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    Looking for people to fill spots of players that roosted and never left the coop.

    TEAM PIG POPPER currently has about 20 people who are daily players and love to win challenges and earn sweet loot! Our goal is to get that number closer to 50, so we just cut players who have been inactive. We are starting fresh with a good base of players here, so if you think you’d be a good fit then hurry up and join TEAM PIG POPPER before the clan is full!

    Happy Popping!


    Hello Pig poppers,


    I have a clan of 34 active, daily players and 100% participate in events and Clan battles. We have an outside chat site that avoids the profanity filter and allows us to post videos, pictures, Etc to help each other with strategy. Would you consider merging your clan with mine, to form a full clan of 50 teammates, that are all active.

    Currently our team FP is 17,213 therefor our player average is just over 500 FP. Merging the 2 Clans would put us well into the Dimond level. If your teammates also average 500 FP, we would have around 25,000 team FP with a full team. That would make us competitive with any Clan in the top 100.

    If you would like to discuss this further please mail me and I will be happy to forward screenshots or any information to you that you would like. Alternatively, you or a trusted teammate could join our clan for a day to see all I’m telling you is correct and get a chance to talk to my teammates.

    Email me at: [email protected]

    Or join us at: Down To Flock! #183032

    I look forward to seeing you soon,



    Killer Rabbits looking for daily players. We only ask that you play at least once per event, more if you are so inclined. Missing a full week with no notice to the group gets a kick. We also ask you check the chat on login.

    We win some, we lose some but we play every event and have a good ol time!

    So, if life is in the way and you are not able to meet other clan minimums, check us out!




    Pigs on a Plane (#179837) is AB2’s hottest new(ish 😉) clan!  Our rules are simple: stay active and have fun!  No minimum FP required. We will remain a low stress clan where you can boost your flock power without the pressure to buy lots of gems,  although we encourage players to use gems in challenges when it benefits the whole clan.

    We have a FB group where we share AB2 stuff and clan news.

    AND we are still gifting clan chests during our grand opening!  We’ve gifted five in the last month!

    Happy flinging!

    Phoenix Sparrow

    ABNest3 has open Spots for Daily, Strong & Skilled Players with FP 600+ and Star Rank 100+
    We are currently clan #95 in Mighty Eagle’s BootCamp Top 100.
    Organized (Diamond) Clan with Friendly members from all over the World.
    Clan Chests after each CvC Victory.
    Last Clan battle we had our 8th Victory in a row.
    Strategy videos and tips sharing on our Closed FB group.
    Usual minimums: 3, 6, 9 for 200, 400, 600 Point Events.
    All Events are complete, Most battles are wins.
    Top 3, 5, 10 Players in Events can’t be unseated Once the Goal of each Event is reached.
    Let me know if you’re interested!

    Swine flu

    Swine flu crew needing a few daily active players. Diamond league group. Top 300 mebc clan. Complete all events. And participate in all clan battles.

    Fun and friendly.

    Swine flu crew #122011

    Heather Bird

    Go Renegades!!!

    On the hunt for 1 solid daily player 550 plus

    come join our private chat to see if you are a good fit.


    Where magic happens and Loot is won!!!





    Hi — need some active players !! Come grow with us — Epic Birds !!


    Are you tired of the pressure from some clans to obtain a minimum number of points in each clan event?

    I’m recruiting for “RATAB2” #152546. We are a small but active (and friendly!) clan and participate in all daily events and clan battles. Participation is the only requirement we are looking for with new members… just do your best in each event! Whether you are a novice or a hardened bird, all are welcome!

    Cheers, RandalThor

    Swine flu

    Swine flu crew looking for a few active players. Diamond clan. We complete all events. Need solid players who don’t put up 1 point and sit back. Join us. Win and grow.

    Swine flu crew #122011


    Thanks Gary… I gave in and gave up. Never got any new members. I sent you a request to join. I’m Xtine on the game. Looking forward to joining the team!!



