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Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 520,077: Ranked 2293 out of 2531 w/ 5 scores entered
  • Score Addict @ 4,100,000: 3,579,923 more points needed
Level 12-1100,0337-3,26577,314+22,719n/a
Level 12-20n/an/a89,289n/an/a
Level 12-30n/an/a55,928n/an/a
Level 12-495,7895-1,57685,707+10,082n/a
Level 12-50n/an/a81,082n/an/a
Level 12-60n/an/a63,698n/an/a
Level 12-70n/an/a71,443n/an/a
Level 12-80n/an/a61,900n/an/a
Level 12-9116,10616-3,49499,482+16,624n/a
Level 12-100n/an/a90,256n/an/a
Level 12-110n/an/a79,150n/an/a
Level 12-120n/an/a84,825n/an/a
Level 12-130n/an/a84,399n/an/a
Level 12-140n/an/a92,150n/an/a
Level 12-150n/an/a153,448n/an/a
Level 13-10n/an/a81,027n/an/a
Level 13-20n/an/a89,017n/an/a
Level 13-30n/an/a79,292n/an/a
Level 13-40n/an/a94,659n/an/a
Level 13-50n/an/a108,092n/an/a
Level 13-60n/an/a107,907n/an/a
Level 13-70n/an/a156,867n/an/a
Level 13-80n/an/a62,394n/an/a
Level 13-90n/an/a83,540n/an/a
Level 13-100n/an/a63,960n/an/a
Level 13-110n/an/a90,866n/an/a
Level 13-120n/an/a95,332n/an/a
Level 13-130n/an/a63,460n/an/a
Level 13-140n/an/a82,131n/an/a
Level 13-150n/an/a138,647n/an/a
Level 14-10n/an/a121,981n/an/a
Level 14-2131,5696-3,064113,877+17,692n/a
Level 14-30n/an/a67,596n/an/a
Level 14-40n/an/a128,099n/an/a
Level 14-50n/an/a70,997n/an/a
Level 14-60n/an/a104,702n/an/a
Level 14-776,5805-5,00962,542+14,038n/a
Level 14-80n/an/a73,222n/an/a
Level 14-90n/an/a101,514n/an/a
Level 14-100n/an/a113,102n/an/a
Level 14-110n/an/a91,808n/an/a
Level 14-120n/an/a107,420n/an/a
Level 14-130n/an/a89,455n/an/a
Level 14-140n/an/a80,612n/an/a
Level 14-150n/an/a136,526n/an/a
Level F-10n/an/a117,222n/an/a
Level F-20n/an/a66,640n/an/a
Level F-30n/an/a93,204n/an/a