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  • OptimusPrimeTime

    I had the thought today to stop playing. And it’s sad because I really used to enjoy this game. smh


    Token from daily event and one from board ( finished third ) was added to token exchange point. 500 tokens were not added to normal points, only to points that are seen in token exchange. JARSU is strange and new to that moment.


    What the heck, the event just ended and I got 1000 coin bonus great, but the 800 coins I earned is not being added to the token exchange? The 1000 coin bonus is in the coin exchange. What going on here Fix This Game!


    So, the 500 tokens I got for 3rd went to the token exchange, but not on the main event page.

    Day 2, stone blocks, has expected token levels:

    1. 100 @ 1000 – Tot: 100
    2. 100 @ 2000 – Tot: 200
    3. 150 @ 5000 – Tot: 350
    4. 150 @ 8000 – Tot: 500
    5. 150 @ 15000 – Tot: 650
    6. 150 @ 25000 – Tot: 800
    7. 200 @ 50000 – Tot: 1000
    8. 250 @ 100000 – Tot: 1250
    9. 500 @ 150000 – Tot: 1750
    10. 750 @ 200000 – Tot: 2500


    Well, my 100 tokens in winnings for 20th place did go into the token exchange. I guess I will comoete…





    The same for me


    Somehow I was able to come in first without a recharge despite loosing two charges to sleep, one to the new non fire glitch, one to a crash, two to Boss Pig killing me, and one to a score of only 510 after 105% bonus plus no apperance by Unicron.


    Forget this event. I am out. First run worked fine. Those stupid event bugs you have all been complaining about got me. The next 3 all did the same thing. About 10 seconds in, the pause button disappears and I can’t fire any more. Then I just sit in Astrotrain waiting for him to take off. The weird thing, none of the enemies can fire, either


    Yeah, the event is screwing up for me too.

    Also, what does “JARSU” stand for?


    @marioandsonic – jarsu- Just Another Rovio Screw Up


    So beneficial glitch: Complete an event and when you see your bot get that glow after the node, force close the game and hard reboot device. Then start up the game and your bot will always have that green glow and will never lose health. I have been doing this and so far I didn’t have to do any health recharges (although I have coins for that).


    Damn, if only I could read about it yesterday. I’d rewire my UM and run for sparks without worrying about those blasted swarm pigs… at least for a couple of days, until this is ironed out with a next patch. But no, three runs in a row, and no green for me. It’s rock blocks day today… :(


    OK Rovio, you’ve won!
    I’m seriously thinking of quitting this event (and probably this whole ABT-farce). It only results in one frustration after another.


    Wow this is getting ridiculous!

    Today, I didn’t get the 300 tokens I should’ve gotten for coming in 5th place. Ok whatever. I start out today’s challenge with 800 tokens (should’ve been 1100), but I earn enough tokens to make it to 1300. Main challenge says so. I go to the token exchange screen to get my 1500 sparks for 1200 tokens and the screen says I have 360 tokens and therefore I need crystals to redeem.

    What the eff is going on?!?!


    @lbcgolf The 360 that you see in the token exchange, are one that you earned from the leader board and the other 60 are from daily rewards. Only this are seen in the token exchange and could be used for exchange at this moment.

    I am hoping in this 4 days event to get 2-3 place ( 500 each day ) and if they didn’t fix the token exchange to use this for sparks. Other way will get as much sparks I can without spending any Gems. Actually also expect ( with all this JARSU ) to be provided free tokens or sparks for compensation. We will see :)


    This is what is happening here with me.
    Tokens from Daily Quest and End of event appear in the Token Exchange.
    Tokens from the Challenge (Event Runs) Stay on that page.
    They are not combining to make a full total.


    Well it doesn’t sound like I’m missing out on too much… but I don’t even have the button to launch this event! The News feed shows ‘event now live’, but no way to launch it. And not getting the ‘Roll Out’ screen on startup, so can’t get in that way either.

    Could it due to me not having Sunstorm….?? Anyone had this issue before??


    Ok thanks for the explanation. Still lame as hell Rovio!


    There must have been small patch
    Lost over 1k points just now…


    I am also thinking of quitting this game. Too many frustrations.

    This morning between token exchange page and the event page I had a total of 1380 tokens.

    I just logged in and both pages showed that I now only have 640 tokens.

    Also experiencing the glitch where I can’t fire anymore.


    I just got a soft uodate to iOS

    I also did 2 runs. No crashes, no unable to shoot glitch, no Astrotrain sitting around doing nothing glitch.

    It also seems as though they fixed the token issue. All the tokens from the main screen are now gone. I kept all the tokens that were in the token exchange. That total is now showing on the main sceeen.

    I am scared to write this, but the update seems to have fixed everything in this event (knocking on wood…)

    Edit: One bug still exists. When I get the green glow from the medic boxes, that stays with you the whole run. Since that doesn’t affect actual play, I don’t really care. Plus, UM looks cool with that green glow…


    I am so glad I didn’t keep playing last night. Now, I can play and collect tokens that will actually count. Granted, I am so very far behind in today’s comoetition, but at least no one who is ahead of me got any tokens from it yet. It is on!


    I just lost about 800 tokens this morning.

    Drover’s Dog

    from what i had seen all tokens earned from competition nodes were showing in the main game screen and tokens earned from daily quests and prizes at the end of the daily challenge were on the token exchange screen.
    My screens were: Main game 35 (mystery tokens when challenge started) + 800 from day one + 650 for day two (still going) = 1485. Token exchange screen had 60 from unclaimed tokens from daily quest prior to challenge starting + 60 for todays + 500 for coming 3rd in day 1 challenge.

    Guess what … soft update and I have lost the 1485 and only have 620 in both places.

    Family forum … cannot express my thoughts as I would like

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