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  • Abyssuss

    Dont know if someone mentioned this already but in Star Reef Castle Mummy’s sand blast attack actually stuns for two turns instead of one


    @mvnla. I agree with you regarding the chances of obtaining an Epic item via the GPM. Frankly, I’ve stopped bothering. It seems absurd to waste any more lucky coins until I read (here) that Rovio’s decided to be a little bit more reasonable. I only have 4x complete epic sets and 8x individual epic items… as I came to the GPM rainbow bar (friends’ machines) exploit rather late. That’ll have to do for now!


    So, I just went through the Sunken Pyramid weekly dungeon. I was able to bring each mob down in one or two turns!

    For some reason, the mobs were all stuck at level 14. Since my birds were all level 39, it was no contest. I still got the same reward at the end.

    I’m curious as to why that happened. (Not that I’m complaining, lol)


    Same here. Was a nice break


    @marioandsonic @calvinjj2009. Same thing here… I was completely gob-smacked when my (41)-9-Wizard obliterated the entire first wave in a single shot! =D

    I’ve made 3 friendship gates, so i received 15 lucky coins, but before i’ve got about 10,so i should have about 25 now, not 15. Bug?


    Apologies if this has been mentioned before but the additional damage that both Skulkers and Thunderbird are supposed to apply does not happen. There is no knock on effect. Bug?


    Anyone get a “purchase has failed” error when buying coins? Not a money issue…


    Hello everybody,

    Since the last update I have a bug after finishing a level in chronicles caves : I see a pop-up with the word “stamina” but I don’t have time to read it before it desappears.
    I don’t know what’s this ?

    Thanks for your help !



    I see that too, looks like the info screen for fighting events or something, since it has to do with stamina. Flashes by so quick I cannot read… I only see it when playing in the caves.



    Yes exactly the same !


    Hey. I have problem when i start my angry bird epic apps, couse when i start apps i have download balanced fail, and cant start game. You know what can i do? ;/ i dont want lost my account, couse i dont have rovio account. thx for respond

    Tiit Lepik

    well long time i have problem, that game keeps self shutting down, very oftenly when i use my friend bird or when playing these energy required levels


    Almost all the crashes I have are right at the start of the battle when one of those newer video ads would be queueing up. They seem really processor/memory intensive. Even if they do run, things come back and are eventually start getting choppy until ABE just dies and I’m looking at my Nova Launcher desktop.

    Epic used to run more smoothly. It even ran fine on my previous tablet that was three years old. Now on a very recent (just a few months old) tablet with about twice the memory and twice the CPU, ABE crashes regularly. Especially since adding events and these very burdensome ads. I blame events and ads because I can be rolling the dice at the forge or cauldron for hours (no ads) without so much as a hiccup. But as soon as I start fighting (and therefore displaying ads), I get slowdowns and eventually crash.

    If the ad layer is going to make the game unplayable by many folks (because that is the conclusion I am coming to), could Rovio at least offer a paid, ad-less version of the game? For the first time and for any Rovio game, I would probably pay. For three years I have not spent a single cent in any Rovio game, and I have never clicked through a single ad. But I would pay for ad-less Epic even though I am almost completely caught up with the last update and am at level 41). Maybe that should tell you something.

    Ads for special stuff like free spins on the Pig or opening a trunk in a Chronicle Cave — that’s fine. Because the user asks for it and knows what they are running. Ads right before a battle — not the same thing. And crashes at those points can be more costly to the user because he/she may have purchased a fighter with LC or burned paid-for stamina.

    Please get the bloated ad layer under control in this game.



    Yeah, the new ads crash out a lot. Which sucks during events, because you lose the stamina.


    I had about 60+ lucky coins today. Then, after I defeated the golden pig, I now have only 7.

    Tiit Lepik

    now with todays update i cannot play it at all, game freezes and crashes


    Well, that was fun…

    Just wasted a half hour, 39 veggie cakes, and my turn with Pigiana for 12 hours, only to get through 7/10 waves of Cave 13-8. Then crash.

    Go back in, and of course the level is still unstarred, cakes are gone, and Pigiana is all used up.

    All of this was from a fresh start of ABE where all I did was go into the Caves and start the battle. What more can a player do other than start as fresh as possible? Do I need to restart my tablet every battle as well, just to make sure the slate is clean? In any case, I had no other apps running, they were all force closed.

    Seriously, Rovio, fix this bloated, crashing sow that is Epic! Either that, or you are going to need to dial down the difficulty of wave battles so that they can be over in a matter of seconds instead of minutes — gimp the gameplay because your game simply can’t stay afloat for anything longer! At what point will you start considering this an embarrassment and get it fixed?



    Hallo. I have problem, when i start my angry bird epics, couse when i start apps i have download balanced fail, and can´t start game. What can i do? This problem is on my mobil phone ande son´s tablet.

    pride mode

    Hey, I just found this really annoying bug today. On the last stage, the one where you fight the demonic wizpig, I am unable to progress once wizpig makes the transformation. Price porky joins my team and the cutscene ends, but I can’t attack or do anything else. I can’t pause, open the menu, etc. The characters still move and the game isn’t frozen, but there are simply no buttons for me to press, and no blue circles around the characters. I can still tap and hold on characters to get their info however. This happens every time I try to complete the stage, so it’s preventing me from beating the game. Do you have any solutions?



    I actually created an account to report the exact same problem. It’s really starting to irritate me and I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. I’ve reinstalled the app, restarted to phone, etc. no fix.


    +1500 for all classes in Dojo is bugged! Just got 75 LC and bought the +1500 for all. Only problem is that it wasn’t really for all. I’ve been keeping track of my mastery for each bird / class for quite a while now. I could believe making one mistake, but 3?? No way! I only got +1000 for the following:
    Thunderbird (this one really hurts, since I’m trying to level him up)
    In addition, since I’ve only been recording mastery one or 2 times a day, if I used a class for another battle or if I bought 500 mastery in the Dojo, I can’t tell if there were additional mistakes made.


    Pigs in Cave 13 hit for almost double the amount seen in the tool tip.

    I have nightmare set but doesn’t give me the set bonus when you tap and hold on character for tool tip. This has been a bug for a long time now and still hoping it will get fixed soon.


    @mvnla2 I would definitely report that to Rovio. It should definitely be investigated in their coding.



    Are you sure the pigs in question aren’t the type where damage increases as the rage chili fills up (passive effect)? If they are, and you have a full chili when they hit, then they will hit twice as hard. I did not see anybody hitting me for more than what was stated in the info (this is on Android).

    I also noticed that the beast that hits all three birds will have an increasing blow power by the time it reaches the third bird (even if the chili is empty when he starts his hit). The rage chili must be filling up a bit with each bird being hit, meaning the second and third bird are always going to take more than the base damage listed in the tooltip.

    Finally, I noticed that Red’s Paladin shield (the 35% reducer where he can take damage for another bird) doesn’t work right when all three birds are attacked at once. The shield does nothing. Not sure if that is because Red can’t take a hit and protect someone else at the same time (graphically), but it sure sucked trying to use Porky in that cave because he’d get the full power of the hit (plus a bit). If the tremor happened to hit him at that point, he was dead. Nothing to be done about it.

    I had to use Pigiana on those 10-wavers just because of that bug. Dang that cave sucked.


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