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  • Darkwolf

    Game gets stuck in Arena after winning: The birds cheer, but the picture doesn´t pop up. Waiting doesn´t help. (max 6hours) Only solution: kill game and restart – even MORE annoying: I get punished even though i´ve WON the PvP! Please change server update before loading the pic. Because that really annoys the hell out of me!



    Report of bug… I’ve had the game crash on me several times after winning in the arena to the point where I’ve had to restart the game and get punished by losing arena points despite the fact I won.

    Chris Carter

    I got a BIG BUG  I cant end my adventure battles so all my birds are stuck cant get any new ones an cant stop the adventure battles each time I clink on the little clock it freeze up!!!!! help before I quit the game plz!!!!



    When you have a “friend battle” (you get to choose a friend to add to your birds) …. if you toggle to “hard” from “normal” and then back again – it changes the pigs strength !!!


    @slyjakes  Pig team power is commensurate on bird team power, which is why as you progress your bird levels and team power increases you will see pig power increase too. When you select a friend and their bird’s strength is added to your team’s power,  pig strength also increases but, due to yet another glitch, does not show unless you change difficulty level or you select to edit team and then return. If you do neither and it appears you are battling with an advantage of several thousand power it is not true. Pig power level has increased but just doesn’t show correctly.

    Johny Hongkong

    Can’t click, well (;

    Can't click. well ;)


    The “weekend sale” show as unavailable???


    today the game started to hang when i try to load a video for a free scout, or a premium chest found on the map. irritating.

    not sure its the game specifically, since i think i remember something like this happening rarely with other apps at various times. ill check network, settings etc. but has anyone else had this issue?


    I’ve got the same problem with the video hanging.  Very annoying.  Tried clearing the cache in my app settings but no luck.


    I just lost trophies and Key on matches I won cause the game froze :(

    Epic Buttstomp

    This game will hang if your wifi connection is slow. Although it is fine usually if you on cell phone data even if signal is weaker.


    @rob-gibson If that just started within the last 3 hours, there is a “Black event” glitch that many are complaining about. I can’t even get to the point of playing anything because immediately after the game starts, a window pops up showing the Black bird event as just beginning, even though it is over. I cannot do crap and I have 10-15 red birds to merge that I held onto because today is double XP for red birds. Right now I am livid.


    @divelucaya yeah it has to be a bug, it is just so frustrating to see this kind of thing, and we know we can’t get those rewards back.

    Pete Griffiths

    Just won 3 arena battles, at the end the screen gets stuck. If I leave it nothing happens, if I exit and return I lose points. Also all battles are now against teams with 2-3 times the strength, unwinnable.

    Yaroslav Platash

    ‘freeze’ bug appears each time when you win after lose. So if you lost match, restart the game before any next.

    It’s really annoying. Actually I don’t see any reason to play arena until they fix it.


    Um...Bug: Kom-Bat-Bot not disappearing after death. It thinks it is dead but the pig is still there. He doesn’t move like normal

    What I Did: Ignore the pig and kill other pigs. Still won.


    Had the same problem as you. Tap the edge of the icon. I got it to work today.


    Does anyone ever notice that the coins and sometimes the evolution material received in the arena matches (totals that appear in the upper left of the screen) rarely match the amount received in the victory screen. Just today I had 24 coins during the match but when I won, only 9 coins were given. During some event arena matches, 5 evolution material coins appear but are not received after the match is won. I figured I’d check before placing a ticket.


    @narc  I don’t believe I ever really noticed a coin or material count in the arena matches. Probably because most times I am trying hard to restrain myself from smashing my tablet.


    I feel the same about wanting to smash my phone but then I think of how much it would cost to replace. This coin loss happens more times than not to just be a chance occurrence. I did place a ticket with rovio last night. We’ll see what they say.


    Trying to unlock premium chests, golden hatch tickets is causing app shutdown for a few days since now.


    I am a very angry bird. I have collected 10 dungeon keys in the arena battles to obtain the last few yellow evolution materials I need to evolve Chuck for the second time.

    I went to the yellow mountain, selected my 5 yellow birds, and clicked on play for 10 keys. The test started loading – and froze on the loading screen. Something similar has happened before elsewhere. If I force the game to close I expect I’ll lose the game AND my 10 keys, and have to slog my way through the arena again.

    Please fix these damn bugs or I’ll stop playing completely,



    How is this fair?


    Yeah, I can hear someone say you’re whining because your clan is second. True but the point is how can you put a 15 man clan in the same bracket as only 10 man clans? It’s not even remotely fair no matter what their team power is. I could beat the hard and insane levels at lower team power easily when I had a lower team power if you don’t play the campaign and just focus on grinding your bird’s levels. They’re still going to pick up those clan bonuses by playing those modes. I don’t see how they didn’t see a problem with it? Was going to purchase some gems and the sale bundle but I think I’ll choose not to after seeing this debacle.


    I just have a general complaint about the bomb evolution at level 60. Bomb was one of my most powerful birds until I evolved him at level 60 and chose the one that isn’t in the military uniform. Now Bomb is weaker than it was at level 40 and that stupid cage does absolutely nothing! If it isn’t going to kill the pigs or prevent the pigs from throwing projectiles then what is the point? I hope they fix or change this because it took a long time to level my bird up to that point and now it feels like wasted time and game resources.


    Hey I love playing the game and I’m really enjoying it and referring it to others. just one thing I have to add if you guys, on the next update, can add the option of seeing when your clan members have logged on last. Option is available for friends list but would also be helpful for clan leaders as well. Thanks!

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