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  • About 9 months now,angry birds 2 has been released.Well with new concepts bring new enemies,the most hated hogs in the game!
    #5 is…bucket pig.
    This pig is a small pig,which hides in a bucket.The bucket is always hung onto an object with a rope.The reason why I hate this pig is because it sometimes survives with protection from his bucket,which makes the pig survive from heights.

    #4 is…Propeller hat pig.This pig catches your attention,then it suddenly blows up a cloth balloon which is able to be inflated and then he floats up in the air,catching some Zs and laughing at you.Its basically annoying in the first place,as he requires an extra bird to kill.However,it is really stupid,an rams into objects in its sleep.

    #3 is…scuba diver pig.(only available in pig bay)
    In the 20 levels of pig bay part 2,we are introduced to someone worse than propeller pig:underwater pigs.These pigs require sometimes even more than 1 bird to kill,and sometimes the materials don’t reach them to kill them.

    #2 is…construction pig and miner pig
    These pigs are dangerous,yet common.These pigs are basically untouchable by flinging birds directly at them,and you need to find smart ways if you want a strike.However,this is not the most hated…

    #1 is…….RINGMASTER piggy.
    Piggysland,piggy islands first theme park opens up.The pigs are excited,joining in the event.The birds suddenly surprised them,and the pigs were popped one by one.And then.there was this last pig.It was then he teleported and the birds failed the level.After a quick ad,the birds had another chance.It was Red on the slingshot,aiming directly at the magician pig.The birds however missed again,as the magician pig teleports again…

    Tip:patience is key.Wait for pigs to sleep and they will be caught off guard.

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  • RedYoshi45

    My top 5 of hated pigs?
    1. Magician pigs. They teleport around like crazy whenever I don’t need it and the biggest reason why I fail levels. The worst is – they never sleep. NEVER.
    2. Micropigs. They survive even the strongest attacks and get blown around, sometimes even off-screen.
    3. Miner pigs. They can be the reason why you suddenly have a teddy bear on the screen… or they can blow themselves up by morphing your bird into a rocket or TNT box! Their random nature makes them really dangerous.
    4. Balloon pigs. After your first attack they’ll fly away. Even when they sleep. Sometimes they fly into their own death, but usually far away where you’ll need an extra bird.
    5. Scuba pigs. Haven’t encountered them too often yet, but I hate having to navigate my birds through water. Usually this goes terribly wrong.


    Two dishonourable mentions:

    The rocket and the umbrella pig
    Rocket looks stupid in that helmet and he is
    a damn coward. That starting rocket often neutralizes the birds
    and that guy sometimes lands in unreacheable areas.

    Umbrella requires damn often extra birds and lands safely everywhere.
    Unlike the teleporter who beams himself more than once into destruction.


    I forgot the umbrella pigs. I’d probably put them between 2 and 3. At least they don’t teleport away when I shoot a bird at them. And the umbrella is breakable with enough force which makes the pig become a normal pig in terms of behaviour.


    1. Micropig is my worst hated enemy. They are almost impossible to kill and can miraculously be blown around the screen and land in places where birds can’t get them.

    2. Laser beam pig that transforms your birds into things (mostly teddy bears). If they are between you and a target, be prepared to use up your flock.

    3. The umbrella pig unfortunately can repel birds and shrapnel by shielding itself with the umbrella, which makes it a massive bird waster!

    4. Beanie pig. Every time I begin a screen, I look for one of these to make sure I nail it right off the bat, because if it manages to float away, if you haven’t got the right birds in line you might as well sacrifice the screen.

    5. Magician pig. Any bird that gets close to it causes it to teleport. Oh, it can also teleport out of a collapsing tower and into areas unreachable by birds (like upside down under floors).


    I have a pretty set decision of my most hated hogs, all I have a bone (or a fork) to pick with:

    5. Umbrella Pig- his umbrella (hence the name) guarantees him safe landings from high places, making it a bother to waste a bird on him just to kill him after he lands “safely”. His d-umbrella (hah) also serves as a minor shield that can protect him from incoming birds (but not Bomb) and falling objects- this guy sure rains on my parade!

