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  • Sutekh137

    Another bug…

    Used to be that when Porky buffed everyone with Tit for Tat, you could follow up with Matilda using her rage ability to cleanse the “tat” from everyone, removing the taking of more damage.

    That doesn’t appear to be working now in Cave 12, so I assume it isn’t working at all.

    Or, maybe that was a bug in the first place. Shouldn’t be, though, since the whole point of Tit for Tat was that it is a helpful and detrimental effect at the same time. Using Matilda’s rage to remove the detrimental portion of that seemed like a very fair trade-off to just keep the buff.

    Matilda’s rage power DOES remove other harmful effects like a bird getting splattered with mummy goop or having attack power reduced. So, this only seems to be with the Tit for Tat negative effect.


    Zeke Kaiser

    Not quite a bug, but an un-bug.

    The Nightmare set works properly again.

    Zeke Kaiser


    Chronicle Cave 12 Effect – Hot Steam:
    What it says:
    Deals 345 damage to all birds at the beginning of their turn. Every 2 turns.
    What it does:
    Deals 345 damage to all birds and pigs at the beginning of their turn. Every 2 turns. (Alternates between birds and pigs.)

    Chronicle Cave 13 Effect – Cave Tremor:
    What it says:
    Deals 405 damage to all. 100% chance to stun for 1 turn. Every 3 turns.
    What it does:
    Deals 405 damage to all one bird. 100% 0% chance to stun for 1 turn. Every 3 turns.

    I recommend getting as far as you can before they fix this.


    About the collateral damage on {.. mod ..} ninjas, Rovio replied the following today:

    “Thanks for contacting us and we are sorry to hear you’ve had some trouble with Angry Birds Epic.

    This issue is known to us and is due to be fixed in a future update.

    We apologize for any inconvenience.

    Best regards,”

    I believe Rovio “DODGED” the attack!

    Kowalski Kowalski

    I have a problem in the Wizpig’s Castle. I beat the first wave and Wizpig turns into his demonic form. A battle starts but I can’t attack Demonic Wizpig or use passive abilities. I can pause the game.


    @kowalski-kowalski-5209, I seem to recall something like that happened to me too.
    Can’t really think if either of these work but it won’t hurt trying:
    * switch to another app and then back to ABEpic. It worked on a similar “can’t clikc here” problem I had on other levels
    * try to find out if the pig is somewhere else – I recall that once I had to move to a place on the side for it to act as if I was over the pig or the bird.

    Not sure if either of these worked. I remember what you just described ahppening to me too and me being very pissed about it at least one of the times…


    @zekekaiser Usually when Rovio says “all birds”, they mean “all allies”. In your report, do you mean that ALL pigs receive this damage, including enemies? or is it just allied pigs?

    Watch your language please. Your post has been edited.


    Oh, and the Mastery achievement bug still exists… I have several hats at mastery 7 and 8 (including some for Red), and the MASTER achievement (the only one I have left) remains unlocked.

    If the new criteria is that I have to reach level 10 with some class, then I’m done. That’s just not going to happen, ever.


    Zeke Kaiser

    @amslimfordy It hits the pigs that I am fighting. It’s rather convenient. It basically takes turn hitting my birds and the opponent pigs.

    Here is the pattern:
    My turn – Hits all my birds
    Pig turn – Hits all the enemy pigs
    My turn – Nothing
    Pig turn – Nothing


    Tap and hold on rainbow bar it give you this
    what that information?


    Angry Johnny

    It seems to be a placeholder for a message or a message that shows the wrong text. Either way it is a bug even though it does not affect gameplay and should be reported to Rovio.


    For some reason, I defeated the Golden Pig earlier for today (Thursday), but while it gave me credit for defeating the golden pig, I didn’t get any LCs from it. What gives?


    New bug I saw for the first time today:

    Buying upgrades from Mighty Eagle. Each snoutling upgrade costs me 78 coins. I have exactly 78 coins, and I’m being told I don’t have enough to buy an upgrade. I suspect it has to do with the math the game is doing with the Mighty Eagle Stamp Card discount and the fractional percent discounts.

    Jurij Putjato

    i am stuck on loading screen to birds base. Just loading, loading, loading…first time restarted the game, now it’s 30 minutes past and still nothing…


    This is the answer I got from Rovio about the Mastery achievement being broken.

    “As the Mastery system has changed, the Mastery achievement no longer applies and you will not be able to gain this achievement. We are working on fixing this in a future update.

    We apologize for any inconvenience.”

    Marcin Janik

    Spinning on my friend’s Golden Pig Machine did reset my rainbow bar. It was one spin away from being full…

    I thought that was fixed? Yesterday’s 2 spins did not reset my bar.


    @darkdaysarecoming79 Can you clarify your issue? I don’t quite understand.


    @nourix at least you got a reply. The corporate swine have yet to answer my email. Essentially, Blues collateral is ineffective on any swine with an uppper limit on damage. That’s your and my infamous ninjas, Prince Porky, and Rogue Boss. Rovio should document it and call it a feature, that’s the IT way. (for another $250,000, you get one that works).


    My friends had made free roles on my golden pig machine and it made my rainbow bar be completely full, and I had a legendary set item guaranteed on my next roll. Before I did that I took a free roll on my friends golden pig machine. When I went back to the golden pig machine, the rainbow bar was completely depleted. I would love to have that rainbow bar full again so I can get my guaranteed epic item!!!


    When Matilda’s Bard makes a Heavy Metal attack that stuns for 1, it replaces Red’s Titan Grip Stun 2.

    Instead of still getting the full 2 rounds of Stun from the hammers, you only get 1 because Matilda stunned later.

    That’s not right.

    Zeke Kaiser

    Solution: Have Matilda attack first. Problem solved.


    Not really a solution when I’m using Chuck’s Rage ability.


    I think the Golden Pig machine should be considered bugged. The chance for getting any legendary item if your rainbow bar is not full appears to be vanishingly small. How many different weapons and off-hand items does it give? I think there are at least 8 weapons and 2 off-hand weapons for each bird. If so, the number of non-legendary items is 2 x 8 x 5 = 80. Since for each you get a chance of 0, 1, 2, or 3 stars. there is a total of at least 320 different non-legendary items you can get. For legendary items there are 2 items/set x 3 sets/bird x 5 birds = 30 legendary items.
    So if each possibility has an equal chance, your chance of getting a legendary item is less than or equal to 30/320 = 0.094.
    If anyone has any additional data (more non-legendary items awarded by golden pig, real statistics on legendary items), please provide.

    King Piggy

    ***URGENT*** I need to know the reason there is no buttons (pause etc.) when I do the Wizpig’s castle wave 2 for some reason please tell me why soon! I cant make birds and prince porky attack it is BUGGED‼️

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