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  • AbiDixon1982

    Hi, looking for regular players to join our clan Drag race army- think queens not cars.

    Search number #275575

    Look forward to welcoming you!


    Hi fellow players!

    We started a new clan called ‘The Pigkillers’ but it seems it’s not visible enough for people to join. So I’m trying here. We want to build an active clan where people actually play, especially the battles. The clans I was in before had too many inactive players and I wanted to do better as a clan leader in my own clan and find people who are enthusiastic and enjoy playing and win the battles. If we play we all win! If you’re interested in building up our clan come and join. The most active players could become my coleader.

    Have a nice day and hope to speak to you in the clan chat soon!

    Janina Pigkliller



    I got so fed up in clans of 50/50 where very few were participating so I started my own.

    Please come and join my clan, it’s called !Panic!

    Would love to recruit some enthusiastic people to help me run it as co-leaders.


    Same story over here!

    Everyone is welcome at our place, every birdie counts.

    We have reached a point where everyone joins in the ClanBattles :)

    In search for another clan to come merge with us, and play and have fun while playing!

    Come and free to join us at any time.
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>We are not full yet, so your clan up to 1- 39 birdies is very welcome with us.</p>
    With the merge, we can then make you and your co leaders co leaders again :)

    Please send a message or let one of your birdies come fly in with us @ chat. We will be there to answer.



    Have a nice fly.
    <p style=”text-align: right;”></p>


    Turbo Birds (#216031), a diamond level clan, are looking for a few active daily players. We are  ranked 98th in the Mighty Eagle Boot Camp this season, and we are looking for stronger  700+ FP players to help march our way up the leader board. Current membership ranges from FP of 1200 to 700.   If the clan is closed please send an invite request and one of our leaders will let you in.

    We enjoy the game through teamwork and communications. We have a very lively, friendly Clan Chat and are very welcoming to new members. We even get a Scottish Slang Word of the Week every Friday!

    We are extremely competitive in Clan vs Clan battles and win our fair share, and we do complete almost all the Clan events.  Daily play, MEBC, participate in all Clan Battles, and 3/6/9 point contributions in clan events requested.

    We don’t have strict “under-participation” rules, but we want to see some of the clan winnings (gems) reinvested for the good of the clan (we win events and battles then collect the loot together!). But we don’t expect anybody to pay real money just to meet these minimums! All we ask for is communication in the Clan Chat when life happens, etc and prevents meeting minimums.


    If you’re at least 900FP without a side bird, and need a new clan, look no further!  Pigs on a Plane is an established, top 100 clan looking for 3 new members!  Although we prefer that you join our dedicated Facebook and Messenger for communicating, there’s no pressure to be social.  3/6/9 event minimums.  Knock at clan #179837 and you will be warmly welcomed! 


    Come join hal’s toucans. An active clan who will priticipate in battles. 80 fp+ only

    Clan name: hal’s toucans

    Clan power: 169

    Clan rank : bronze

    Clan members 1/50

    Clan number #393572

    Please join hal’s toucans #393572 , thanks .


    Join Nests United! #395546

    We are a young and new clan but with experienced players.

    No FP requirement but committed and daily players only! :)


    Looking for some new clan members. Average member FP around 500. We currently only have 5 members, but only 4 are active. We would just like some casual members who are happy to regularly  join in the events. 


    Looking for some new recruits to fill out the rest of our clan. Want to win battles, collect feathers and legendary chests and grow your flock power? Come join the Flamebyrds. We are a very active clan, and expect participation in every clan battle and event. We are currently 42-8 in clan battles, so if you’re looking for an active, friendly, fun group, come sign up with us.

    You play… you stay!

    Clan ID = 347341

    Chris P. Bacon

    Hi an Alle,

    endlich ein Klan der Spaß am Spiel und Kommunikation hat. Ein Klan der aktiv ist und auch gewinnen will… den habe ich gesucht aber nicht gefunden. Daher habe Ihn selbst gegründet. Bin gerade am Anfang und brauche noch 2 Stellvertreter. Habt Ihr Bock? Dann tretet ein und Wir rocken das Haus

    Klanname: MEN OF MAYHEM

    Klannummer: 396072



    Pigs on a Beach is the perfect clan for casual players, whether you’re a beginner or highly experienced flinger!  Managed by long-time AB2 fans.  No minimum FP required.  Must contribute 3 points minimum in all clan events and participate in all clan battles. We look forward to sharing fruity umbrella drinks with you on our white-sand beach!  Clan #372027

    Falcon Falcon

    Diggers Mob is a well established diamond clan.  We are clan ID #10133.  We’re looking for players that want to complete the clan events and try their best in the clan battles.  Drop in and give us a look.  Also if a small clan would like to merge, we may have space.


    I’m currently looking to join a new Clan the one I’m in only has a few active players like 4 or five and one of them being my boyfriend so I’m looking for a clan the both of us can join I don’t have a very high flock power only like 300 something but im active daily

    Hello Ambfouch,

    We are happy to welcome you in our clan, we are FastFalcons.


    Have a nice fly :)



    Hi Ambfouch,

    We’d be happy to welcome you to Phoenix Fox (#330200). We’re a diamond clan and quite happy to have daily players of your FP.

    We’re a friendly, easy-going clan except when it comes to clan battles… We hate to lose and almost always win!

    You can expect battle hints to help you score better. That also helps you improve as a player. Our only rule is, “you must play every battle” (unless you notify first). We have no event minimums!

    Drop in or inquire by email to [email protected]


    Awesome I tried looking y’all up but couldn’t find either one



    Don’t you just love that clan search “feature”! Try entering #330200 in the search field (including the #).

    Hey Ambfouch, that’s strange.

    Did you include the hashtag? #



    Hi. Still looking for a clan to merge? We are down to 26 players now cos we kicked all the nonactive players. Recruitment is hard lately so we think merging would the the best option. The remaining players are all very active.


    Hello Almiro, we are in the same position. We have 20 active players after kicking all the non players.  We have also found it hard to recruit,so keen to look at merging. I am the leader of the clan “Flying Kiwis”.  Most of us are from New Zealand but many from other parts of the world as well.  Keen to just be part of a full clan again like we were previously.  Our clan umber is #120559.  How do you want to play this?  You come and check out our clan or the other way around?   I am happy to step down as the leader, but I think our team are quite keen to keep our clan name ( but up for discussion).  Rossco.

    Birdy Angerson

    Hi Rosconz,

    I’m with Almiro in “We’re Old Gregg” #68881 and I just joined your clan with the bird name “Your Mom”.  I’ll stick around and put a couple points into the event and hopefully we can chat more about a merge.


    Hi Rosscco. One of our players, “Your Mom”, is in your clan now. He will get in touch wih you through the chat

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