• Since Boot Camp is maybe the most dishonest part of the game (and that’s really saying something), I just roll my eyes at this change.  Boot Camp is often the most transparent cheat, they usually just give you exactly what they want to give you: there are probably more strangely surviving pigs and “coincidences” here than anywhere else and there…[Read more]

  • Had 4-5-6 but didn’t get the Plinko boss.  Wish I had.  Instead after all the DC work I got one of Rovio’s cheat screens, where I hit the boss with red, silver, bomb, all of the structures that could fall on him, the rocks above his head that crashed down and hit him directly, and he still only had lost half his points.

    I wish there was an Angry…[Read more]

  • Advice on things that happen on the TOF so many times that it’s far from coincidental:

    — get a pig two cards before the hat card.   Pay, but if you continue the next card’s a pig.   Happens all the time.  So if you see a pig two cards before the hat cards, stop with that pig.

    — pig on the second card you get.   Stop if that happens and don’t e…[Read more]

  • Yeah, I’ve had impossible final rooms on the DC for four days in a row, which might be some kind of a record.  Boring.  Today’s is another where they’ve closed off the exits so unless you use up major amounts of gems and just keep pounding the boss you can’t win.  No thanks.  There’s a difference  between challenging rooms and rooms that are lazil…[Read more]

  • Forget the DC today, the final room is THAT one; the one some of us won’t play.  As always, when Rovio gives us THAT room, I immediately stopped the game and put away Angry Birds for the day— they don’t get even a single gem from me—for anything— on days when THAT room is there.  If you’ve played for awhile you’ll know the one I mean.

  • Ding Dong Zeta’s gone (we hope).

    Maybe Rovio finally got the message that the way they had Zeta in the game was like anti-advertising for their movie:  Zeta was so incredibly rigged and frustrating in the game many players probably never, ever, ever want to see her in anything again, let alone paying to see Zeta in a movie.

  • Not only is Zeta often suspiciously hard to move, when she finally does move she also seems to be programmed to often land in “dead” spots where pretty much none of your birds can reach.  I’ve had this happen a lot with Zeta, including today.  The chances of this happening so often with any real probability is pretty much nonexistent.  It’s cl…[Read more]

  • I am so sick of Zeta.

  • @AggieGuy

    Yep, that’s the screen that when I see it I stop and am immediately done with Angry Birds for the day.  Won’t play it.  Never gonna play that one again.  Pointless.

    As to the new villain, I know his name is Zeta, but he’s always gonna be known as Gemsucker to me, because so far that’s the only screens he’s appeared on for me.

  • Yep, the DC is really easy today until the last room, which is the biggest gem sucker in the whole game (and that’s really saying something) and one I refuse to play.  It’s pointless.  The second I see that room I quit the game for the day.  There’s no other reason for this room to exist other than to sucker people into throwing gems at it, and…[Read more]

  • Gem sucker yesterday, gem sucker today, and probably gem sucker tomorrow.  Won’t play ‘em.  Knock it off, Rovio:  not a single gem for you unless you play fair.

  • To add to what Buster and AggieGuy are saying, I’m getting that same room suspiciously often lately.  It’s one of Rovio’s default gem sucks so the second I saw it I stopped playing.  Gonna do the same thing every time this room comes up:  it’s pointless.  KP’s health is set at “ridiculous” and it’s way too obviously set up to always position him…[Read more]

  • Hmmm…  I’ve had the exact same DC two days in a row… never seen that before.

    And it’s an absolute garbage gem-suck, 4-5-5 and micro-unpoppable-pig city, even on level 2.  The first screen on level 3 is ridiculous, designed to take all your birds.

    Not giving Rovio any gems on this cheating trash.  Wow, they really do get worse and worse,…[Read more]

  • If Rovio really wants to improve the experience of people with higher FP, how about they put even a little effort into actually designing some new creative challenges rather than just doing nothing but making it so on the same old levels you have a ridiculous and unforgivable number of physics-defying unpoppable micropigs all the time and on boss…[Read more]

  • Unfortunately I don’t know how it could apply to your situation, but I did find one way to make Rovio respond after days of them ignoring me:

    The situation was that I’d bought the daily gem letter.   Rovio did an update about halfway through the daily gem period I’d paid for and then suddenly they weren’t giving me the daily gems I was due.  I…[Read more]

  • Okay, other than having a spot that’s deliberately there to make the pig undefeatable without spending about a billion gems, what’s the purpose of the game design and having this hole here?  (And, no, even Stella can’t be positioned to lift him because of the ledge).

  • Rovio’s cheating in the Arena is becoming intolerable.  Today I’m playing an opponent who runs out of birds at roughly 37,000,000.  All the next screen, he has no cards and his score doesn’t increase; in other words, his play is over.  Next screen after that (two screens after his gameplay has ended) I start closing in on 37,000,000 and I look up…[Read more]

  • Just in case anyone was asking the question “hey, do you think it would be fun if you had only one type of bird and you had to use the same bird over and over and over again?,” the Stella Adventure definitively answers that question.

    And the answer is “No.  No, that would not be fun.”

  • Beware:  at least the first two boss levels on today’s KPP are ones where Rovio’s once again significantly reduced your hit power on the boss so you can hit him with about a billion things and he barely loses any points. The one way to defeat him on level one is to knock him to a place where you can use Pink’s bubble to float him off the screen…[Read more]

  • I’m almost impressed:  I’ve been playing Angry Birds 2 for a long, long time now and I’ve never seen a level that cheats more than level 5 of the current adventure.  Rovio must be so proud.

    Seriously, the number of improbably surviving pigs on this level is truly something to behold.  Not something good, and definitely not something fun, but it i…[Read more]

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