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    Yes, the rooms can be different for different account and amount of rooms can be different for different accounts.


    How do I know this? By running my primary account (with Gem Letter) and FTP account I accidentally made side by side. Seeing every now and then different rooms (winter vs. summer or one with shortcut “wormholes”) and 3-4-4 vs. 4-4-5 room arrangements.


    Also, if it is true that “opponents” in Arena are “recorded”, they are not always “recorded” from same room. Meaning, “opponent” can actually score more points than it’s available in the room player is seeing.


    I’m wondering if some difficulty has been cranked up for today’s DC, Tues 9th Oct?

    Might just be me but, first two stages easy enough but getting to the final Boss room at the third stage with enough birds is  proving incredibly difficult. The rooms leading up to it are not difficult but require some good bird choices. I’ve tried many, many times and the upside of this is getting quite a few gifts to give out, plus popping lots of pigs.

    Anyone else experiencing this today?


    I’ve attempted it 3 times today. Reached the boss with 3 birds the first time but it was not enough. Reached him with 0 birds the 2nd time and again with 3 birds the 3rd time. Paid for 3 extra birds but only needed 2 to knock him in place and destroy the platform to fall off. Had a chest so it worth the 60 gems.

    Nice one @dezsike

    I replayed it as much as I could without spending gems, but eventually ran out of time. I have also become a ‘non paying player’, having chosen not to get the Daily Gem thing, so am trying to keep hold of what gems I have – but I’ve wasted half already on a tricky clan event, d’oh!

    Hopefully tomorrow’s DC will be better.


    I had to spend 60 and 180 on DC today, but I was able to get through kpp in one go, which hardly ever happens. Weird. I’m just happy I got a bunch of 3 spell cards from the two extra chests because I was completely out of them and I hate spending gems to get them.


    The KPP today was such a crock. Round 1 and 2 were easy, but round 3 was not winnable.

    Every room full of balloons, special pigs (mostly miner), and then on room 4, a minimum of 3 birds needed to clear the structures. But what made it impossible were two scuba pigs. One could be killed by debris, but the other was protected from anything except a luck shot by a bird coming from under the water. The gap in the land where he could be hit, was blocked by a bird eating flower so no debris or a bird could get to him.

    That’s the kind of bush league garbage that makes me seriously consider quitting.


    A few weeks ago I just “let go” of AB2 – I still play, but if the game or Rovio decides to eff with me, I won’t let it get into my head. It worked pretty well.
    A few days ago I played the KPP – an old level, one I played what feels like a hundred times by now. It felt weird. It felt different, harder for some reason.
    Today I played the KPP and saw this:


    Who of you knows this level? This was the first time, the king pig had a platform at the end of the slimy ride. What the hell? They close gaps in boss levels now to make it “hard” in terms of we just need like 10 birds to kill the pig?
    Wow, I was speechless and decided to quit the KPP and not try again.

    Have you see this in other levels?


    This map change made me furious today.  This single, small, but massively significant map change shows how much Rovio wants to frustrate and milk money from the players.  Unless you hit the boss hard enough to get him down the slide ramp and over the edge and onto the first level close to the right slime slide, then have either Bomb or Stella to dislodge those boulders at the top, you barely hurt him.  After that you basically have to whale on him with multiple birds.  At most I could get him down to 1/3 his life.  The cruelest part is if you toss a Terence into the loops to get down to the bottom he hits the ledge above and gets stuck on that bottom level.


    Exactly, there is no mechanic whatsoever behind this level anymore, it’s just about how many birds are you willing to pay for. It’s like a DPS-race in MMOs… nobody likes those :-D.

    @jo-ha yes, I thought exactly the same today when faced with the second King Pig in the KPP – this blasted boss level that appears in the map 178x ??? not sure which exactly but you cannot defeat him without using a lot of birds.

    I remember clearing this on the map not too long ago (maybe a few weeks?) after having replayed it dozens of times. The game offered multiple videos and I still used some gems for the sake of clearing and being done with the damned thing.

    To have it appear in the King Pig Panic like this is crazy.


    Oh they actually recycled this level in the trail levels? They not only recycled it, they changed it so that you just need birds?
    Wow, that’s even more bold than I thought in the first place. Wow…


    Same thing happened to me. I had 4-5 birds left and the closest I got was when two boulders came down on the kp, but it still had some life left. :( Very annoying.

    If I can’t kick the boss big out of the level or there is no hole or portal to have the boss pig go through to win the level, i know the level is fixed to get you to pay gems. It’s not fun and takes no skill or puzzle solving. :(


    Glad I’m not the only one who was irritated by round 2 today on the KPP.

    I had piggy down to where one good hit (Bomb, Matilda, or Grey) would have likely killed him, but all I had was Red and Blue. For some reason Terrance didn’t seem to do that much damage. I get a video for the DC/KPP (would rather get it for the Tower of Misfortune) and what did I get, another Blue.

    If that had been round 3, I would have paid the 80 gems and hoped I got one bird who could kill the pig, but I will never pay gems on rounds one or two no matter what.


