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  • Wil-D

    With Windows 11 coming soon will the windows version be removed and that is why Rovio hasn’t upgraded the Windows version? If you can open Android apps on a Windows device this is plausible. I hope not. I enjoy the older version much more then the new version. Also would hate to lose everything I have accomplished in the Windows version unless there is a way to transfer gems, etc to the newer version?

    I think the game for Windows 10 will still remain in the Microsoft Store upon the launch of Windows 11. This version of the game and the mobile version (first released in mid 2015) are 2 completely different games; unfortunately you can’t transfer your AB2 progress from Windows to mobile and vice versa, even if you’ve connected both versions to your unique Facebook account.


    AB2 could be the end of the road for the W10 platform. The third party iLogos actually made this version and partnered with Rovio. See their June 7 post on Facebook:

    Unfortunately they really can’t update this version due to their potential inability to include the new Arena (first introduced in v.2.48) and other events in it. Also I don’t ever hear from them after having contacted them on Facebook. Time to move on.


    Well i’ve been quite surprised that it’s been working fine for more than 3 weeks, apart from the last few days when it’s been either not offering videos and or immedietely ctding the first 1-3 times logging in but then working fime, including earlier today, but now it’s completely broken again and i couldn’t post a score in bootcamp

    as for moving on, i have 2 windows devices, 1 only about 3 years old but neither of them will run win 11, so i won’t be downloading / playing any version on that  anyway, the android version still works fine so i’ll just play that ^^


    I wouldn’t say abandoned… It’s just that they aren’t focusing on it as much as the used to.

Home Forums Angry Birds 2 Forum Has Rovio abandoned AB2?

Viewing 4 replies - 51 through 54 (of 54 total)
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