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  • Recently SqueekyMcGee started a topic about designing your onw bird. I have a similar idea but instead let’s create new headgears for the existing five birds(in case Rovio want a headgear dlc). Use the damage value the way the page does
    ‘Blue attack values are based on an attack power of 100’

    Disabling blow-Deal 95 damage, 7% chance to stun target, 15% chance to remove all helpful all effects, target takes +15% damage for two turns

    Heavy firepower-55% chance to deal critical strike for all birds. Last two turns

    to be continued

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  • Sir Falcon

    GREAT idea!



    Dragon Knight

    Dragon Attack
    Attacks an enemy stealing one helpful effect and giving one helpful effect to the enemy (trading)

    Inner Dragon
    Increases the def of allies by % and gives one more random helpful effect to them with a % chance.



    Bomber (100 Lucky Coins)


    Throws a bomb to all enemies which explodes after 2 turns and inflicts 125% AP damage. (Bomb counts as a harmful effect)


    Places a mine in front of an ally and inflicts 50% Bomb’s AP damage to enemies attacking the ally. Lasts 2 turn.

    King Chuck

    Thunder: 150 damage to al enemies, 100% chace to stunt 3 pigs, if is just 1 pig, it will be stunt for 3 turns.
    Swap: all birds negative harmful efects are send to pigs. All pigs pozitive harmful efects are send to birds.


    Red (lucky coins)

    Archangel (should look like a hood with big wings on the back)

    Attacks an enemy with burning flames. The damage increases by the enemy’s helpful effects. This attack has a % chance to bring the attacked enemy’s health down by % of their MAX hp.

    Holy Sanctuary
    Greatly increases the def of all birds (lasts 3 turns) additionally elongating the time of helpful effects by 1 turn.

    King Chuck

    Ninja(Red Frienship Essence)
    Shadow: stun a target for 10 turns and do 500 damage.
    Night Protection: all harmful effects off birds increase with 10 turns and all harmfull effects dealt by pigs are reflected to pigs. All birds receive damage less with 75% .



    Ninja (lucky coins)

    Shuriken Storm
    Throws a ninja star to one enemy. This attack will also attack the enemy with the 2nd most health and will jump to the enemy with the least health with a % chance. Land continuous dmg for 1 turn.

    Shields all birds. All enemies have a % chance for their atk to miss. Fills up rage bar by % if missed.



    Pirate King

    Attacks an enemy and stuns them with a % chance for 1 turn. Increases your atk power by % if you stun the enemy for 3 turns.

    Great Friends
    Increases the atk power of all allies by %. All attacks have a % chance to stun an enemy. If an ally stuns an enemy they’ll heal themselves by %.




    Swan’s Attack
    Summons a swan to atk. Leaves an effect (3 turns) that makes any ally who killed the enemy heal by 50%.

    Heals all birds and elongates the time of helpful effects and decreases the time of harmful effects.


    I have one for Hal.
    Class: Bandit

    Deals 105% attack power. Target receives 50% of all damage Hal takes in the next 3 turns.

    Pillage (yes, it sounds like the Pirate attack but I couldn’t think of anything else):
    All birds are healed by 35% of dealt damage. Lasts 3 turns.


    ICE QUEEN SAYA (Bomb):
    – Absolute Zero: Deals 140% AD to target pig. 60% chance to freeze the target pig for 2 turns.
    – Pour Some Water: Deals 30% AD to all pigs. All pigs will get wet and increase freezing chance by 25% chance for 2 turns.

    THE JOKER (The Blues):
    – King of Spades: Immediately remove all helpful abilities from all pigs. Deals 125% damage to target pig
    – Queen of Hearts: Heals by 25% of its maximum health to the target bird and all other birds by 20% of its maximum health. All birds’ healing abilities will be increased by 30% for 3 turns


    Red: Templar
    Smiting Strike: Deal 120% to target foe and apply Smite for 3 turns. When that foe attacks, that foe is damaged for 25% of its outgoing damage. This punishes a foe for attacking.
    Astral Shield: Give all allies a shield that lasts 2 turns that absorbs damage equal to Red’s CURRENT health. If a foe breaks this shield before it expires, that foe takes damage equal to what the shield started with. So if Red uses this at full health and a foe breaks the shield on an ally, you can bet that foe will be KO’d.

