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Level Your Score Rank Diff High Avg +/- Avg
  • Total Score of 3,708,450: Ranked 118 out of 469 w/ 20 scores entered
Level 1-1115,62072-4,410111,002+4,618n/a
Level 1-2112,130126-5,120109,038+3,092n/a
Level 1-3107,280185-10,390105,532+1,748n/a
Level 1-4128,14060-1,990125,517+2,623n/a
Level 1-5193,28096-10,110189,334+3,946n/a
Level 1-6119,550100-10,640114,252+5,298n/a
Level 1-7142,050228-13,610141,861+189n/a
Level 1-8238,050289-17,980238,456-406n/a
Level 1-9200,170132-10,170191,793+8,377n/a
Level 1-10166,460152-12,730163,942+2,518n/a
Level 1-11166,76069-12,680160,894+5,866n/a
Level 1-12203,67076-3,730197,083+6,587n/a
Level 1-13187,61058-5,780182,204+5,406n/a
Level 1-14228,680110-9,610221,579+7,101n/a
Level 1-15197,690144-17,150193,633+4,057n/a
Level 1-16257,260170-11,360256,152+1,108n/a
Level 1-17188,790190-9,410187,518+1,272n/a
Level 1-18200,570124-9,040198,915+1,655n/a
Level 1-19196,160204-11,380196,849-689n/a
Level 1-20358,530300-15,750360,842-2,312n/a