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  • Yesterday’s number 3, 4, and 5 players are banned.

    why are they still allowed to play?

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  • VicPer

    You would figure Rovio would pay attention right? but I guess they don’t care enough.


    It’s getting quite ridiculous and boring now. Have hit close to 50mil these last few days and what do I get 26-30 points. What’s the point. These cheats are ruining the game.


    @adal316, I agree. I have 1000 mighty eagle coins so far and that’s about how many I had last season. I know there are still 20+ days to go, but it just feels like no matter how much I improve my flock and abilities, I’m still only getting 26-30 points each attempt. I have had the rare 40-60 points here and there, but nothing that would significantly improve my points total. :(


    to above

    try to get into top 9999, the point will be 46. after 46, the point will be 34…way to go…


    I have noticed lower points for similar scores. Even what I consider a really good round returns maybe 32 or so when it used to be 40-50.


    the truth is always hurt for some people….you need to improve your skill, apparently others improve much more than you.



    Yue-zhang, you have missed the points presented:

    1. Cheats and banned players are apparently allowed to play.  Most feel that this is wrong.

    2. The others who have answered here agree with me that although our FP has increased, the points allowed have decreased, in our opinion.  Since we feel that cheats/banned players are allowed to play, this would lower our chances to get into the to 1ok.  Therefore, we ask, why are they allowed to continue?

    3. Questioning our skill is the wrong tack.


    @adal316: Agreed, i was happy landing on 36k yesterday but only got 22 points or something..


    Yue, I don’t claim to have the high skills you apparently do.

    My experience is that the reward for similar point totals declined noticeably, not gradually over time but suddenly. If all the other players in the world showed amazing improvement while I did not, I can live with that. It’s just that I see these ridiculous scores from players with low grades in other categories and it makes me suspicious.

    I believe it started with the introduction of Stella. Anyway, even my really drummy scores are AWESOME according to Rovio.


    again, face the reality is cruel.

    getting 26-30 points mean you are ranked 25000-54999. Let’s say, there are 10000 cheaters, then your point will be 32. A big deal? Neverless, those hacked profiles must be in high FP for most of them (otherwise, no meaning to hack). Rovio removed them regularily, though not completely. After that clean-up, have you moved your point more????

    If you watched Blast Mcfly’s video daily, you would learn the gap between you and top flyer. Though you may not have their “unlimited” tries, you still could learn skill from the video. I do benefit from those videos a lot..

    Keep in mind, when you feel your score is good, so as all the competitors..and always check your score against those of top 10 scoers. You may not have their FP, but you could always compare your score/FP against theirs.



    @adaks1, absolutely right.

    Getting tired of always hearing about how everyone else sucks and one person here is super duper.

    Angry Turd

    @yue-zhang is indeed a super duper player in a super duper clan :)


    While @yue-zhang is straight forward and brutally honest (while perhaps lacking a little tact?), the message is not technically wrong. Playing better means ranking better.;)

    OTOH, I was steadily starting to get more ME points, but then saw a very notable drop. I activate the pink bugger for MEBC and DC/KPP, so it’s not because having one bird less. A good run if often ruined by bird forgetting it’s ability at crucial moment. Chuck not making a dent to thinnest sliver of wood, Terence stopped stone cold by single small balloon, Blues not braking ice and so on.

    Oh, yeah… then there are those two incidents having score zeroed and therefore not getting any ME points. Could be a bug… or Rovio’s way to try separating me from my precious jewels. I’m not paying to try again.



    Agree, it’s a jewels thing.

    But my favorite, which I have to mention is the leaderboard from yesterday:

    #1 is banned, and I think it’s #6 who has a star rank of 13, and a FP of 1092.

    The immediate thought is… BS.

    I didn’t look further than that.

    And for “skill”?  Lowly me with my need to improve skill did OK today.  For a brief moment, I’m #889.



