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    One of the pop up notes

    2.0 update info pop up


    @addicted1 Yeah, for me the waiting time for Shockwaves Spire is 5 days and 8 hours as I post this (2 hours after your post).
    Also remarkable: Before this update there was a quest at the daily quests saying “Visit Shockwaves Spire” (or something like that). After the update this quest has been replaced with “Use a common accessory”


    And, another list from another player:

    few more new things:
    —Spire only once a week
    —steel crates pay coin, pig and white crystal
    —i have worked my way to 11 yellow in the lab, that still does not give me anything
    spark run/rewards unchanged
    —gem cost to upgrade bots (as opposed to crystals) increased. Example: from 9 to 10 was 862, increased to 872. Meh, 10 gems, I hear you think. Ok, from 10 to 11, was 1041, now 1093. That is 52 gems, or a 5% increase.
    —missions take lots more time
    —higher rarity EI become available as the bot level increases
    —Priorities: I’ve taken Strikebot and Electroblast to grade3, Glassor and Piggyblaster to grade 2. Those are the 2 and 2 I use most, so this investment will pay immediately and all the time. Glassor and PB to grade as next step, then I’ll start thinking about upgrading Slipstream and new bots, EI’s, depending on how often the EI’s appear in daily quests, and accessories for Superion or Spark run team bots .
    —My Breakdown has EMP. Mönoliths wont freeze anymore. Same with Slipstream. And Superion in CR.
    —my overall impression wiht this update is that EVERYTHING is going to take twice as long. I have worked my way to 11 yellow crystals. Still not enough to use them for anything. And getting 1 yellow means 3 purple which means 9 green which means 27 blue which means 81 white. You earn 2 white for most map event, 2 blues or 2 greens or 2 purples occur less often. If you get an event that pays yellow, sorry, it’s only 1 crystal. Did I mention that 11 yellows (or rough guestimate: 300 events) still doesnt get you anything?
    —New daily quests. Quests now also give crystals. One of my daily quests is to use a grade 2 EI. That was easy, Electroblast upgraded for free in the tutorial. I also have a quest to use a grade 3 accessory. That’s trickier. Which of the 83 characters has one of those – bear in mind there’s a gazillion of them. Probably start checking the bots currently on the map, equip if possilble and play when the mission ends. That is a lot of work for the 3k coin reward, certainly if you’ve already completed the 8 quests for the day reward.


    Your only positive (=Give) point in your list posted 45 minutes ago is only a different way in which Energonicons (or EI’s as some people call them) are upgraded.
    In the version 1.x.x – serie this same upgrade was also available, but not linked to the EI but to the level of the bot who used it. I don’t know the exact numbers, but it was something like:
    level 1-5 is grade 1, level 6-10 is grade 2 and level 11-15 is grade 3.

    upgrade EI.jpg

    .                     grade 1                                       grade 2                                    grade 3

    Now these grades are linked only to the energonicons themselves.


    @exientgreg   @ellieexient

    Terrible is all i can say.

    Yes some interesting new things to change it up but how can you take away everyone’s work over the last how many years.

    I have spent well over 100,000,000 coins on Steel crates to upgrade my accessories.

    I have spent a ton of gems, at least 30,000 on gold crates when they were on sale to upgrade my accessories.

    Now you just take this all away and put us all back to square one? Where is our refunds on all the coins and gems the game let us spend on items you took away.

    Can’t get gems anymore unless i pay for them. Not sure if the random gift boxes will still appear on map or not.

    I voiced my frustration last week on something else and said it might be near the end of the road for me.

    This is last straw, after 5 years i am done with this game. I will check in next week to see if anything has been rectified to compensate us greatly and if not, that will be my last sign in, i will be deleting the game and giving a negative feedback on this ripoff scheme on every single social media platform available on this earth.


    Info on cost to upgrade:

    New upgrade costs:
    9 => 10: 872 gems OR 1d, 150k coin, 15 uncommon, 5 rare
    10 => 11: 1093 gems OR 1d 8h, 200k coin, 20 uncommon, 10 rare
    11 => 12: 1344 gems OR 1d 16h, 200k coin, 15 rare, 5 epic
    12 => 13: 1752 gems OR 2d, 225k coin, 20 rare, 10 epic
    13 => 14: 2488 gems OR 2d 12h, 225k coin, 15 epic, 5 legendary
    14 => 15: 3700 gems OR 3d, 250k coin, 20 epic, 10 legendary

    I have been keeping upgrades going on my kids’ games and it looks like that just got a lot harder.


