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    He She says he she can’t do discord.


    My mistake, not sure why but ok. Thanks for the clarification BLBOY


    BLBOY, its she btw😁


    Hi Drpheo,

    If you are still looking then you would be more than welcome to come and join our clan 😊

    Ruff Justice #325292


    My sincerest apologies, Drpheo. I usually avoid specifying he/she when unsure. Must have been tired and my brain was already asleep.


    Hi! We have a few spots available, we win almost all of our Clan vs Clan battles and complete the 200, 400 and 600 events all while only asking for a 3pt minimum!

    We are a family-like community of Angry Birds 2 fanatics and are currently looking to add some like-minded players. Our requirements are:

    – daily participation (MEBC, clan events)

    – friendly

    – Discord (preferred)

    Our clan was founded to offer people around the world a community without pressure and drama.

    We finish every event and we even made it to the MEBC top100 without any pressure!

    Our communication happens mainly outside of the game through Discord. To join us please go to and get to know our friendly members.

    We are looking forward to get to know you!


    No worries BLBOY🙂


    I’ve just started a new clan and I’m looking for some new members to join my group. I’m looking for players with experience that are able to get high scores.

    Having a high flock power is preferred as well, Clan events are a one point minimum. I don’t have that 3/6/9 nonsense or that 6/9/12 who wants to spend money on buying gems no one.

    In terms of Co-leaders it’s first come first serve but your flock power should be over 300+ and I’m looking for at least six of them. Anyway clan wars are a must so please compete if you decide to join my clan.

    We will be a relaxed group it’s what I want, no stress and no fuss check me out if you’re interested. One last thing I check daily for new members so bare with me to get in touch with you on clan chat.

    Clan Name: Galaxy Rangers




    Blue Jays #347447 are accepting new and experienced players.

    Are you part of a smaller clan and want to combine your flock power with a champion team? We welcome you to join us! Blue Jays are fierce in the battle. We have a team that is dedicated to weekly CVC events. So far we have a winning streak of 26:1.

    We treat each other with respect and help encourage each other to be our best! 


    Looking for a clan to join if you could make me a co-leader I’ll hook up with you, I have experience in playing this game always get scores from 20-40 million plus, some times 50-70 million plus in clan battles. I have an FP of 620+ so… well if you have a spot for me let me know.


    Name: Fraking Birds


    Hello Fraking Birds, you would be welcome to join our Flying Kiwis Clan – #120599.

    We are 30 players and rebuilding after clearing out players who were not pulling their weight.  We have a strong group of 600+ FP and would welcome a new player of your experience.  Happy to make you a Co-leader.

    Look forward to seeing you soon.




    How’s it going guy’s I’m the Co-leader of the Flying Kiwis ( Clan is based in New Zealand) we need some experienced players to join us we are trying rebuild our clan after cleaning house due to inactive members.

    Players with High FP’s are preferred we have about 18 slots available so if you’re interested drop by and check us out and by the way we require a 3 point minimum in clan events if you can’t make that 1 point will do but let us know in clan chat we know gems cost money well anyway hope to see you there.


    Name: Fraking Birds

    Clan ID #120559


    Falcon Falcon

    Are you with a clan that used to complete events but have lost too many players over time and would consider a merge into an existing clan? We have room for about 10 players. If you’re interested reply here or ask to join. The clan is Diggers Mob, clan ID #10133.


    Turbo Birds (#216031), a diamond level clan, is looking for a few active daily players. We ranked 133rd in the MEBC last season, and All FP’s are welcome! Current membership ranges from FP of 1100 to 400. Lower FP players come grow with us!

    We enjoy the game through teamwork and communications. We have a very lively, friendly Clan Chat and are very welcoming to new members. We even get a Scottish Slang Word of the Week every Friday!

    We are extremely competitive in Clan vs Clan battles and win our fair share, and we do complete almost all the Clan events.  Daily play, MEBC, participate in all Clan Battles, and 3/6/9 point contributions in clan events requested.

