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  • MVNLA2

    @grimmJow — Sorry no one is answering your question directly. I don’t know the answer.


    @grimmjow I don’t know the formula for what ends up being the number next to Red. Mastery level, Weapon attack, Might and Account level all play a part in it somehow. If this will help you figure the math out here are my stats:

    If someone could figure/find out how much each Account level adds to the Attack/Health stat we’d be able to do more number crunching (although I think someone else has already done this math, I’m just too lazy to look it up)

    Lvl50/M12 Knight
    Dragon Tooth: 495

    Without Might
    Red Attack Stat: 1235
    Knight Attack: 1420 (115% of Atk)
    Elite Knight Attack: 1562 (126% of Atk)

    With Might
    Red Attack Stat: 1334 (*1.08 of 1235) So I think this gets multiplied last in figuring out the Attack Stat
    Knight Attack: 1534 (115% of Atk)
    Elite Knight Attack: 1687 (126% of Atk)

    So it looks like they just took the Knights 115% dmg and increased that by 10% giving us 126% dmg. Hope this helps.


    @datguygamer — I suppose that in my case (all my classes are maxed out), the leaderboard doesn’t really matter, but for those who are still trying to get mastery, it does.



    Thank you but I need more precision. First of all the Dragon Tooth is 495 so enchanted at rank 10. For my part, I have it at rank 0 for 330.

    I see too much incoherence or then I do not manage to see the links. I give some explanation :

    Here are the various values which I see concerning Red (MY Red, with Dragon Tooth enchanted at rank 0 for 330) :

    – In the inventory, when I press on the class Knight : 486 (main attack)
    – In the inventory, next to the icon sword : 888
    – In the nest, when I press on Red : 1022 (main attack)

    I shall like knowing what formula allows to connect all values ?
    Look by you even with your enchanted equipment, you will have 3 differents values. To explain it ?

    When you say “Might”, you speak about the banner in arena ? Let us remain simple, with the basic values of just Red.
    When you says ” + 115 % “, compared with which ?

    For me already there is a basic error : the main attack of the Knight and the Knight elite is the same: 486.



    The Attack Sword symbol next to Red is what I’m calling his “Attack Stat”. I’m not sure where you’re getting the 486 from. When I press on the Knight class I don’t see any number other than what is showing for his attack ability.

    Each class has its own attack ability, and with it, a formula to determine how much damage that classes attack does.

    Knight’s attack ability deals 115% of Red’s Attack Stat. So in your example 888 * 1.15 gives 1022.
    For Comparison, the Samurai’s attack is 50% of Red’s Attack Stat, but dealt 3 times. So using your Red Attack Stat of 888. 888 * 0.50% = 444 x 3.

    How the game comes up with that 888 I don’t know. It’s a combination of your account level and weapon, then multiplied by your mastery.

    The Might I was referring was if you equipped an offhand that increased your Attack Stat by 5%(Normal offhand)-8%(Set offhand)

    The attack stat of the Knight will be the same as the attack stat of the Elite Knight because they share the same Mastery level.



    OK, I already understand much better.
    The icon of the sword is the statistics of basic attack.
    Then each class applies it his own coefficient for its capacity. Coefficient which we see no sees in the game unless we calculate it. Right ?

    Does it exist a list of every these coefficient for every class ?

    888 consists of 2 things :
    – The pure attack of Red, increased by :
    – Levels (1 level = +? %: do we know it ?)
    – Mastery (1 rank = + 10 %)
    – Attack conferred by the item Weapon
    – Potential bonus of attack (calculated on the basis of the sum 2 precedents) conferred by the item Shield

    In our example: 888 – 330 = 558: this is the pure attack of Red, increased by the level and by the mastery.

    Do we know the pure attack of Red at level and mastery 1 ?

    We could thus have the basic formula to arrive at 1.022 :

    [ (Pure Attack * (1 + % level + % mastery) + Attack Weapon) * (1 + % bonus Attack Shield)] * ( Classy Coefficient)

    Thus if I summarize well and if my formula is good, the only variable who shall explain the difference between the normal and the elite would be : the coefficient of class.
    Thus it is going to exist a coefficient of normal class and one of class elite ?

    Once again, I am extremely curious to know all these variables:

    – Coefficient of every class
    – % Attacks by level up

    If somebody can supply them to me.

    I have a last question : to know the coefficient of class elite (apparently 126 %), it would have been necessary for that to know the following variables :
    – Basic attack
    – Main attack of the Knight Elite

    You say that the Knight elite has 1562 (main attack). How do you know this value ? Of an opponent ? He has necessarily no same basic attack as you (level, mastery, enchantement), thus you cannot compared the 1562 with YOUR basic attack.
    It is necessarily going to need to wait to have our own class elite for compared what is comparable, no ?

