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  • Angry Johnny

    Red / Chuck / Matilda / Bomb / The Blues

    The Rovio

    IAP: Deals 100% damage. Makes it so the bird can only make 2 moves per fight unless you pay $0.99.

    Upgrade vs. Downgrade: A major attack that deals 150% attack to both party and enemies.

    Because we can: Passive. Makes all enemies drop half the Snoutlings and half the Mastery.

    Note: The game forces you to have at least one of the birds equipped with this class unless you pay $9.90 which makes it so you not have to use it for 1 week.


    Hah, I do like that one. :P

    Kaos 5


    Rovio Business

    FBI: Deals 10% damage, pay $1.00 to deal 90% damage.

    Stealing Money: Deals 100% damage makes a random bird take 25% more damage unless you pay $10.

    Lots Of Money: Passive. Opponents in the arena can only deal 10% damage until they pay $5.

    Angry Johnny’s idea is funny!

    Mechanic Pig

    Beauty Therapist

    Medicine: Deals 40% damage. Heals all birds by 75% of the dealt damage.

    Facial: Heals all birds by 50% of their maximum health.

    Uncarefull: Passive: The Beauty Therapist is dealt 20% more damage.

    (This part is a little OP)

    Calming: The enemy with the highest health joins your own team!

    This class will cost: 3000 Snoutlings.


    Other than elites, we should also have dark classes.
    They should be event ONLY. NOT BUYABLE AT ALL.
    1. Red
    Dark Paladin
    Holy Smite
    Deals 125% damage. Most hurt bird will be healed for 25% dealt damage and target receive the same amount for 2 turns.
    Mass Devotion
    All birds receive 25% less damage.65% chance that the Dark Paladin gets the attack. Lasts 3 turns.
    2. Chuck
    Dark Wizard
    Ricochet Curse
    Deals 100% damage. When target is attacked, target receive 40% damage and other targets receive 30% damage. Lasts 2 turns.
    Increases all allies’ rage generation by 40%. Lasts 2 turns.
    3. Matilda
    Dark Princess
    Rebel Order
    Deals 100% damage. All enemies have 45% chance to attack target pig instead of attacking a bird.
    Rebel’s Aid
    Heals target for 115% AP. Removes all negative effects from target. Shares 50% of received healing to the Dark Princess.
    4. Bomb
    Dark Capt’n
    Raid n’ Steal
    Steals all helpful effects from target. Deals 90% damage.
    Whip Up!
    Target takes 15% of it’s maximum health as damage but attack power is increased by 100%.
    5. Blues
    Dark Spies
    Charcoal Bomb
    Deals 95% damage to target and 35% damage to all other enemies. All attacks against the target have 45% chance to deal 50% bonus damage. Lasts 3 turns.
    Cheering Whisper
    Immediately removes all negative effects from target. Target is healed by 15% of all dealt damage.


    @aufar-ramadhan That’s actually a pretty nice idea for classes, but I would like to use them in normal levels also. An event only class is not worth it IMHO.


    @datguygamer I mean it can only be obtained during events. Not only useable in events.


    @aufar-ramadhan If that’s the case, then I fully support this idea. I like this idea of “dark classes”.


    Woah – those Dark classes are amazing!
    I somewhat support them! Now THOSE are real upgrades to classes! Not that Elite stuff…

    Kaos 5

    Orange Rogues

    Orange Goo: Deals 60% damage target also takes 80% damage per turn for 2 turns, when worn off, it’ll deal the same damage to a random enemy.

    Mass Cupcakes: If any bird is attacked, there will be a 50% chance that the attacker will suffer 100% of it’s dealt damage for 2 turns.

    Yellow Knight

    Shining Yellow: Deals 90% damage, all enemies will have a 65% chance that they will have to attack Red for 3 turns.

    Lemon Shield: All birds receive 45% less damage for 3 turns.


    I’m going to make my own Dark classes because I had an idea pop into my head:

    Matilda: Dark Bard

    Black Metal: Deals 200% damage. 20% chance to stun target for 1 turn, 5% chance to stun target for 2 turns.
    Black Metal – Arena: Deals 200% damage. 20% chance to stun target for 1 turn. 5% chance to have Terence jump up from shock and do a stomp attack stunning all enemies for 1 turn.

    Extremely Soothing Song: Heals all birds by 20%. For 3 turns, birds are healed by 10% each turn.

