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  • Petes Crew

    Looking for new Members – great clan, won all Clan v Caln battles since I joined over a month ago. Struggling to recruit since latest update. If you like winning – come and join us at ‘Petes Crew’ (just search for the clan name and you’ll find us)


    Hello Rosconz and Almiro would you both want to merge into the clan that I have? We are an amethyst level clan with about 40 members, we can make room for you guys and your players of choice or everyone if you would want. We have the same requirements as you Rosconz, as we have a 3 point requirement in point events.


    Hello everyone! Are you looking for a clan? Well look no more because over at Crackin’ Pigs (#396634) we can solve your problem. We are an amethyst level clan with about 40 members. We win battles and all we ask of you in point events is to put up 3 points :)

    Hello Ambfouch,


    Already found a new clan?




    Hi Birdy Angerson.  Thanks for your message and good to see you in the Flying Kiwis Cla.  I have sent you a message in the clan chat but happy ot chat here also if that is easier. Rosco


    Hey everyone –

    Been having some issues recruiting since last AB2 update for some reason.  We’re an active diamond clan and are sitting at 42 folks right now due to attrition and getting rid of some inactives.  We just ask that everyone play in battles.  We have a you play-you stay philosophy, but give established players a little more slack.  Silly name that we inherited, but is what it is. Check out Poop Muh Joopz – #92372.

    Falcon Falcon

    I know a lot of people post here instead of other venues, but I recently created a Facebook group just for the discussion of potential clan mergers.  If you’d like to join and post your clan information and how many players you’re looking to merge in, that would be great.  If you’re a smaller clan and would like to merge, even better.  There are a lot of clans in the 30 – 40 player range, so smaller active clans that are interested could have a lot of potential places to fit in.  Good luck to everyone.


    Come join our clan! 


    Fun, competitive diamond level clan looking for a few bird slingers.  We are a no minimums clan, but win most of our battles with players from around the world.  Come join the fun!

    No one

    *** Windows 10 ***  THE GODFEATHERS *** Windows 10 *** 

    One of only a handful of  Windows 10 clans to complete the point challenges.
    3/9/12 points required for events, battles mandatory.

    Be a big fish, don’t sleep with them!


    Im still in the lame clan i been in ive been asking for better communication in it and the owner just ignores any and all comments made by me so im still looking.. I just want some obsessed ab2 friends lol


    Hello Ambfouch – maybe we can help :).  We have just merged with another clan and now have 45 active players and are ranked 125 in all clans.  We need some more keen players to get us to 50.  You sounds like who we are looking for.  Come and join Flying Kiwis  – clan number #120559.  We are a closed clan but I will let you in when I see you there. Hope to see you soon – Rosconz

    Hi Ambfouch,  too bad you didn’t get any reply or what so ever.

    We would be happy to welcome you in our clan.

    I did see you made a Friendrequest :) that’s nice.
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I have no idea how to work with that,  but I will find out.</p>


    Odd Birds has also seen a lack of new members! Active clan, but we are down to 25 members! We play the events, but don’t require a minimum. All levels welcome! We only ask that you participate in all clan battles.




    Wispering Eye2 #154132 (USA, but all are welcome)
    Updated August 9, 2020

    Aiming toward MEBC top 100.
    Accepting honest competitive players with FP 800+ (including 8 birds).
    In Events, 3-9-12 is required.
    You must join our Line chat.
    You must play All Clan Battles and work to improve your scores.
    If our clan is Closed when you find us, please use Request.
    For questions, contact us at buzz @ birdlover . com.


    Hey guys we need some members for our clan we’ve lost a lot of people so we have room for 23 birds so if you are a clan that is looking to merge with another look no further you’re welcome to join us.

    We are a friendly bunch and have no point minimums so play as you wish in the daily challenges we prefer to be very relaxed, all that we ask is that you help us battle our leader is a really cool cat and very supportive… well any way my handle name is THE LONE RANGER get in touch on the chat line .

    CLAN ID: #214085

    CLAN NAME: Birdybrains5


    hey odd bird would you like to merge with us we need 23 people to join drop by and we can talk, we are a very relaxed laid back clan no point minimums play as you wish, just help battle us battle.

    CLAN ID: #214085

    CLAN NAME: Birdybrains5

    Handle Name: The Lone Ranger



    Hello, I am looking for a new clan. I have 380 flock power, and am committed to playing every day in a 3-6-9 type clan, preferrably ranked diamond or amethyst. I play on a computer, so I cannot join mobile clans. Does anybody have a place for me to pop some pigs? I am fluent in both English and Spanish


    started a serious clan (international) where we’ll recruit only players who at least play every event and enjoy playing multiple times to get points . All members can fight clan battles. will promote players freely for their skills.


    Clan : #403514


    My flock level: 884


    @reno1917 I’m telling my clan how to find you. My username is parcival.


    Hey @oddbird

    I joined Birdybrains5. Sad to leave our clan but hope to see you over there Parcival!


    Hello odd bird I’m still part of the clan but not, taking a little break right now I changed my name to Olympus Maximus so I’m no longer The lone Ranger, but yes please join the clan they need your help over there I’ll be back soon I hope just trying to focus on going through the map quest right now.




    Hey that’s cool that you’re joining the clan man well I changed my name to Olympus Maximus from the Lone Ranger they know me over there so tell them that just taking a short beak to focus on the map quest right now enjoy the clan I’ll be back there in a little while.




    @balls I’m sad to see it come to an end like this. I hope Rovio finds a way to fix this problem. We had a great group, but needed 20 more players and couldn’t get them.


    For the Windows platform: Star Birds is a Top20 clan that wins all battles by quite a margin. :)

    (20 battle winning streak since I joined the clan and reformed their recruiting/booting strategy and setup a FB page for communication to exchange battle tips).


    Otherwise we are pretty laid back, with no minimums besides the request that you play at least the free round in events. This allows a healthy Game/RL balance (the freedom to take it easy and miss a day once in a while), so it may not for the die-hard addicts. ;) Extra points are always welcome of course, but they become mandatory only if you missed a battle or event, to compensate if you don’t want to be booted.


    There is possibility for promotion if you’re skilled in battle (ability to pull a 100% score) and willing play an active role in managing the clan.

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