    We don’t have strict “under-participation” rules, but we want to see some of the clan winnings (gems) reinvested for the good of the clan (we win events and battles then collect the loot together!). But we don’t expect anybody to pay real money just to meet these minimums! All we ask for is communication in the Clan Chat when life, etc prevents meeting minimums.

    Breaking Beaks are two stable, top-tier clans where winning is routine and laughing is constant–but we are a great deal more than that. To our 90+ members, we are a community. An unrivaled treasure trove for game tips (much more useful than watching those videos), life tips, and a social network for those who seek it. It’s where the Joker and Batman share a hug and a beer and we all come together.

    Beakland is your land, Beakland is my land

    From way down under, to O’ahu Island

    From the Detroit Bat Cave, to the Finnish waters

    Beakland was made for you and me!

    As I went walking our Discord highway

    The battle channels helped me on my way.

    We cheer our clan mates, give tips in Let’s play,
    Beakland was made for you and me!

    We joke with Texans, we drink with Britons,

    We eat our popcorn at the Blooper awards

    Where y’all fling with me for double vict’ry

    Beakland was made for you and me!

    You’re never alone, despite your time zone,

    We share our sadness, our happy madness!

    We tip our whole flock right up for Psylocke,

    and we give our thanks to Call Me Dee!

    Beakland is your land, Beakland is my land

    From way down under, to O’ahu Island

    From the Detroit Bat Cave, to the Finnish waters

    Beakland was made for you and me!

    Visit to chat with us and see if Beakland is your land!



    Come join our DIAMOND LEVEL clan. We ask that you participate in battles and score more than one point in the challenges. Clan #173694 is the place to be!

    No one

    *** Windows 10 ***  THE GODFEATHERS *** Windows 10 *** 

    One of the few Windows 10 clans to complete the point challenges.
    3/9/12 points required for events, battles mandatory.
    Be a big fish, don’t sleep with them!



    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Useful Idiots #299420</p>
    (you have to put in # to find by number)
    <p style=”text-align: center;”>In search of new players! Active clan with lots of chat. I give helpful tips in the chat for battles and call on members to bump scores if we’re close in challenges. Thus we all get better together! We do kick out inactive players. If you plan to play or can’t play please just send a chat and you will NOT be kicked out for being inactive. We also give a pass a few battles if you’ve been with us and we know you. We like to win, we like to keep our members and make more our core group. My guess is that with all that the world is dealing with, players aren’t playing as much as they used to. If you have a small clan maybe we can join forces! We’re at 32/50 and typically we fill up right away!</p>


    Odd Birds is an active clan looking for new active members! #303781


    Anika920, our clan is seeing the same thing. Usually fills up within hours, but we haven’t had anyone join in almost two weeks!


    Diamond clan on a 14-battle winning streak (and it’s only getting easier :)).

    We complete all events and even open a chest every now and then. ;)

    We offer extensive support via Discord in all areas (CVC, DC/KPP, events).

    What more can you want in a clan? :)

    We’re looking for a handful of 800+ skilled and daily active players to complete our ranks. If interested, knock on our door (#364028) or email me at [email protected] if you have any questions.

    Airplane Lover

    Hi folks!

    I’ve planned to create a new clan: Mythic Birds. I’ll create it as soon as I meet the rules and regulations of the clan. As soon as I’ll create it I’ll notify you here at the Clan Recruitment ‘center’. If you want to ask me anything about the clan just email me at [email protected]. Also, I will send you the rules of the clan right here at the Clan Recruitment Topic.

    Airplane Lover


    Thanks to @birdleader, we can now post here again.

    Fowl Goose

    Tail Feathers  (Clan #157410) is now recruiting members for acceptance to the clan.

    Must have a Star rank of 7 or higher (game rules, not ours) and be a dedicated, serious player. No point requirements necessary, just come and have fun and contribute what you can!

    We are an Emerald League clan!

    Airplane Lover

    Dude, I really think you should make some of your own rules for better rewards. I’ve already planned mine out, just to get all the good rewards; I want my clan to be the best.

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