    After trying to beat this stupid level too many times to count, I got a STRIKE!!! Purely by luck, I launched Silver at the king pig to knock him off the platform. Silver landed in the slime right in front of the boss, I mean right next to him, so he was running into her all the way down the slime slide. The health bar went down rapidly to nothing and he was done for! I couldn’t believe it. I’m going to try it in the future, but I know it won’t be reliable. But, I really have no idea how else to beat the dumb thing.


    I have been replaying past boss levels to try and improve and had two come up in the KPP that I just played yesterday. :D

    I had a much easier time getting through KPP today than the DC which cost me some gems. I’m still getting 6 and 8 apples for DC and KPP which was a nice surprise. Hope they start giving us more spells and BP too. You only get 30 for DC which is nothing when I need 25000 to buy hats now. :(

    Joe B.

    Anyone having an especially hard time with Bomb’s Blast Daily Challenge today? I usually make it the KP on first try and after 4 attempts I can’t make it to the KP room with all birds spent. With Stella activated! Very complex rooms IMO. Looks like they made today’s either too hard or gems required for finish.


    I made it to the KP room on my three attempts, but always had just 1 or 2 birds left so no way to do it. Heck, I couldn’t even figure our how to do it so after the third attempt, I just put the phone down and did something else.

    I marked this one as a DC that was designed to suck up gems and nothing else.


    Looks like today’s DC is going to be the same way. Easy round 1 and 2, but round 3 is nearly impossible to make it to the king pig room with anything else of consequence. Too many blocking structures (random crap supported by balloons, but no pigs) that require wasting an extra bird per room, just so you can clear out the crap and get to the pigs.

    I’ve seen that room before, and it takes at least 3 birds to beat. I think 2 is possible, but it would require specific birds, perfect shots, and a lot of luck.

    And of course there are scuba pigs, one of which is fully protected except from anything but an underwater strike, which mean at least one bird is wasted just to kill them.

    The only thing they didn’t toss out there, at least for me, were miner pigs or wrench throwers.


    I finally got it done by wearing them down to the point it went into Mercy Mode. But their revenge came with KPP when I couldn’t get past level 1.



    Ummmm, can somebody explain to me how my opponent’s score mysteriously went up two screens after he’d used up all his birds and spells, and how at the end of that round the difference between my score and his was exactly 1000 points even, so I had to either watch the advertisement for a new bird or lose the round?

    Golly gee, if I didn’t know any better, I might suspect there were some shenanigans going on around here.


    There’s nothing mysterious for “opponents” score suddenly going up and way past of yours even without having any birds. It’s just Rovio’s way to tell you that you’ve been played!

    All kinds of dishonest shenigans are used in the game in hopes you will spend money. Even straight up jewel theft is not out of the question, but usually it’s not that straightforward. Artificially inflating the “opponents” score is one such tactic, malfunctioning bird abilities or spells is another one. Mostly it’s small changes, like weakening birds or setting up the room in a certain way.



    Cannot complete today’s KPP, having difficulties in the first level. It seems that only Matilda can knock the KP off the corner, but then it dropped to the house under the central platfrom. Once there, no birds can hit the KP effectively, due to the left fans and the blackhole changing the flight path, shooting the birds towards the blackhole just made them fly randomly, and it was doomed to fail even with full flock. Is there no strategy at all?

    Played 7 times and only got past it 2 times, once with a Strike, Matilda accidentally push the KP to the blackhole then it flew out of the screen. Another time with the last bird Stella lifted him up the the blackhole and out of the screen with luck. But this second mission was hell too, so I gave up.

    Does anyone know how to beat this level not with luck? I am on level 1855 of the map and didn’t encounter this before, seems this is not a map level?


    @angrybirdspoop, that is the boss from level 1860. It took me forever to beat it when I got gold pigs in every room and had stella. I never could get the boss pig to fly out of the room, he always got stuck under that little ledge in the middle and you had to use the blackhole to aim the birds down to hit him. The only way I could find to knock him off his high and far ledge was to use chuck or Matilda. The blackhole didnt take other birds all the way to him but he sometimes got stuck on the wooden ledge which was annoying.

    I tried to beat it over 5 times in the KPP and I had the same results. I never spend gems on the first or second level so I gave up plus stella went back to sleep and I ran out of lives. I haven’t had such a difficult first level bbn in the KPP in a while. Hope the one tomorrow is better.


    @aggieguy, I had the same thing happen in today’s DC. I had to play it over 10 times before I made it to the boss level with two birds: blues and silver.

    There were so many balloons, structures and special pigs like the unreachable scuba pigs and I never got Bomb or Terrance in my first three birds that would take out multiple structures/pigs.

    I did end up paying 60 gems, but I knew I would beat the boss pig. I just couldn’t believe how cluttered the rooms looked.


    I had no trouble with the DC today but once again KPP is just crazy. They have been using a lot of water boss levels these past few days where you have to use multiple birds to clear structures away and aim through water to hit the boss pig up and out of the water. Ran out of birds on the second level.

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