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Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 3,370,340: Ranked 6 out of 222 w/ 30 scores entered
Level 9-144,35046-2,01040,209+4,141n/a
Level 9-271,6302-54063,456+8,174n/a
Level 9-3104,32021-3,76093,928+10,392n/a
Level 9-4115,0805-2,73099,113+15,967n/a
Level 9-5132,0401 Top Score!121,297+10,743n/a
Level 9-6148,5403-850138,058+10,482n/a
Level 9-7117,8102-10096,715+21,095n/a
Level 9-8196,01028-33,060176,445+19,565n/a
Level 9-999,5206-3,78089,386+10,134n/a
Level 9-1082,4408-1,53073,943+8,497n/a
Level 9-11152,40012-2,820143,303+9,097n/a
Level 9-1287,19053-10,63082,771+4,419n/a
Level 9-13132,3507-5,690119,198+13,152n/a
Level 9-1478,0707-2,32065,343+12,727n/a
Level 9-15139,2303-880130,376+8,854n/a
Level 9-16141,08011-6,300126,631+14,449n/a
Level 9-17108,6506-2,79095,293+13,357n/a
Level 9-1883,8304-1,43074,225+9,605n/a
Level 9-1972,46016-3,65068,482+3,978n/a
Level 9-20114,2308-3,300105,546+8,684n/a
Level 9-2172,5306-1,31067,255+5,275n/a
Level 9-2291,630105-23,03094,019-2,389n/a
Level 9-2395,57017-3,28078,477+17,093n/a
Level 9-24231,48027-14,850217,453+14,027n/a
Level 9-25107,2902-1098,317+8,973n/a
Level 9-2669,3803-41064,498+4,882n/a
Level 9-2779,90083-8,06080,819-919n/a
Level 9-28142,02015-5,410132,661+9,359n/a
Level 9-2996,11023-5,21078,729+17,381n/a
Level 9-30163,20024-13,510110,513+52,687n/a