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  • Tman

    @abby99, I was having the same problem on my Kindle. Watching videos in .12 would crash the game. Couldn’t get my free rolls. Suddenly today it worked though. No update to the software that I could determine, so it appears they made a change to the ad network.

    It still crashes at random times for me though. Particularly in the caves.

    Netto JM

    Yes, maybe they’re updating the game, now I have the answer for my own question, today the GPM are giving me 3x more chances to win legendary items for killing the seventh golden pig of the chain, and I take the opportunity to get some for me, and got legendary items waaaay better than the ones that I got on level 25 or above, so I think that the legendary set items as updated and now are even better than before, I noted that my friend’s birds who use legendary items are now better too (who have hand item have more defense and who have weapon have more attack), and my birds with legendary items that I got now on MAX level are now truly legen…. wait for….. DARY!

    sorry if my english is not perfect


    Hey, everyone!
    I have the game installed on my ipad (my bf’s account) and on my android phone (my account). I had some problems on the ipad, but after the last update everything seems ok.
    The bugs are now on my phone :(
    I’m stuck on Wizpig castle, which I already completed on the ipad. But now I lose one turn at the beginning of the second battle – the Red pig attacks even before Prince Porky can even appear.
    Also after killing the seventh golden pig of the chain I spent a lot of coins on spins and didn’t get any legendary item at all, even though I was suppose to have 3x more chances. But may be that’s not a bug, but just bad luck on my part :(


    HUMBUG! Sorry @netto-jm that’s my mistake:

    It’s 3x chance, not 100% chance. There’s no guarantee unless you have a full Rainbow Bar.


    Blue bird bug again, when using the rage chili on it against an ironclad, it says it’s ironclad and the damage doesn’t stick.


    please help :( my angry bird epic says “loading balancing into memory” but then its been HOURS but still not loading yet. pls using ipad mini

    : yes i do play on multiple devices, what should i do? thanks man


    @koockaburra Make sure both devices are updated to v1.0.12. Restarting the devices may help as well.


    I think thereare bug on list of shield blueprint item in the anvil, as we know there are two type of shield for each bird and if we get better blueprint those old shield will be replaced, ie red will always have two type of shield: a banner and a shield. The bug is: chuck have 4 set of shield blueprint, two orb and two books, a scroll ( book type ) and a skull orb ( orb type ) is weak item and they never disappear from my list even if i get better blueprint. Does anyone have similiar problem?


    I’ve noticed recently that Matilda’s Nightmare set only seems to affect the first group in a wave battle. None of the enemies in other waves have the “nightmare” status on them when you longpress and they don’t take the extra damage on their turn while stunned.


    Hi, I am playing in my windows phone (Nokia Lumia 820). I cant seem to visit the page of 2 of my friends, one at lvl 19, other at lvl 16. I tried restarting my phone and loging out and in again in facebook but it doesnt fix the problem. Please help me resolve this issue, I dont want to keep missing my free golden pig machine rolls :(


    @ron18ph Make sure your app is up-to-date. Angry Birds Epic v1.0.12 was released within the past week and failing to update can cause complications.


    I don’t know if anyone had stated this yet, but I’ve just discovered something. When Undead Pirate Captain (in cave 6) summons an undead ally, that turn doesn’t affect any charge attacks, reviving pigs or working effects. For example, the Defensive Formation effect can work for 2 turns, or it’ll take a zombie pig 4 turns to revive. Also, the summoned pig won’t attack the next turn.


    Found a bug when replaying Mountain Pig Castle. It’s happened twice so far – when defeating the final boss wave (wizpig and prince porky), the round doesn’t end. You can continue to use abilities and it will continue indefinitely unless you restart the battle or go back to the map from the pause screen.

    I think, if I remember correctly, if you defeat wizpig (I’ve always burned down prince porky first before going after wizpig) on the same turn a summoned bomb is on its 3rd turn to explode, then it bugs. As in, wizpig dies from thorns or sticky goo, the bomb then explodes, and it goes back to your turn, and doesn’t go to the star/loot screen like it should. I’ll try some more attempts before confirming this though.

    Just wanted to note that and see if anyone else has experienced this.


    heaven kid

    i don’t have rest bonus (little blue sword @ top left screen),
    since updated to v1.0.12.

    anyone have the same problem?


    I found a bug on the monday Dungeon. The final boss sometimes gets to act twice in the same turn. So when I was sure he wasnt going to attack after summoning pig allies, it suddenly attacks and kills my blues. It happened to me three times since I repeated the duengeon for getting the 10000 points for each full health bird.


    Yes, my system auto updates to new version.

    Buggy buggy update for Kindle Fire. Shuts down in the middle of play for no reason. Really ticks me off when I lose the whole play, especially in the caves when I see a chance at completing.

    Sometimes I still have to reboot to find all my friends.

    Lots of click here to watch video for free roll and tells me no video scheduled at this time???


    I found a very serious bug in Wizpig’s Castle level(a bug that prevent the player to continue further the game): in the second wave you receive Prince Porky to fight with you, but you can’t control him any way – his blue circle stays at the center of the screen and he stay at the other place of the screen. So you can’t do any movement or hit with him and the you can’t take the level because this. Even when I push the button for auto fight…nothing happens – and the only option is the quit the level before finishing it. This is happened on android tablet Element7 v3, Android 4.0.4, Kernel 3.0.8.


    I recently downloaded the app from googleplay onto my android phone and at a couple of the level the circle appears behind the bird and I cant move it. It only occurs when the video advertising for other game appears.

    I’ve got a couple of screen shots.

    I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S4


    The battle with Demonic Wizpic has moves timing problem, sometimes we get to attack first, sometimes him.. sometimes ghosts appear on wrong timings.
    Overall, its buggy and needs to be fixed ASAP. I’m not able to win that match due to these errors.


    Having a major issue with Wizpig in Wizpig’s castle – When he heals himself, he does so for ~663,000 points. Not a typo. It makes it literally impossible to beat him.

    Anyone else having this issue?


    Then you shouldn’t allow him to heal himself. Use someone like Tricksters to remove the harmful effect from your allies.


    At least once a day, I am “logged out” of facebook from Epic’s POV, even though on the Account settings screen, it believes I am still logged in, but looking at my friends list, everyone is gone except Piggy McCool. This then affects my Daily Golden Pig log in because I don’t get the extra gold coin because Epic believes I am not logged into FB. Is this a known bug/issue, or is there a fix for this? I am basically forever logged into my Facebook app account without ever logging out….


    Anyone have problem with marksmen’s counterattack? His ambush ability state that his attack power will halved when counterattacking yet when fighting any enemy that have dodge ability, the ninja or prince porky, marksmen ambush ability will always be dodged even if his damage already below the dodge threshold. Looks like a bug.

    After testing again i found out that this bug only appear if marksmen using set weapon that makes his attack power passing the dodge threshold, when his ambush ability triggered his attack will always be dodged by ninja and prince porky regardless of the damage


    Hi there! i’m actually playing on Android phone ( wiko rainbow). and i got a terrible bug or maybe not but i cant find anything about it.
    My daily dungeons dont reset by themself since i completed them once.
    Anyone have a idea to resolve it? this bug is annoiying ! i cant do lot of snoutling cause of this…


    You can only defeat a Dungeon once per day @chebow. This is not a bug.

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