    In any case thank you very much for all these answers, I look forward to having more variables to set up better a computer.


    @grimmjow — If you look through some of the older forum threads you might find the answer you are looking for. In any case, the only way to figure this out is to collect enough data and analyze it to determine a formula.
    The more I think about it, I’m pretty sure the formula that was used a year ago can be found in an old thread. I would look for a thread on the GPM or on set items.


    I have the perfect formula :

    Icon Weapon =
    (Attack pure at level and mastery 1 * (1 + % level*level + % mastery*rank)
    + Attack Weapon at enchantement 0 * (1 + % enchantement*rank))
    * (1 + % Bonus Shield)

    Main Attack Class =
    Icon Weapon * Coefficient Class

    Palyer’s variables :
    – Level
    – Rank Mastery
    – Rank Enchantement

    Game’s variables :
    – % by level up (unknow yet)
    – % by mastery up (10%)
    – % by enchantement up (5%)
    – % Bonus shield (8%)
    – Attack pure at level and mastery 1 (unknow yet by bird)
    – Attack Weapon at enchantement 0 (I have all, so I know)
    – Coefficient Class (can be calculate)

    I need just to know :
    – Attack pure at level and mastery 1 by bird
    – % by level up

    Have we a data ? Maybe can I play on the game without my account, with the local data…


    Went back on and was in 5th place. Stole 1st place again with 2145 points


    All I know is that pressing on EK gives an exactly 10.0% higher damage than what Knight does.

    Also, I’m not bothering with the non-Farming aspects. I’d rather grind Arena than grind points for a max payoff of 1,500 snouts. Odds are, over the same duration, I will get more snouts in Arena at 2/8 spots paying 15 snouts each.


    @grimmjow The information is somewhere among the threads. This was worked out a long time ago, by dr_ismael among others. But escapes me for the moment.

    If you go to Red’s page on the nest, and press the small sword icon next to whatever class is showing, it will show you some information. I think there is a basic attack value (93 For level 50), plus the weapon bonus and the mastery rank bonus.

    I believe the 10% increase only applies to the basic attack value. But this should multiply up a little with the mastery rank bonus. There will be some other modifiers, such as the attack bonus from some offhand items.

    But the 10% increase has only a small effect overall.


    @abcdefg Did you do anything unusual to see your leaderboard? I’m still getting the perpetual “loading” animation several hours into the event.

    I can see the items to collect towards the elite knight, but can’t see my score or whether I’m in a group that will require me to burn any FE’s yet. I still need mastery, and should max out at least 3 if not 5 or 6 classes at the end of the event, so this matters!!


    Everyone seems to have short memories or are used to playing with Facebook friends.

    Of course Knight is useless in practically every battle. Especially in the arena. But When first going through the caves, you need Knight (and Princess) to get past the cave boss Lawrence. And the second Lawrence cave boss you meet later. Perhaps this was not an issue for most of you, but for those of us who only used the pig allies, Knight was invaluable.

    I agree the upgrade to Knight is pretty worthless. But this is not a completely useless class.



    Oh, I never see that we can show information by pressing the sword icon.
    Yes, 486/1,15 – 330 = 93. But what is the 465 ?
    How many for the 120% mastery ?

    I suppose we can’t understand all calculation of game


    The second value is the extra bonuses from mastery rank, offhand items and weapon sets.

    The multiplier for mastery is (mastery level – 1). So if the class is rank 12, then the multiplier is 11.
    You multiply the base + weapon value by the mastery rank multiplier to get the second value.
    The second value also includes offhand items, so the 5%, 8%, or 10% etc. This is multiplied by the base + weapon value.

    I think


    @dahnlor . Oh wait yeah…click the icon that says 9 days left(unlike other events) and your leader board will appear. Also if you get a lot of points on a dead leaderboard, then you will be put into a different leaderboard. Okay IF anyone actually wants the class, than do the first level that is available for today. It is the ONLY ONE for me that gives easter baskets or whatever their called without doing a bunch of rerolls. Do the third level for today too get 500 points.


    @dahnlor — Hope your leaderboard has started showing. Mine did for no know reason a couple of hours ago. If yours still doesn’t show, send a support request to Rovio. You won’t get a response until next week, if you’re lucky, but they might investigate.
    Good Luck on collecting the mastery you need.
    The 3-stamina battles are the best way to collect battle medals and the fastest way to collect all the items you need, so only play the 5 and 7-stamina battles when you need them to get through the gate.
    Last time I looked I was #2 on my leaderboard, even though I had only played enough to get all the items. Since I don’t need mastery, I won’t be trying for a top spot.



