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  • AngryMiko

    I’m having these issues too…


    How is it that when I lose a oinkball match I lose 32 trophies? I don’t make anywhere near that when I win?  1 step forward and 3 steps back?


    im using android phone to play and i am freezing around 99% load or if i do load game it freezes when i try to fight a match, then i lose my arena turn or scout, whichever i used to fight

    Michelle Bradley

    ‘Our servers are currently under maintenence ” Ugh just my luck

    Alexander Volanis

    Today the game will not load anymore. It stops like @buck described. I play on Android and it was possible to clear the data which let me get to the game but when I connect to Facebook to restore my ranking and team it fails the same way. At this point it is not playable at all and I have spent a fail amount to make it to level 30 with a good bunch of birds to play with.

    I gave up on Red after the first set of 10x premium tickets gave nothing but garbage. The prices to get anything are crazy, if Rovio is expecting to make up for the 50% revenue loss by over charging for items in games they will loose whatever income they already have. I am not paying any more for this and if it never comes back from this stuck loading screen I will have my time free once more.

    Deborah Goike Laidler

    Not sure if it’s the same issue, but I’m unable to log in and play. Can’t connect to the server.

    Mancala Parakin

    @hubert-lo What’s a Robin code? Maybe that’s what these players used, as I keep seeing more with Red. High demand, mind you! The good news was that I got to hatch and evolve Captain Freedom after buying the 4th of July pack yesterday. So far, I haven’t run into anyone else with him.

    Markus Brezel

    I managed to hatch the Captain Freedom too! Now I need to find that rare Donald Trump Bird..

    Kenneth Roberts

    Join Clan & Create Clan are not working right now.
    I click either, and it just hangs.
    Samsung Note 4, Android 6.0.1
    Wanna make a clan for the wife and kid to join. Maybe it’ll be online in a few days?

    Betta Recognize


    I tried to send a message to my clan using the radio in the lower right. When I typed none of the characters displayed on my screen. What to do?


    Event awards seem to be glitched.  I just reached 1,500 event medals in the lower portion of the screen, the 50 bonus Freedom Leg is now checked off, but I did not receive the 50 bonus legs up above.  Currently at 199, and that 50 would just about get me to the ten premium hatches.


    I have the exact same problem.  Though not at 199, but still.  The event page shows that I should have the 50 extra legs, but they are MIA.  This is getting very frustrating. I had similar issues with the last event where the bonus red birds stopped showing the last few days of the event. What gives? @admins

    Matt Wilson

    I have experienced the same bug as a number of others have recently posted. Reached 1500 event credits but not awarded the 50 freedom legs either.

    Frustrating as I spent money on crystals for scouts to ensure I got those 50 legs and consequently 10 golden eggs.

    Poor. Hope it is sorted and we get our dues.

    Markus Brezel

    I didn´t get the blue totem and neither the extra 50 legs.

    Now I won´t be able to get 250 legs for the 10x premium eggs.

    What a shame, wasted a lot of time these days..


    @krampus @matt-wilson @martinb
    unfortunately, this is a bug in the game so there isn’t much us admins can do to fix it.

    Markus Brezel

    They can give us at least the 10x premium eggs, or even better, make 20x for the trouble.


    is there anyway the admins can pass this onto the developers so we can get the event fixed and maybe add another day to it?

    Denis Dénius Prehasko

    Hey i found a bug with the fans in the arena. So the fans were in front of the enemy team. And they were hitted by them every time so they popped a lot of heal dmg and stuffs. So the opponent was always full hp and i couldnt win. Quiet annoying

    Ben Gamer


    Today I finally got the pop up that my prizes for the 4th of July even was received.. I clicked ok but I didn’t find premium eggs nor gems.. my inbox shows that I have something but when I check I don’t find anything!

    what’s going on?


    I reported the message notification glitch about a week ago. The next day it was gone but the day after that it was back again. It has since seemed to occur every other day.


    Is chat broken?


    @kali  Don’t feel bad. Today I had one where I lost 51 trophies. Once in a great while I will win 34, but seems it doesn’t matter because I always hit a wall and after that lose almost every match. Yesterday I was 2nd with a high score of 3328 and now sit almost 300 points less and have fallen to 3rd place, soon to be 4th.


    So now I have a glitch where birds are not targeting and flying right off the screen.Bird Flying over Arena

    Kate Shockney

    Says I have messages when I don’t and I didn’t receive any of my winnings from the weekly challenge

    Kate Shockney

    This is all what happened to me I’ve missed out on like 12 legendary egg tickets and a ton of coins and gems

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