Angry Birds Ham ‘Em High 3 Star Walkthrough Level 12-5

Ham ’em High level 12-5 is a bit challenging. One strategy is to fire Big Brother through the top half of the first wooden wheel. This will reduce the vehicle to rubble. Launch the first Yellow bird below the larger pig in the middle of the structure. If the TNT on the extreme right does not detonate, snipe it with the last Yellow bird. The score in the video below is 79,690.

Version 2022:

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Rank: Sling God with 20210 points
By Desperate Dan (@desperate-dan)Score: 121,174

118585/2 using Classics. Proof available but I think a 1 birder could go much higher so I am holding out…

Rank: Sling God with 35745 points
By PeeJayDee27 (@peejaydee27)Score: 121,254

121,254 for top score with 3 birds on Classics. First a fraction higher than straight to go through the 2 stone blocks. Score often in high 40Ks, this time 50K+. Second on low arc to enter structure just below horizontal plank under pig, damaging wheel by hitting triangle at around 11 o’clock. Third on slightly higher trajectory demolishing remainder of wheel and pushing the rest of the structure over. TNT exploded to finish the job.
(Just for curiosity, tried a few flings on original version, and it’s no contest. Nowhere near the same amount of destruction with first bird).
Top as score proof:

Rank: Sling God with 23750 points
By realfish (@realfish)Score: 125,754

using Classics… 3 birds, Terrance through just the eyes on the horse pulling the cart, 51,000+ this time though I have had as high as 52,900+. If I do not score at least 47,500 I reset. 2nd bird, send Chuck just below the horizontal plank @peejaydee27 describes above. This time the right structure fell and the TNT exploded (a rare event) so I quickly threw the last bird, Chuck, into the mess of wood where the right wooden wheel lives.

DD, FYI… (@desperate-dan) I have had 3 one birders but never higher than 118,000+, not sure a 1-birder can reach the high score.

keep on flingin’ everyone !!!

high score —

Rank: Sling God with 20210 points
By Desperate Dan (@desperate-dan)Score: 121,174

Better get myself back over here, methinks. Good flinging.

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