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  • ABTonAndroid5guy

    Fine Print on the bottom of Prime PASS is misleading, none of the items are assess able after passing level 50 – shamefull!!!Past 50 Steal Box only compensation


    @abtonandroidguy  $24.99 is the highest price I’ve seen for the prime pass bundle.  Are you in the US?




    @abtonandroidguy Is there any gifts over level 50? On the next level after 50 this is sign for infinity or level 100?


    Finally!?! iOS version is available. It fills the silos and EMP accessories work again. I was able to finish Spark run using only Nautica which has been impossible previously (in v2.0).


    So, do I understand correctly that the new characters don’t become available when you reach the levels that they claim to become available at? You have to pay to get them?


    Only with prime pass you’ll get these exclusive characters. Maybe they will be available later on in a event? Have them both now, still upgrading. Lord Megatron is a nice one!


    I have been trying forever to get a walking mortar tower so I can emp it but aside from the few times one has appeared my bots or the helper bots keep destroying them before the emp takes effect. Meaning I have to keep trying. I think I’ve also just figured out the mortar towers are only appearing on the higher-gem rewards which is why this is proving so difficult. Is there any way to force those higher rewards?


    This new (crappy) system, is just a way of devaluing all of the resources and making people pay more real money.

    I’ve played enough to get to level 40 in the new (crappy) spire, and the ‘rewards’ that are given, are a fraction of what you’d have gotten if you reached the 40th floor in the real spire.

    I’ll play a little more to get to the top level, but after that, I don’t really see myself continuing. Too much ‘work’ for too little ‘reward’.


    The rewards are measly, I could’ve got more out of the pig-rigged-lab (gem-wise anyway). I have to be honest, there is no need to put effort into it, if one chooses to not pay for the prime pass, the task can be completed by playing at one’s leisure before the overly long deadline ends.


    I have completed the free portion of Prime pass. Now it says instant upgrade. Does that mean that you instantly get all of the rewards for Prime Pass if you upgrade.


    Yes, paying the ransom gets you all the “pay to win” crap.

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Viewing 12 replies - 201 through 212 (of 212 total)
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