Angry Birds Epic Guide | Understanding the Bird Classes (headgear)

In this guide we explore all the various classes of birds in Angry Birds Epic. Understanding these classes — and the different battle abilities associated with each — is integral to your success in Epic. Bottom line, there are levels that simply aren’t passable without a specific class of bird being part of the line up.

With that said, before we jump into the various classes, you may be asking yourself, “how do I change a bird’s class?” Classes are associated with the bird’s headgear, which can be changed by tapping a bird in the main menu. Once you do this all the classes you’ve unlocked will appear. From time to time throughout your journey in Epic you will unlock “Trainer” stations where you can purchase different headgear (either with Snoutlings or Lucky Coins). Down the road these classes can also be upgraded at the Mighty Eagle’s Dojo, but we’ll cover that in a later guide.

Blue attack values are based on an attack power of 100. Adjust proportionally based on your bird’s attack power!
Green healing values are based on a health rating of 100. Adjust proportionally based on your bird’s health!

Table of Contents


Rage Attack: Heroic Strike – Deals 500 damage to enemy with most health.



Attack: Deals 115 damage; Forces target to attack Red for 3 turns.

Protect: Target receives 55% less damage; Lasts 2 turns.



Overpower: Deals 95 damage; Lowers target attack power by 25% for 2 turns.

Aura of Fortitude: All birds take 25% less damage; Lasts 3 turns.



Dragon Strike: Deals 3x 50 damage.

Defensive Formation: Target bird receives 50% less damage and all other birds received 40% less damage; Lasts 1 turn.


Paladin(65 Lucky Coins)

Holy Strike: Deals 135 damage; Most hurt bird is healed by 40% of dealt damage.

Devotion: Target receives 35% less damage and the Paladin takes the damage instead of the target bird; Lasts 3 turns.



Revenge: Deals 80 damage; This damage is increased by 2% per 1% health lost.

I Dare You!: Forces all enemies to attack target bird; Target takes 20% less damage; Lasts 2 turns.

Stone Guard

Stone Guard

Feral Assault: Deals 2x80 damage; Targets suffering from negative effects receive 150% damage.

Ancestral Protection: Target is protected for 3 Turns. Attackers deal -40% damage after attacking the target. Lasts 3 Turns


Rage Attack: Speed of Light – Immediately launch 5 attacks from random birds.



Storm: Deals 55 damage to all enemies.

Shock Shield: Enemies attacking the target receive 75 damage per attack; Lasts 3 turns.

Lightning Bird

Lightning Bird

Energy Drain: 65% chance to remove helpful effects from all enemies; Deals 45 damage to all enemies.

Lightning Fast: Target bird immediately attacks a random enemy.



Acid Rain: Deals 20 damage to all enemies; Targets also receive 35 damage per turn for the next 3 turns.

Healing Rain: Removes all harmful effects from target; All birds healed for 20 health.



Chain Lightning: Deals 100 damage; Lightning strikes 3 other targets, getting weaker with each jump (specifically 67/45/30 damage).

Energize: Each attack on the target fills the Rage Chili by 5% and has a 20% chance to stun the attacker for 1 turn; Lasts 3 turns.


Thunderbird(275 Lucky Coins; Behind Friendship Gate)

Thunderclap: Deals 45 damage to all enemies; The selected target takes +25% damage for 3 turns.

Rage of Thunder: Enemies attacking any bird will receive 35 damage per attack; Lasts 3 turns.



Dancing Spark: Deals 45 damage; 25% damage dealt to this target is applied to all other enemies. Lasts 3 turns.

Mirror Image: Creates a mirror image of target, which attacks a second time, dealing 50% damage; Lasts 2 turns.


Rage Attack: Matilda’s Medicine – All birds are healed by 35% and all harmful effects are removed.



Healing Strike: Deals 100 damage; Heals all birds by 20% of dealt damage.

Healing Shield: If any bird takes damage, all birds are healed by 15% of the taken damage; Lasts 3 turns.



Thorny Vine: Deals 35 damage; Target also takes 100 damage per turn for the next 3 turns.

Regrowth: Heals target for 20 health and all other birds for 10 health.



Royal Order: Deals 125 damage; Forces all enemies to attack the bird with the highest health for 3 turns.

Royal Aid: Removes all harmful effects from target bird; Target is healed for 25 health.