    Guy above was first when I was starting MEB yesterday. Guess who was at first place today when I was claiming my poor 34 points? This game is nothing more but piece of sh*t


    Sorry, but I agree with @yue-zhang. You have to keep in mind that it is all about your relative skill compared to others. Everyone is increasing their flockpower over time, so you have to get significantly higher scores to really increase your points in the bootcamp. I am frequently getting 62 to 66 points per day with Stella.

    Now if you are experiencing true glitches, like having your score set to zero, you should submit a support ticket.

    I also find it beneficial to occasionally watch videos of others, like Stan Leeroy or AngryKnight. You can at least see how others have legitimately achieved high scores and realize not everyone with a high score is cheating. I’m sure some of the clans we have played thought we had cheaters when we beat them by a lot, but from our perspective we don’t know why they are scoring so poorly.


    I don’t think posting those screenshots here will actually change something. Did you send them to Rovio? Report him/her etc.?
    I don’t get, how that works and why they can’t put an end to this. Though I still play, I stopped caring about stuff like that.


    Because I always end up with getting 1250 mighty eagle points at the end of nearly every season, and there are only one discounted hat selling at 1000 points, so it will take too many seasons to accumulate 6000 points to buy 2 hats at a time. At that time I don’t even know I will continue to play this game or not. The other items in the shop are crappy, eg.  animated Chuck profile pic, there is no point to buy this.

    The number of  people still playing, the number of cheaters, and how many parts the people play, new features will also affect the relative rate of increase in average FP of all players.

    But for now, I play the bootcamp for fun and don’t bother about the results. As the next milestone is to achieve from 5000 eagle points from 1250, which is too far and requires too much resource.


    Wait… it jumps from 1250 to 5000? That’s demoralising…



    I did report them.  They are still on the leaderboard.  I don’t get it either.


    Too many cheaters in this game, it is a shame Rovio! MEB makes me sick, top #100 these days with loads of cheaters back. I try not to care about it too much, because I enjoy the game and my clan is ok. I also don’t think it is all a matter of skill, it is also a matter of pure  luck that gets you good scores, and a lot of pink gems to try again and again… it is pathetic.


    I wish I knew how these cheaters get the high scores, they must know ways to cheat the game we regular players will never know.


    The part about practice and improve your game forgets a very basic premise of the game. The variability inherent in Rovio’s whims.

    I am about 600 FP and average 50000  in CvC best score. However, when you play the exact same level 5 or 6 times, the scores should be clustered around the same value. That is not happening. Not with me, not with my clan mates. Generally, from a CvC event, I may have 1 or 2 super good games, 1 or 2 super BAD games where nothing goes right, and the rest meh, 30-35M. Such variability, when rooms and bird sequences are identical, is rather questionable. I’m good enough to apply the same fine motor skills every time, but Rovio’s idea of repeatability is very different than mine. To my uneducated eye (and 35 years of gaming and 35 years of software development) it seems that the variability is there to entice you to play more by offering a wild swing of scores.

    Practice is good, but luck – or lack thereof – is what wins games. I often see Angry Knight and Stan LeRoy make rather unfortunate mistakes, yet in the grand scheme of things because of FP and free birds they can get great scores. Not so for a lot of other folks. You can practice all you want but if the game is rigged to cause you to lose, it’s a waste of time.

    As far as MEBC, it’s simply the only thing they can reliably hack and ‘inject’ scores. I doubt they’re actually playing. Today there’s two ‘players’ that are identical, HUA and WEI, reported and banned yesterday @ #5 and #6, now un-banned and #1 and #2. I suppose we can practice for that too.


    This has been happening the last couple of days.  There are these two and a couple others that i have noticed.  It’s almost funny to watch these players continuously try to out cheat each other.  🤦🏽‍♀️ https://www.angrybirdsnest.com/wp-content/uploads/hm_bbpui/220913/v8fd61jtoo1aqef7g5bseit9dtwlu26f.jpeg


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