    Good afternoon. I saw your note about joining my clan but did not see your request when I went go accept you. Either a CO-leader rejected your request or something.

    What is your FP? Another possibility is that someone rejected your request because a team event was ending. Often we get players wanting to join us just hours before an event ends so they can score 1 quick point and collect a big team reward. We finished the 600 point event with over 30 hours left before it ended.

    If you are still interested, please submit a new request and I will be online to get it. What is your FP? We have basic minimum points to score – 3 pts on a 200pt team event and 6 on the 400 & 600 events. If you can meet or surpass those guidelines we will be golden.


    I look hope see you soon,

    Gary, Down To Flock! Clan#183032









    I’m flick lower 397 in AB2 and playing everyday. Looking for strong clan mine is currently only 5000 and members rarely play. Any space in a strong clan

    my name is pigkiller


    I’m FP 397 and looking for a strong clan.  I play everyday and do all daily activities including clan battles. Please let me know if openings.

    – pigkiller is the name

    Heather Bird

    @pigkiller we have clan game minimum of 3/6/9 if you want to pop over to our chat, we’d like to get to know you better.


    we are on TOP 100 of Mighty Eagles


    come say hello



    My name is Gary from Down To Flock! My clan has 38 teammates and a FP >18,000. We started a month ago when about 20 of us were in a deadbeat clan. We are growing rapidly and approaching diamond level.

    We do have some basic guidelines that we ask teammates to follow: participate in clan battles, MEBC and team events. Score 3 pts in 200 pt events and 6 un 400 & 600 pt ones. Read clan chat when playing to see if anything important has been posted

    We have an outside chat group that you are welcome to join, once a teammate.


    We look forward to your request and we talk more once your Down To Flock!

    Clan #183032

    Gary- write me back if you have any questions: [email protected]



    Hi Gary


    just applied for clan. I was waiting to win my old clan battle. Would love to join yours and will commit to all requests. I’m on every day

    Swine flu

    Swine flu crew. A strong diamond clan looking for a few good daily players. We complete all events and have won 7 of the last 8 clan battles. Fun and family friendly chat.

    Join us for an awesome time.

    #122011 Swine Flu Crew


    Looking for a few good daily players with a FP of 450+ to join our team of 36 skilled players whose FP is mostly in the 500-650 range. Amethyst Rank, close to Diamond. We are located in Canada however our Clan is a dedicated group of international members.


    Pigkiller 🐖 🔪,

    I was happy to hear your decision.  You are making a choice that I know you will not regret.

    Please post on the clan chat, if you have not already. That way we can pass on additional information you need. There is a contract person there to get set up on our outside chat site (not required but very helpful).

    We will talk soon,


    Phoenix Sparrow

    One of our Skilled 550+ FP players has just quit playing the game for good, so we have a spot open for a 550+ FP with Azure frame in ABNest3 , #98826
    All events are complete, Most battles are wins. you’ll be among friendly people from all over the world and a strong and solid team of skilled and active players. We’re Currently #92 in MEBC top 100 with 39 members. Let me know if you’re the one!


    AB2 Gamers 01 is currently looking for some players :)

    Whether it’s a clan theme or a CvC, Breaking Beaks goes all in for the fun and the win!

    Breaking Beaks, a top 100 clan, has a few rare spots available. We invite energetic players to stop by our chat room at and check out the least boring clan in the game.

    We care more about your enthusiasm than your FP. But if you speak softly, that’s okay. Just carry a big stick!

    Swine flu

    Swine flu crew looking for a few daily players. Diamond clan. 7 of 8 wins in clan battles. Complete all events. Fun chat with an active crew.

    Swine flu crew #122011 ranked top 300 in mebc



    The BirdBrains have 2 spots open. We are looking for heavy hitters who are able to get into the Top Ten in CvC, preferably FP 600+

    Please send a request to

    #100658 The BirdBrains

    CP >25000 Diamond

    FP 667- 399

    MEBC Rank 154

    No rules except daily participation

    No clan chests

    Active in every clan battle and clan events

    Friendly clan chat

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