    Based on @20qmindreader’s data my estimate for upgrading a TF from level 1 to level 15 will cost 1,666,000 coins (same as in version 1,x), 50 common, 50 uncommon, 50 rare, 50 epic and 15 legendary crystals.



    Yeah, I’ll play it a little to see how it is, but this may be enough for me to uninstall and go on my way.


    I’m going to give this a change (change is hard) before making up my mind, but I have mixed feelings about the update.


    Frustrations (so far):

    1) Paying to use the pig lab. Seriously???

    2) Not able to use/access any of my Gold Level EI during general play because I’ve not yet upgraded my storage to level 20.

    3) Not able to collect near as many coins per general play.  We earn crystals, but then have to pay to use them. (See point #1).

    4) Everything is a lot more expensive. It does seem that Rovio got very greedy with this.


    Good things (so far):

    1) More control over upgrades  to accessories. It sounds like some people already had control (?) but I always had to wait until something was upgraded via opening crates.

    2) All these new changes foil the hackers who were maxed out on everything. It brings them back to a level playing field (for now).


    On another note – I have a few tokens left from last week’s SlipStream challenge and I’m trying to figure out if I should buy Damage or Effect Damage. Does anyone know the difference between these two?


    I’m VERY upset that they gave us nothing for all the years of playing and upgrading. The least they could have done is giving us items for the upgrades we’d done over the years. Even if they were just cashed for gold which now we’ll be ending a crapload of. HUGE mistake on the devs part to not recognize the time we’ve put into the game and getting accessories upgraded.


    So are there very few ways to get gems now? Been waiting for a good reason to stop and sounds like this update may be it!


    Nearly 5 years ago, something similar happened. I remember losing everything because the app failed completely and no one at Rovio could help and that was the 2nd or third time I had to start from scratch … dare ya to tell me I’m cray-cray for playing lol.

    New Update for ABT on iOS (v1.5.15 Crashing)


    Certainly, they had evened the table for everyone, but at the cost of upsetting the long-time players, who are seeing years of upgrades gone for good. Now, with gems hard to get by and a new system that it is yet to be comprehended, it begs the question: are they so burnt out that they want to kill the game?


    Pako well said. I think they are not making enough coin to keep them happy.


    Recharges after your TF is defeated in the Challenge Run are now 15 gems.  Had been 10 gems.
    It is now 15 gems for a full health/batteries/armor recharge.


    @Lostyyy, my thingking exactly. Low revenue and high maintenance cost. I guess they’d made the math.


    , I thought I was mistaken (didn’t really pay attention). With gem grinding at its lowest that recharge cost is steep.


    On the map nodes, depending on the periphery glow around the TF on the node, can collect clear, blue, green, purple or gold crystals. Windblade level 15 with accessories, exprienced insta-death after a couple of steps. To keep the node going, they want 50 gems…too rich for me.


    A few things encountered in the game so far: an increase on gold crates’ token price and the cost of in-node recharging, which may depend on the kind of reward been offered for completing the node.



    The gems earned on Daily Quests have been halved: 1 gem now for completing a single quest; and only 5 gems for completing them all. No Sparks rewarded (it was 400 per day)


    Silly me.
    I was trying to find out if promoting the Eject accessory of Superion to grade 2 would restore its ability to stop falling monoliths.
    Well, it costed me a lot of crystals (and coins) but the result was devastating. Not only didn’t that stop monoliths from falling, but it also caused the loss of all its EMP power. Not even flying pigs were affected anymore.


    @exientgreg @ellieexient

    I think all EMP accessories are malfunctioning (no EMP whatsoever).

    I tried the same and the result was the same. Did you try Superion and Eject before upgrading the accessory? I didn’t.


    Hi, yep, on it aware… cheers


    With the bugs/issues appearing it really does look like the Facebook enlisted beta testers don’t appear to be Fit For Purpose. Logical really, given that 93% of IT Professionals (including game devs and unit testers) refuse to use FB (because of many issues; including Privacy violations).


    Yes, I tried Superion/Eject before upgrading and although it couldn’t stop falling monoliths I’m 99% (no, not 100%) sure that it had a stunning effect on pigs.
    The only character which I think is still able to use EMP completely (including stopping of falling monoliths) is Mirage, which has intrinsic EMP power.

    EDIT (1 hour later): The longer I’m thinking about it, the more I become unsure if Eject (Grade 1) was indeed able to stun pigs with its EMP.

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