• Well i’ve been quite surprised that it’s been working fine for more than 3 weeks, apart from the last few days when it’s been either not offering videos and or immedietely ctding the first 1-3 times logging in but then working fime, including earlier today, but now it’s completely broken again and i couldn’t post a score in bootcamp

    as for moving…[Read more]

  • Yes it is and unlike the message recieved in birdmail that it has been fixed, it hasn’t been fixed for everybody, because yesterday i was in equal 5th place with 19 frame points and the top place was about 21 or 22 points

    then after posting a score of about 29m for the second day in a row, which is worth another 19 frame points, i am about equal…[Read more]

  • And that’s the point entirely, if they don’t talk about it then they must have abanoned it, (the windows ver sion that is).

    The jet pack run or apple hunt, is on the windows version atm, which has appeared twice in the last few months and no i have never seen it on the android version since i joined, i think last december

  • Birdbrained created this thread called “Has Rovio abandoned AB2?”

    And have you actually read that post, other than the title >

    We know Rovio has stopped supporting the Apple IOS. How about the windows 10 platform?

    The first sentencee is clearly asking about the apparent abandonment of the windows 10 platform, the only meantion of any other pla…[Read more]

  • @wil-d
    If that’s just for Windows version of the game, post it at another thread “Issues in Windows version” next time; see below:

    The opening post in this thread is about the windows version, so this is the right place

    my point is that rovio has more than likely stopped work on this version as i first downloaded it in, i think feburary and t…[Read more]

  • Ok, so it’s just after midnight on the 1st of september and the random crashes and video’s not playing have started already, how long was that, 1 week of stability ?

  • Yeah and my Android phone version works fine too, but i am talking about the windows version FTI


  • My pc version suddenly started working again today, no crashes at all, even offered videos for extra stuff, all of which played fine


    it’s the same every month, the first 2-3 weeks, it doesn’t offer videos and crashes every 20-30 seconds, either to desk or total freeze needing a reset

    although it works fine in offline mode but not while…[Read more]

  • Then why bother keeping it in the MS store ?

    i lost 1000 feathers today (feather frenzy) after feeding the hatchling. i gave the feathers to Terrance, he went up a level, got feather bonus +1700, the game then immediatly crashed and after logging back in, the hatchling had been fed but Terrance had reset back to the level and xp he was…[Read more]

  • I didn’t make it clear, i use win 10 pc, win 10 tablrt and android phone, the win 10 version worked fine up until about may and still does while offline but rarely online

    the android version works fine all the time, haveing said that 1 of the times i logged in today it got stuck in a feedback loop gining my birds the staw hat (which i’ve owned…[Read more]

  • Alabamatick replied to the topic mebc glitch? in the forum Angry Birds 2 Forum 2 months ago

    My message just came through, however i played both days but only got points for 1 day, so thx :/


    as for samurai hats, i’m collecting starforce hats and don’t currently have enough coins for any hats, so thx :/

  • The game worked fine up until the mebc season ended at the end of may / begining of june time, (see my thread “Constant crashing”)

    after that the gme works about 1 week in 4, (not necessarily 7 days in a row), i play on pc and tablet and they don’t work at the same time either

    however they both work while not connected to the internet, so all…[Read more]

  • There was a windows update today and after 2 weeks of the game working fine, it is now broken again


    so it’s offline play again for a while, so no tof or boot camp FFS, thx

  • The game suddenly started working again today (thursday) after nearly a month, i haven’t done anything to it, the game hasn’t been updated and it still wasn’t working after the last windows update yesterday (wednesday),

    there wasn’t a windows update today so go figure

  • If you’re getting 1 minute 10 seconds you’re very lucky, i rarely get more than 3-5 seconds, today it logged in, tof immdgiatly popped up, the game froze and then crashed to desk.

    I’d like to play apple hunt, but no chance.

  • The game started working again on my win 10 tablet, although it runs slow (but i haven’t tried it offline)


    but not on my desktop (apart from offline, which it works fine and runs quickly and smoothly)


    today however the first time i tried, i forgot to disconecct and the game worked ok, (long enough to collect my reward for winning last…[Read more]

  • The browser cache is  set to clear automatically after it closes and there are no apps running in the background


    amd now it has started happening to the game on my win 10 tablet, which was working fine before, i have just had a windows feature update on it *21H1) today and come to think of it, it stated on my desktop after that update, so it…[Read more]

  • The other day it played fine for a couple of days, if i manually clicked save straight after logging in


    but since yesterday that doesn’t help as it ctd’s a few seconds after logging in and so i can’t play at all now.

  • Well yesterday, it played almost fine, apart from the odd ctd


    but today it doesn’t seem to last more than a minute (usually less) before a ctd or a total freeze which i have to reset the pc, it doesn’t seem to matter wether it’m just on the home screen or opening a chest / on tof or actually flinging the first bird before it slows dramatically…[Read more]

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