    4. Balloon Pig- after a few seconds, this guy takes to the skies, up too high for my birds to reach and his erratic movements make him a nuisance to not just me, but the other Pigs he leaves behind when he annoyingly escapes from falling structures. On the bright side, his balloon pops if it comes too close too the birds sometimes, so hey! Boy, this guy really lifts my spirits!

    3. Construction Pig- when birds approach, he lobs screwdrivers (3 is the limit) to knock them right out of the air (like Pete from the Animal Crossing games), causing them to fall off course and miss- so this guy really BUILDS up my frustration

    2. Magician Pig- this pest warps about (3 times max) across the room, searching for safe locations (what he is programmed to do) so he can taunt me with his “amazing” skills. Sometimes his tricks “fail”, and by fail I mean he warps high into the air where he falls and dies or when he ACTUALLY disappears from the room (AKA dying) by teleporting into nothing! want to see a magic trick? Make this guy disappear!

    1. Polymorph Pig- this big threat is introduced so early in the game, it’s just cruel to beginners as their birds are helplessly transformed into various objects (blocks, rockets, balloons, ducks, and even Pigs etc.)- but if have played the game from the very beginning, you know that this guy can be dealt with if you use precise strategies and correct birds- I suggest using a weak bird (like the Blues or Silver) and launch them directly (or close) at him to see what they are turned into, and whatever it is, it will most likely pop him- risky though, but this guy is a real pain in the tail feathers so watch out

    Although pesky, these guys really make AB 2 fun by adding a challenging feeling to the gameplay, so keep an eye out for them (I have a feeling that there will definitely be more pestering pigs like these to come!)


    You need to hit the balloon pig with the first bird.
    It always blows up the balloon after the first attack, not earlier.


    I’ll give my opinion of which piggies I hate the most…

    1. MAGICIAN PIG: Those annoying baddies with mustaches that teleport to possibly unreachable areas when you try to aim a bird at him. Sometimes, he thinks he can defy gravity but nope.

    2. (and it’s a tie) MINER PIG AND CONSTRUCTION PIG: Very dangerous foes when you try to come after them head on. Sometimes, the miner pig can be helpful by transforming a bird into a golden pig or rocket.

    3. MICROPIGGIES: Those little punks they can survive even the most devastating of attacks and land in unreachable areas.

    4. BALLOON PIG: Annoying when he gets in the air after your first attack forcing you to use another bird but he is dumb for not watching himself in the air and popping himself.

    5. UMBRELLA PIG: Hate these guys too when they land safely and force you to waste another bird given their umbrellas acting as a little shield.

    Angry Beaver

    Boss pigs – hard to reach, hard to kill.


    The magician pig. Simply because he’s so random and you can’t use strategy to beat him. The best you can hope for is that he lands badly or flies off a trampoline. All to do with luck rather than skill.

    Angry Beaver

    Diver pigs.


    All of the “speciality” pigs are just another means of Rovio controlling the game, but the most blatant if the Magician pig; it’s pretty ridiculous that you can play levels as well as they can be played, but lose lives by a pig just moving around when shot at. You also notice that he moves far more when you are doing well on a level; if you have say 3 sets left, with only a couple of birds left, he’ll stay put and allow himself to get shot. However, if you still have a fistful of lives left he’ll move up to 3 times.

    I hate this element. It takes away any semblance or notion of skill. I know the whole thing is pretty much rigged – let’s be honest, if the game doesn’t want you to progress, it won’t let you, if the Rovio gods decide to take pity then you’ll win the level often with 6 or 7 lives to spare – but it’s the sheer obviousness of the Magician pig that really annoys me. The most compelling thing about AB for me from the start was that if you got your shot right, you’d succeed. AB2 has removed that entirely as there are so many ways it controls success and failure, not randomly (it’s never random), but arbitrarily. I feel like I’m part of someone else’s game, rather than the main protagonist in my own.