    Chuck: Stormcaller
    Jagged Lightning: Strike all foes for 45% damage. Foes with the broken armor debuff take double damage. Pairs well with Skulkers.
    Static Shield: Give Static Shield to an ally for 3 turns. When a foe attacks this ally, Static Shield strikes all foes for 15% damage, and the attacking foe takes 25% more damage for 3 turns. Basically the Retaliate emblem plus an effect similar to Stone Guard.

    Matilda: Mender
    Siphon Health: Attack a foe for 150% damage. For 3 turns, any healing on this foe is transferred to an ally with the lowest current health. Certain wizard pigs have an effect similar to this.
    Revive: Give an ally a Revive buff for 1 turn. If that ally is KO’d within the next turn, that ally is instantly healed to 100% health.

    Bomb: Buccaneer
    Parrley: Attack a foe for 90% damage. For 2 turns, this foe’s actions have a 20% chance to fail. (not cause damage, buffs won’t apply, etc)
    Keen Eyes: Buff all allies for 3 turns. Those allies have +25% chance to crit, dealing x1.5 damage.

    Blues: Engineers
    BoomerWrench: Attack a foe for 60% damage. The wrench will return during the enemy’s next turn, dealing another 60% damage. Similar to a one-turn venom attack.
    Explosive Bots: Give a shield to all allies that absorbs one attack. When that shield is destroyed, it explodes, dealing 60% damage to all foes. Vengeance emblem turned into a skill.


    @kingchuck @whiteasice your headgears are too op.

    Stun a pig for 10 turns and do 500% AD dammage. No way.


    The only point where I’d say @whiteasice made their sets too OP is Mender (100% HP on revival is too much… 50% would be fair) and Engineers (I’d probably reduce the 60% damage to 30% like on the Vengeance emblem).
    The chance that the Astral Shield from the Templar would ever be broken with Red at full health is extremely low so it’s pretty fair…


    Also, I’d actually suggest a REAL Avenger:

    Retaliator (Red)
    Payback TimeDeals 80% damage. Damage is increased by 100% if the attacked enemy has attacked the Retaliator in the previous turn.
    Eternal BondIf the selected ally is defeated, the enemy landing the final hit will be defeated too. Duration: 3 turns.

    And two more classes that randomly came to my mind… partly inspired by me playing Pokemon:

    THE Bomb (Bomb)
    Boom!Deals 90% damage to the selected enemy and 40% to adjacent enemies. [basically it’s a good hit on a single enemy plus a slight area of effect – a bit like Spies but doesn’t hit all enemies, just the ones standing right nearby]
    Self-DestructBomb explodes amidst the enemies, dealing 250% damage to all enemies but also sacrificing himself. [I mean – when Bomb explodes in other AB games he sacrifices himself too, unlike other birds that roll around a bit more and then poof out, so why not? This could be useful when Bomb is very low on health and likely to be killed on the next enemies’ turn]

    Evil Bard (Mathilda)
    Perish SongThe Evil Bard sings a song that has a 10% chance of instantly killing an enemy – or an ally. The Evil Bard is unaffected. [Enemies that are immune to harmful effects won’t be able to die. Maybe pirates like death metal?]
    Kill Or Be KilledIf an ally attacks while this buff is in effect, it will be healed by 20% of the dealt damage. If not, it will lose 10% of its remaining health. Duration: 3 turns.

    And something I thought of for a good giggle, not really meant seriously:

    Atomics (The Blues)
    ApocalypseAll allies and enemies die in [number of waves+2] turns and the match ends with a loss. However, a single ally has a [mastery rank]% chance to survive the apocalypse.
    No, Please!Increases the death counter by 1 when used. However, for 2 turns, the death counter will be decreased by 2 with every attack on the Atomics.

    Kingpiggy Pool Toy

    I have one for the Blues:


    Magnetic Attack – Deals 90 damage. 25% chance to steal snoutlings or recourses/ingredients from target.

    Smoke Screen Gamble – 70% chance that pigs will miss an attack on the target. If pig does not miss, though, the bird will be stunned for 1 turn! Lasts 2 turns.


    I have one for Chuck:


    Lightning Storm- Deals 75% dammage to all enimes. If a pig has any negative effect(s) that pig takes +25% dammage for each negative effect.

    Revenge- If the bird is KO’d within the next 2 turns it is revived to 30% health, the attacker is stunned for 2 turns, and the rage chili is filled to 100%.


    I have one
    Class name : supporter
    Attack: deals 90 damage. Damage increased by 10% for every supportive ability active on target.
    Support: Supportive ability of target bird applied to all birds.
    I know the support is kinda iffy cause what happens if one applies the ability to blues itself? So I’m open to suggestion or feedback.
    Not sure about the price of it. Would rather get it from event.