    Actually that sticks. I did not know that the % of mastery also applied to the weapon.
    I thus compared with several variables :

    – Enchantement
    – Bonus Attack Shield

    And after test, it turns out that the calculations offer themselves mutual performances.
    If the weapon is enchanted, the base takes into account the enchantement, what increases the gain by the mastery and by the bonus of the shield.

    Furthermore, the mastery also benefits for its base of calculation of the bonus of the shield.

    The real formula is thus the following one :

    [[(Attack pure at level 1 * (1 + % level*level) + Attack Weapon at enchantement 0 * (1 + % enchantement*rank)) * (1 + % Bonus Attack Shield)]
    * (1 + % mastery*rank)]
    * Coefficient Class

    The formula profit of rounding, thus it would even be necessary to cut the sequence so :

    Basic Attack = Attack pure at level 1 * (1 + % level*level)
    Weapon Attack = Rounding[Attack Weapon at enchantement 0 * (1 + % enchantement*rank)]
    Extra Attack : Sum of :
    – By Basic Attack = Upper rounding[Basic Attack * (1 + % Bonus Attack Shield)] * (1 + % mastery*rank) – Basic Attack]
    – By Weapon Attack = Rounding[Weapon Attack * (1 + % Bonus Attack Shield)] * (1 + % mastery*rank) – Weapon Attack]

    At end we have :
    Rounding[(Basic Attack + Weapon Attack + Extra Attack) * Coefficient Class]

    For info, the value 486 that we can see by pressing class in inventory is :
    Rounding[((Basic Attack + Weapon Attack) * (1 + % Bonus Attack Shield)) * Coefficient Class]
    I don’t know why the Extra Attack of Mastery isn’t with it.

    With this last info, it can be inferred that if we see 486 on the Knight and on the Elite Knight, it would mean that the elite makes vary Extra Attack ?
    Or then it is about a bug of display and the Elite Knight will have an upper coefficient of class ?
    A few days of patience…

    Different that I write before but now it’s ok.
    Do you find the data for Attack Pure and % level up ?

    For Red at level 50, we know his attack : 93.
    And on my local data game, I was level 1. His attack was 7.
    What is the formula for go to 93 from 7 with 49 level up ?

    EDIT :
    I began again the game on my IPad and I can assert at the moment the following thing : the increase of attack and life by level up is an arithmetical continuation, which sometimes varies 1.

    I think I can establish a database with all this.
    Once makes, we can compare with the Elite Knight and see exactly where this new class brings an evolution.
    Can we post Excel files here ?


    Now in 8th place 6K behind 1st. How do the leaderboards change so fast

    Green Whacker

    Leaderboard still spinning… Not that it matters as rewards are all snoutlings and I have like 800k of it


    When you’ve got all the day’s items, the reward wheel changes to give a possible 450 reward, although unlikely that most have collected all 10 bunnies already. There is always the cheater possibility…as I now have on my board (not that I necessarily care, as I’m only doing the event for (non)Elite Knight, but I’d be a little more upset of I was also after Mastery). I really wish Rovio would devote more to weeding out these people from Epic altogether.


    So a few more changes that I’m noticing:

    1. Every time my stamina is emptied, the game gives me an offer to buy stamina drinks for 25 Lucky Coins. That’s good.

    2. The Stamina Drink info (that “i” thing) says it cannot be crafted even though it can be. A definite oversight.

    3. Got 7 videos for getting a free item in one day! Yay!

    4. Rovio, seriously when will you fix the Golden Pig Machine? It doesn’t give the Shadow Steps set whatsoever. Fix this bug, please.

    5. My leaderboard top spot has over 700K points. Impossible; ban that cheater.

    6. The arena timer is screwed. It says “1 days left” since this morning when it usually starts counting down in hours by this point.


    @daytugamer- send a ticket to rovio!!!!!!


    If someone has stamina and FE, they can rack up a lot of 450s in a hurry.

    OTOH, if you have snouts, and will only get snouts, you’re down in the double digits like me. I may well finish with zero stars, for zero snouts. No biggie. I can get 1500 snouts any time.



    “4. Rovio, seriously when will you fix the Golden Pig Machine? It doesn’t give the Shadow Steps set whatsoever. Fix this bug, please.”

    I don’t know where you got that idea from. 2 months ago during Rainbow Riot I got both Piercing Arrow and Piercing Claw from it. Unless it’s a new bug there shouldn’t be a problem with it.

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