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  • Dahnlor

    So looks like both my team and our opponent have similar situations. We both have about 7 or 8 players doing more or less what I’m doing – doing the boss fight when the stamina regenerates naturally, then spinning up a good score, presumably using FEs. And at the top is someone who came in and used a whole bunch of stamina potions at once to get big score, then doing nothing or just taking what they can get without re-spinning. The guy at the top of my group has gone up by less than 1000 since coming in with a 5900 score off the bat, and the other team has a guy that popped up at about 7500 and has gone up by just a couple hundred after that. I don’t think either of them are cheating at this point.


    My Team is getting thrashed by almost 10K right now simply due to most of us just playing with what we are given, a lot of us are grouped around 5K, with many changes between second and sixth. The one who is in first went up to over 10K almost immediately, but has done nothing since, so still unsure if this is a cheater who will inflate their score again soon, or someone who blew a lot of resources to get off to the start they did (but then why would they stop?).
    The other Team is full of many already vying for first, many over 7K, which isn’t possible without burning Stamina, which has resulted in their wide lead to date.
    Hopefully some of these will burn out and slow down so we have a chance to catch up. I have well over 800 Stamina and 2000 FE, but don’t think I can (or want) to do all the work myself.


    My team is Currently getting smacked 45980 ( Bomb 18 ) – 51760 ( Blues 42 ) ATM
    Everyone on my team has scored 1,000 , with the highest at 6,000.
    The other team is only winning because 2 players are over 10,000 ( their 3rd highest player is less than 5,000 )


    @pointless I can confirm what @burbman sort of suggested. I used a lot of Stamina Drinks and Friendship Essences and since I got 10K medals after a long session of playing and/or waitig to reduce my consumption of drinks, I stopped playing as I have my Elite Cleric now (about 1 hr before I am posting this). So there is no reason for me to go on and I am guessing that’s what that player in your board on position 1 is also intending the same. The bonus thing for me is that since I am maxed out on Mastery, double Snoutlings mean nothing to me from the reward wheel..

    So, all in all, I am done with this event. Now to prepare for Elite Stone Guard.


    Woke up and found myself on 15th place. =.=
    Did my two runs, got the 500 medals each time and I’m still only on #11.
    I was hoping for a Top 3 place… now I can be glad to just get a SINGLE STAR.


    Its strange in my group. The enemy group is blue nr 13 and 2 people exploded in points. After 3 hours they both were over 20.000 points. They havent moved in points until now which is strange too.
    Most of the people in both groups are around 5 – 3 k points


    @smwforever45 Yeah, I went from 3rd to 11th overnight.

    I’m not sure if I’m prepared to burn through 100+ SD and/or FE just to gain an extra star… I’m still deciding if the resource depletion is worth the additional mastery…

    But I do have 325 SD saved… oh, I don’t know… bah!



    @angryde I suppose once you are over 10,000, competition will dwindle. A lot of people seem to be only playing for the Elite Cleric.



    How did you accumulate so many SD and FE ?
    I play since the beginning and I manage particularly well my resources, and at the most I had 200 SD and 1.200 FE ^^”

    And now free SD by ads doesn’t increase your SD stock but your recharge :(



    i from team blues 42, but our points only 45570 now… another 42?


    We two have got about the same amount of event points right now :P
    My team is slightly leading now… but just slightly. And I’m at #12 now.
    I have NO FE’s left and no SD’s either (burnt them all in the previous event).
    I do notice some players getting stuck at 10k, but one from the previous team is already at 12k.
    I also saw that an Unnamed Player from my team, who I didn’t even notice before, is suddenly located at the top spot of my team. Not sure if cheater, intense grinder, or Rovio bot to support us.

    Vogel Birdson

    Things seem fairly balanced in my team (Team Chuck 83 going against Team Chuck 20). Any ABN folks with me? :)

    I am having to wait for SD to replenish naturally which is taking time. I am currently 4th with 3430, the top player has 6550 and number 15 has 530.

    I also have only 5 FE remaining, having used up a load trying for the 500 points at the wheel. I actually almost feel bad to have to let the team down by not accumulating enough points…!


    At the moment my team are in the lead with 64500, other team has 51855. The leader of my board has 6500, I am #5 with 5300. I did run out of SD but then had an offer to buy 25 for 25LC’s, which I did do. I only have 19FE left and hope it will be enough to see me through as the wheel isn’t always kind to me. I will carry on playing even if I get EC just to support the team, unless we are so far ahead they don’t need me.


    @atom I can finally see the league. We are a long way behind. Not many of us are playing it’s a pity. I don’t have enough stamina to carry the league. Perhaps some of the other side will ease up once they have EC.


    My team is still leading with 65K points versus the Red team and I have stopped at 10,260 medals myself since I have my Elite Cleric. Good luck to others.


    My team currently leads with 90,050 vs. 88,745 points. Holy crap your teams have low scores. O.O



    Don’t need mastery ?


    Has anyone figured out what the number next to the hearts means? I’ve seen a couple people say it’s how many times the Titan has been knocked out and needed to rest/”repair” for 15 minutes, but… so what? Why is there a counter? Is there some secret yet-to-be-revealed benefit to knocking the Titan into repair mode?

    My two cents on this event:
    – Disappointing amount of mastery rewards on the wheel. I don’t like having to depend on other people to get the doubler bonus either. At least it’s short, so the low rewards aren’t unjustified.
    – Too easy.
    – Pretty monotonous.


    He said above that all his birds are at M15, I think.

    I could imagine a HEAVY health and attack upgrade of the TT when he reaches 10 defeats, or something. So far, no changes after 7 defeats.


    @poptimus, @smwforever45,

    The counter is in a gold pig. Maybe for this type of event, we haven’t a Gold Castle but directly LC. X LC for X defeat of Titan ?! Or something like that.

    And what about lose points when Titan reach our Nest ?

    How @datguygamer has already M15 ? Money-money ?
    I play every day, sometimes 18h per day (+ Max mastery last event + gift from Rovio 5k per class) and I just reach M14 for 24 classes (don’t play with Blue, for infinite mastery at Dojo).

    , can you tell me if the infinite mastery at Dojo for last bird still is ?
    And how many mastery for M15 ? Always 49.5k like first update ?


    I am so pissed off right now.. The tinker titan in my game is always at repairing mode.. I stand last in my group with only 100 points.. Cant even get the elite cleric at all

    Jaromir Smerek


    Would you give some advice how to beat the tinker if Im on level 18?

    I have nochance to kill the drone before next one is summoned and after a while it isimpossible to stand :(


    Well, as soon as I get done saying how easy and monotonous the event is, the Titan goes and nearly doubles his health! I believe it happened 24 hours after the event started, and doesn’t have to do with the hearts, because the number next to my hearts is still only nine. Totally speculating of course.


    Maybe all those players who spent a bunch of SD yesterday were right to have done so! If this thing keeps getting stronger each day, it’s actually going to be a bit of a challenge to beat it by the end!



    Interesting! I just got in a fight at the old level, but then the game said it had to restart “to stay Epic”. When I fought Titan again, yep, hit points had gone to 31,000+.

    I don’t assume he’ll double every day (cripes, he’d be at 125,000 on the last day). But maybe 15,000 more HP per day.

    Still not hard to beat. I just use the strategy I use for Chronicle Caves — lotsa lotsa Rage Pie! Keep those pizza slices coming! I have hundreds and can afford hundreds more, so I just keep the Titan asleep with Blues. Pretty much unstoppable against a single opponent, and he never wakes up to spawn a minion.

    Going to be a grind when he reaches 60,000+ HP, though…


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