Angelic Touch: Deals 2x 55 damage; Birds attacking this target regain 5% of their maximum health; Lasts 3 turns.

Spirit Link: Connect to target bird; All connected birds share received healing; Lasts 3 turns.


Bard(95 Lucky Coins)

Heavy Metal: Deals 160 damage; 15% chance to stun target for 1 turn.

Soothing Song: All birds are healed for 10 health; They also heal for 5 health per turn for the next 3 turns.



Sinister Smite: Deals 250 damage; Target takes 15% of dealt damage and Matilda is healed by the same amount. Lasts 3 turns.

Giant Growth: Increases attack power and health by 20%. Lasts 3 turns


Rage Attack: Explode – Deals 150 damage to all enemies.



Pummel: Deals 100 damage.

Arrr!: All birds’ attack power is increased by 25%; Lasts 3 turns.



Cover Fire: Deals 3x 30 damage; Lowers target attack power by -20% for 2 turns.

Counter: Target bird counters enemy attacks with an attack of its own with 40% attack power; Lasts 3 turns.



Enrage: Deals 75 damage; This damage is increased by 1% per 2% filled Rage Chili.

Frenzy: Target bird takes 15% of its maximum health as damage but all enemies receive the same damage.



Raid: Immediately removes all helpful effects from target; Deals 90 damage.

Whip Up!: Target bird takes 10% of its maximum health as damage, but its attack power is increased by 60%; Lasts 3 turns.

Sea Dog

Sea Dog(275 Lucky Coins)

Hulk Smash: Deals 125 damage; This damage is decreased by 1% per 1% lost health.

Gang Up: If target bird attacks, Bomb immediately attacks the same target; Lasts 2 turns.


Rage Attack: Egg Surprise – Deal 200 damage to one pig, stun a pig for 1 turn, remove all helpful effects from a pig.



Itching Powder: Immediately removes all helpful effects from target; Deals 100 damage.

Cheer: 100% chance to remove harmful effects from all birds; All birds’ attack power is increased by 15%; Lasts 3 turns.



Sticky Goo: Deals 30 damage; Target also takes 90 damage per turn for the next 3 turns.

Cupcake Trap: Forces all enemies to attack target bird and suffer 100% of their dealt damage; Lasts 2 turns.


Marksmen(Behind Friendship Gate)

Volley: Deals 2x 35 damage; Target suffers 25 damage per attack for 3 turns.

Ambush: Target bird takes damage instead of Blues; If target bird is attacked, Blues counter with an attack of their own with 50% damage; Lasts 2 turns.



Smoke Bomb: Deals 85 damage; All other enemies receive 35 damage.

Glee: Target bird is healed for 15% of all damage dealt to the enemies; Lasts 3 turns.


Skulkers(150 Lucky Coins)

Weak Spot: Deals 90 damage; Target takes +30% damage for 2 turns.

Tricksy Trick: Target bird attacks random target for 35% damage; Harmful side effects of this attack are applied to all enemies.

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Witch: 250% AD. Really man?!? Really ?!?
It is really wrong! Witch deals the same damage as Bard does!

By jaxon

I wish I had frost savadge and witch I don’t have 260 lucky coins plz
help me

By V

Is there a way to send someone some coins?

Rank: Well Traveled with 1635 points
By Alugia (@alugia)

@birdleader @sal9 @amslimfordy
This needs updates
1: stone guard is 2*60 normorally
2: witch is the same as bard
3: needs frost savage (2*? Damage, damage increased by 50 % if the target is stunned or frozen
4: needs treasure hunters (does ? Damage, 65% chance to lower the charge bar by 1; target is immune to harmfull effects and the effect is applyed to the user

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By MasterClifford01 (@masterclifford1)

Please update this page

1. New class: Treasurehunter and Frost Savage
2. Some numbers and damage needs to be changed:
a. Witch and Bard deals same 160 damage
b. Berserker 85 damage
c. Stoneguard 60*2 damage
d. Guardian 105 damage
e. Illusionist damage is increased (I don’t know cause I’m not have Illusionist yet)

By shridhar

If you haye the latest update:
Go to Shop
Go to classes
tap and hold for a few seconds on the class
You can see the damage,effects etc.

By decitronal

I am unsure if this is old, but the classes don’t deal the same damage. Damage is determined by weapon damage then divided or multiplied

By Thomas

Great post! Have nice day ! :) aenrn

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