    Red: Dark Samurai

    Fire Dragon Strike: Deals 3×50% damage. Damage is increased by 1% per 2% rage chili filling.

    Dark Defense Formation: Target bird receives 50% less damage and all other birds receive 40% less damage. 20% chance that an attack will completely miss. Lasts 1 turn.


    Let’s talk money.
    Dark Tricksters (Blues, $999.99)
    Itching Powder
    Removes all pigs and other allies from the level. Pay 9.99 to revive your allies.
    Itching Powder – Arena
    Removes all birds besides Blues from the arena FOREVER. You pay 0.99 to get back your classes but in mastery 1. Enemy pays 49.99 to get back his/her classes in mastery 1, but mastery can’t be leveled up FOREVER unless he/she pays another 999.99.
    All birds and enemies die instantly. The cheer is too bad! Pay 9.99 to get your birds back.


    Rest assured I would never use that class. LOL


    @smwforever45 Of course, the class is too dark for me too.

    Kaos 5

    Dark Skulkers

    Mass Weak Spot: Deals 130% damage to 4 random enemies, all enemies hit take +20% damage for 3 turns.

    Tricksy Smite: Target attacks a random enemy for 45% damage, target steals a random helpful effect from a random enemy and gives it to itself.

    Dark Cleric

    Super Healing Strike: Deals 130% damage, heals all birds by 30% of dealt damage.

    Mass Healing Shield: If target takes damage, all birds will heal by 35% of the dealt damage.

    Dark Priestess

    Angelic Smite: Deals 2 of 50% damage, if target gets attacked, the attack will get healed by 5% of it’s maximum health, also the attacker will heal by the same amount for 3 turns. (Lasts 3 turns)

    Holy Link: All birds share 65% of their received healing with all other birds. (Lasts 2 turns).

    Dark Thunderbird

    Thunder Curse: Deals 130% damage to all enemies, all enemies will receive 15% more damage for 3 turns.

    Power Of Thunder: If an enemy attacks the target, It will receive 50% AD damage and get stunned for 1 turn (Lasts 3 turns).

    Kaos 5



    Artistic Strike: Deals 115% damage, target cannot apply it’s harmful effect for 3 turns.

    Painting: Target cannot receive more then 600 damage for 3 turns.

    Curator: Passive. If the Artist has a chance of being stunned, the chance will be decreased by 20%, if the Artist still does get stunned, all enemies will suffer 50% of the attackers dealt damage.

    Kaos 5


    Pharaoh Bird

    Plagues: Deals 120% damage, target cannot deal more than 700 damage for 3 turns.

    Ra’s Blessing: Target cannot miss its’ attacks for 3 turns.

    Egyptian Curse: Passive. Attackers of the Pharaoh Bird suffer 100% of their dealt damage.


    Special classes and darks should only give 5% boost rather than 10%. But, they have special uniqueness.
    1. Ronin
    Four Season Slash
    Immediately removes all helpful effects from target. Deals x damage. Forces target to attack Red for 3 turns.
    Cleansing Shield
    Immediately removes all negative effects from target. Target receives 55% less damage for 2 turns.50% chance to remove all helpful effects from attackers.
    2. Archmage
    Burning Storm
    Deals x damage to all enemies. 35% chance to deal critical damage.
    Burning Shock Shield
    Attackers receive x damage per attack. 35% chance to receive critical damage. Lasts 3 turns.
    3. Moon Priestess
    Healing Strike
    Deals x damage. Heals most hurt bird by 35% of dealt damage and other birds by 20% of dealt damage.
    Healing Shield
    Attacked bird is healed by 25% of dealt damage and other birds are healed by 15% of dealt damage. Lasts 3 turns.
    4. Corsair
    Charging Pummel
    Deals x damage. Chance of dealing critical damage is increased by 1% per 1% filled rage chili.
    Increases all allies attack power by 25%. Selected target has 50% chance to deal critical damage.

    Kaos 5


    Cave Bird

    Club Slap: Deals 160% damage, if target has gotten its helpful effects removed in the last 2 turns, it deals damage to an enemy with helpful effects.

    Prehistoric: Removes all harmful effects from target, target heals by 10% of its max health per negative effect removed.

    Dinosaur Strike: Passive. Enemies with a charge ability have to charge 1 more turn before using it.

    Kaos 5



    Fishing Rod: Deals 130% damage, target’s negative effects cannot be removed for 3 turns.