    Hate that magician pig so much, he seems to be on nearly every level from at least 250 onwards. Whoever put that pig in the game stuffed up & I guess wanted to frustrate the you-know-what out of us players. Not cool Lolvio!!!


    Do you mean the teleporter or the miner, which turns birds into random objects?

    These two are on one level of evilness with the construction pig and its screwdriver. The miner sometimes scores own goals by turning the birds into rockets or golden pigs, but the construction pig always neutralizes the birds followed by dirty sniggering!


    My success with these pigs is luck-based rather than skill-based. For example the teleporter pig is sometimes positioned so you can’t get to him with the first bird. So you have to fling your second bird to force out his first teleport, your third bird to force his second teleport and then your fourth bird to kill him. Other times I’ll just do a flyby with my first bird (not trying to hit him just to force the first teleport) and he teleports to suicide while my bird hits the intended target. For the polymorph pig, sometimes you can just collapse something over him with him getting no chance of hitting you and other times there’s only one available path towards him making it impossible to hit him without him hitting you first.


    Yesterday all Bastards (balloon, construction and that stupid coward teleporter) sat together on one construction.
    Mathilda was happy to let them share one egg as a gift.


    After month of playing I’m still not sure which one of that stupid cowards I hate most. Sometimes I’m annoyed, because the parachute or balloon pig cost me extra birds and sometimes the construction pig with its screwdriver is the most evil bastard.

    But lately I’m more annoyed by something that is no pig: That damn balloons! Sometimes pigs sit on them and sometimes they prevent sucessfully the constructions from collapsing.
    Sometimes they stop Terrence better than stones do and sometimes they are almost invisible and take the magic attack from the bird.

    Arena Closer


    5. Snow Pig

    This pig throws snow periodically at you, but if you somehow got the wrong timing and the snow hit one of your birds, then you just wasted that bird (or not if the bird’s coarpse hit a fortress below). lt may be an important one to hit down that fortress and its wasted!

    4. Construction Pig

    This pig is basically a pig that throws screws at your birds. Sometime it misses, but when he do hit you your birds can no longer use its abilities. this can be really annoying to destroy the fortress it is on, especially when your perfect bird to destroy this fortress is gone thanks to that pig.

    3. Fire Pig

    This annoying pig just turns your birds shooting at it into dust! It makes it very hard to defeat. You really nead a Red to knock down a nearby fortress or a Matilda, otherwise you’re screwed.

    2. Umbrella Pig

    This pig uses an umbrella as a parachute to soften its landing so it don’t get popped. This pig REALLY wastes one of your birds JUST so you can deliver this pig a headpop. When the fortress it was used to be on gets destroyed, there is like rarely a nearby fortress or any object somehow fell towards this pig’s direction and pops it.

    AND FINALLY…………….1. THE LAST ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sometimes it is a dissapointment that it seemed like you’re gonna get a strike, but the fortress collapsed in such a way that allowed just ONE pig to survive, it just wastes one of your birds or TWO!!! If it is one of the pigs on this list, it gets worse. Sometimes things get worse than that. It is most upsetting that you’re gonna get a HUGE reward after beating this stage, but there is just ONE pig left, and you don’t have enough gems to buy extra birds to pop this pig, so this pig made you lose a HUGE reward. My dissapointment is immeasurable and by day is RUINED. And if the last one is stuck in somewhere, you’ll have use multiple birds to attempt, and this really sucks.


    heres one more not mentioned … the level transforming pig when it makes stone. why because the stone it makes is much harder than regular stone with it being very unbreakable. maybe its just the whole level being stone that makes it seem like the bits don’t break as easily


    Forgot about the boss pig that either won’t die no matter how many times he is hit or he has a sliver left of life but you run out of birds and have to spend gems to get three birds and only need one.

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