate (strong word but accurate) the non-window version of AB2.  But I still play it because IMO it is the better of all the AB games and I have to much time invested in it to stop.  I do play it less then I used to be…[Read more]

  • Forgot about the boss pig that either won’t die no matter how many times he is hit or he has a sliver left of life but you run out of birds and have to spend gems to get three birds and only need one.

  • A thoughtful question that makes one to ponder.  One would think that receiving or purchasing a spell or token to help you when you needed it the most would seem logical.  You would be wrong.  It wouldn’t be fair to your opponent to have an advantage over them according to Rovio.

    Here is another question to ponder.  What is the point of giv…[Read more]

  • There is one question that isn’t addressed.  Why can’t gems be used to purchase more birds instead of resetting the game?

    I agree about being scared about future updates however some updates are better just not the current update.

    I do concur with Rovio about needing to change things.  But you shouldn’t do a complete change that people are u…[Read more]

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