    Gone Fishing: 100% of target’s received healing in the last 2 turns will also be applied to another random bird (Note: Gone Fishing doesn’t steal the healing, it just applies the same amount to random bird.)

    I Caught A Fish!: Passive. The Fisherman heals every 2 turns.

    Kaos 5



    Superpowers: Deals 110% damage, target cannot use its helpful effects for 3 turns.

    I’ll Save The Day!: Target cannot receive any bonus damage for 2 turns.

    Super Leap: Passive. No enemies can attack the Superhero unless they have a helpful effect on.

    Kaos 5

    Dark Druid

    Black Thorns: Deals 160% damage, target also takes 30% damage per turn for the next 3 turns.

    Greater Regrowth: Heals 2 random birds, they will also heal per turn for the next 2 turns.

    Dark Frost Savage

    Black Frost: Deals 150% damage, if target is frozen, it’ll take 50% damage per turn for the next 3 turns.

    Mass Freezing Barrier: If target gets attacked, the attacker will get frozen for 1 turn (lasts 3 turns).

    Dark Stone Guard

    Mass Assault: Deals 2 of 60% damage, targets with a negative effect receive 130% damage, but enemies affected by “Black Protection” receive 160% damage.

    Black Protection: Target is protected for 3 turns. Enemies attacking the target will have a 65% chance that its attack power is reduced by 70% for 3 turns.

    Dark Witch

    Mass Sinister Smite: Deals 200% damage, 3 random enemies will take 10% damage per turn for the next 3 turns and Matilda is healed by the same amount.

    Black Growth: Targets max health is increased by 30%, also it’ll deal 30% more damage to enemies affected by “Mass Sinister Smite”.

    Dark Illusionist

    Singing Spark: Deals 160% damage, if any enemy gets attacked, 20% of the damage will get applied to all other enemies (lasts 2 turns).

    Mass Mirror Image: If any bird attacks, it will attack again dealing 40% damage (lasts 3 turns).

    Dark Treasure Hunters

    Save Some Time: Deals 150% damage, 50% chance to reset targets charge counter.

    Mass Protection: Target becomes immune to harmful effects and reflects them to all enemies. (lasts 3 turns).

    Kaos 5

    Dark Ronin

    Burning Attack: Deals 120% damage, forces target to attack Red for 3 turns and sets it on fire for 3 turns.

    Black Shield: Removes all negative effects from target and makes it receive 45% less damage for 3 turns.

    Black Fire: Passive. Enemies that are set on fire will take 100% damage per turn for the next 3 turns.

    Dark Archmage

    Dark Storm: Deals 2 of 90% damage to all enemies, 40% chance to deal critical damage.

    Mass Shock Shield: Heals target and makes its attackers receive damage for 2 turns.

    Blackout: Passive. If a charge ability is used, Chuck will immediately attack.

    Dark Moon Priestess

    Healing Smite: Deals 140% damage, heals by 50% of dealt damage.

    Shield Of Healing: If any bird gets attacked, all birds will heal by 25% of dealt damage (lasts 2 turns).

    Black Healing: Passive. Any other dark classes in the battle will get healed by 10% health per turn.

    Dark Corsair

    Black Pummel: Deals 160% damage, targets attack power is reduced by 50% for 2 turns.

    Mass Arrr!: Increases targets attack power by 45% for 3 turns.

    Dark Seas: Passive. Any non-dark classes will have a 50% chance to deal critical damage.

    Kaos 5

    We’re going to discuss money.


    Dark Cannoneer (Cost: $1000)

    Cover Fire: Deals 150% damage and removes a random bird from your collection, to get it back, pay $20.00 but only with it’s first class and at mastery one, you won’t be able to earn your classes back unless you pay another $1000, and if you do get them back, they will be in mastery one.

    Cover Fire – Arena: Removes a random bird from your collection and your opponents collection, you won’t be able to get it back unless you restart the entire game and unlock it.

    Counter: Target will counter enemies attacks but it will get killed unless you pay $30.00 (lasts 5 turns).

    Kaos 5


    The Rovio Company

    Making Money: Deals 70% damage, calls Rovio to come to your house and install something to your device that will punch you in the face every time you attack with this class unless you pay $15.00.

    We’ve got your money!: Deals 150% damage, 50% chance to kill a random ally unless you pay $0.99.

    We want you!: Passive. You have to use a set item bonus on all allies unless you pay $5.00 which makes it so you don’t have to for one battle.

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