    Your class has a very, very low damage output… unlikely that anyone would use it. I never saw an enemy with more than 2 helpful effects active at a time.
    Or do you mean 90% damage? That’d make a lot more sense.

    The support ability is extremely useful – possibly even a bit too strong? I mean, when helpful effects like Mage’s Electric Shield or Capt’n’s increased damage are applied to all birds that gives you an immense advantage in battle.

    When used on the Supporter itself it would apply the helpful effects that the Supporter has. I see no reason to treat that differently.


    I have one for Bomb

    Boomer(100 Lucky Coins or from event)

    Boom- Deals 130%AD damage. The target takes 50% of its dealt damage (Ex. The pig does 500 damage, so the pig takes 250 damage for himself)

    Exploding Revenge- Puts a kill/revive Bomb on the target. If the bird is KO’d within the next two turns it has a 30% chance to revive to 100% health. If the bird does not revive it explodes dealing its own max HP as damage to all enemies and has a 100% chance to stun 1 pig for 2 turns.

    I also have one for Red

    Evil Avenger(2500 snoutlings)

    Monster Hammer- Deals 120% AD dammage. This dammage is increased by 100%AD if the target was hit by the Monster Hammer in the last 3 turns.

    Ressurect- The target bird deals 3% more dammage for every 1% HP lost. If the bird is KO’d it is revived to 5% of its max HP and does 100%AD more dammage until it is KO’d again


    One more for red
    ICE AVENGER (450 lucky coins or from event)(sorry because a bit op)
    Ice revenge-Deals 175% damage to target which heart is lower than 50%.15% percent chance to freeze target for 2 turn
    Ice shield-50% chance to reflect harmful effects to all enemy.All teammates have a 30%shield for three rounds

    Kaos 5

    Red: Clockwork Engineer

    Time strike: Deals 100% damage, deals 100% more damage if below 40% health.

    Clockwork: Targets helpful effects get spread to all other birds (Lasts all the time the birds helpful effect lasts).

    Chuck: Magician

    Magic trick: Deals 90% damage, target removes a random enemy from the battle after 2 turns.

    Abracadabra!: Target gets removed from the battle, but after 2 turns, it appears again and uses it’s Rage Ability.

    Matilda: Angel

    Righteous Smite: Deals 150% damage, if target gets knocked out by the attack, it heals all birds by 30% of Matilda’s health.

    Spirits Blessing: Increases target’s received healing by 50% (Lasts 3 turns).

    Bomb: Viking

    Viking sails: Deals 90% damage, if target has lower than 50% health, it’ll deal the same damage to 2 other random enemies.

    Opera: if target attacks an enemy with a negative effect on, it’ll heal by 25% of it’s max health. (Lasts 3 turns)

    The Blues: Police

    Your under arrest!: Deals 115% damage, if target attacks the blues, The Blues will counter the attack (as in a punishment for a crime of attacking a cop).

    Police help: If target gets attacked, it has a 50% chance to be missed for 2 turns (Lasts 3 turns)

    Kaos 5

    I have one more class for Chuck called the Voodoo Doctor.

    Mojo Smite: Deals 160% damage, if target has used a charge ability in the last 2 turns, it’ll get stunned for 1 turn.

    Medicine: If target gets attacked, target will heal all birds after 2 turns (Lasts 3 turns).


    All of these are great classes!
    But I don’t understand the Magic Trick attack. Chuck attacks an enemy – and that enemy is “converted” and defeats a pig on its own?

    Hold up-
    That gives me a neat idea for another class! Partly inspired by Age of Empires.

    Matilda: Nun

    Wand Slap: Deals 50% damage. Has a 50% chance to hit critically. (it’s supposed to be weak because the secondary ability will be what this class is about)

    Missionize: The chosen target loses 50% health, but a random enemy will join your team for the rest of the battle and will be healed by the amount of health taken from the bird!

    EDIT: The Voodoo Doctor is too strong. Also, Chuck does damage on multiple enemies not just one.

    Kaos 5

    Here’s a good class for Matilda called Ghost.

    Spooky Smite: Deals 100% damage, target cannot deal more than a certain amount of damage for 2 turns.

    Ghostly Magic: Target transforms into The Ghost for 2 turns, if target defeated an enemy as The Ghost, it will heal by 30% health when it transforms back.

    I like your idea as well!

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