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    I just got the dreaded “You must update this app to continue” message.  Yay. So I guess that’s the end of that.



    Same here. This isn’t the game that I ‘signed up’ for. It’s completely changed. If they wanted to do this big of a change, they should have made “Angry Birds Transformers 2” and left this one alone. I’d have downloaded the ‘new one’ and probably played both.



    I have 376,00 pigs that have no apparent usage.


    I play on two devices. One is an Android (v10) phone and other is MEMU Android Emulator on a PC.

    On the Android phone, I got the “You must update.. to continue” prompt, and it wont let me into the game. However, on the Android Emulator, I can still log in and play, and it appears to be syncing. (I can still do the Daily Quests, Challenge Run, and watch videos to heal/double node rewards.) I’m going to keep the game open and playing on the Android Emulator until it forces me out. I’m going to start my Slipstream upgrade to level 15 (using materials) later today.

    BTW, I’ve been running version (reverted from 2.0.x.x using the an Android APK).

    I can still use Superion (Overpowered at Lvl 17) with the original accessories in the Challenge Run:

    Superion Acessories


    @vabeachguy The idea of that R/E could have made a separate ABT2 had crossed my mind also. But I think that R/E hasn’t even consider that option, because everyone would choose for the old ABT instead of using the new one. So they would miss a lot of revenues which are needed if you want to make progress in the new game.
    Btw, I don’t think you can play the old version much longer. See the post of @soundwave just before your post.



    I’m already upgraded, not sure if there would be a way to downgrade, but I wouldn’t expect to be able to play without re-upgrading, anyway.

    It just really sucks that they did this, and not only that, but that they did this while the world is basically locked down. I would have spent literally hours playing this (the only game I really play), if they hadn’t done this. Now, they’ve literally ruined the game and I’ve lost the desire to continue with it. I might play a little, but probably only 5% or 10% of what I used to.


    @vabeachguy Sorry for the misunderstanding. My bad, I’ve read your post too quickly, so I thought you could play both versions.
    And yes, I also lost much of my desire to play it. In fact, this was (at least) the second time that I’ve decided to quit this game, but I still am giving it a chance. (The first time was when I had a black screen instead of the map and only could play the weekly events. That lasted for about a month.)


    None of you must play first person shooters. This is very familiar to me as a player of Destiny 2 and I’m told d2 ripped it off from something insanely popular like forte night. The Destiny version is split into 3 month seasons and is based on xp (experience).it is divided into to two tracks of milestones, a free one and a paid one—if you had the paid one you got both rewards otherwise only the free. Each season is $10 and includes lots of content like story missions game modes and more.


    $20 for two months Of questionable seems pretty pathetic. No way I’m paying that.


    Out of curiosity, anyone know what the piles of blue and red things are in the pic? (the 850 blue on left and 2500 red on right)

    war pass


    @cbya I think it’s gems and tokens


    If anyone’s confused about the new Prime Pass check this out:



    Has anyone else noticed that the mortar towers are missing (except for the Spark Run and The Watching Paint Dry Run). Great for when you get “Disable 1 Mortar Tower With Electroblast” as one of your daily quests.


    Also just got the “update required” message.

    Was trying to save up for the jungle area because I got sick of staring at the giant locked cloud and was a good way there. Kinda throws a wrench in that.

    Time to experience this warzone.


    @andrewinireland Now that mention it 🤔 And to add insult to injury none of the EMP accessories work in iOS (which has no update to 2.0.6). Luckily I have unlocked The Watch Paint Dry thingie and I can ignore one daily task.


    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Ok. I’m trying to have a good attitude about this update but it’s ridiculous. I’ve made peace with some of it but have recently upgraded my crystal storage to 20 so that I can accumulate legendary crystal and gained enough of the lower four crystals to craft 5 legendary crystals. I go to craft something with them but it says I can’t “currently” craft with them with no explanation whatsoever. Anybody have any idea why it won’t allow it? Every other crystal requires only 3 of its kind and I have 5 legendaries. Come on Rovio!!! Get your crap together or lose yet another PAYING customer.</p>


    I think they like removing things that you need for the daily quests. I had destroy 20 missiles and block a missile with Shieldor today. I had to run almost a dozen map runs to get one that had any missiles. Even Pig City didn’t have any.


    I’m curious if the prime pass is priced the same for everyone (within the same region).   Mine is $19.99 US.   Any US players get an offer for more or less?  Anyone outside the US feel free to share as well.

    I would love to figure out if they are still setting prices on a player by player basis.  That is far and away my #1 complaint about this game.


    Mine is $19.99 here in Fl…..



    If we play on the war pass for a while and complete a number of levels, and then upgrade to the prime pass, do we still get the previous levels’ prime pass rewards?  Or do we miss those rewards?  Or do we start back at level 1?


    Anyone else know?


    $17.99 in OH.


    Not only are mortar towers missing on map runs, missiles are too. Got 15 on my spark run but couldn’t get the final 5. Really about to delete this crap.

    Pass is $19.99 for me. I actually wouldn’t pay more than a dollar. I can buy a bazillion actual games instead of this “time waster” on Steam for less.


    @timdog39180 There are no crystals above legendary to craft them into. Legendary crystals are only used for upgrades and accessories.

    Mine is only $17.99 US.

    With the way the ad for it is worded if it was anything other than getting everything it would be false advertising and you could complain to Apple/Google and get your money back.


    What is a grade 3 accessory? I’ve tried the accessories that I’ve gotten to a level 3 and I’ve swiped to the third set of accessories but nothing is working to finish out my challenges for the day.


    @lycray “Swiped to the third set”? Sounds like you are trying Energonicons. Accessories are the things you equip the characters with. Hats or sunglasses or such.

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