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  • banzaiii


    I am very angry against this f*****g game because it doesn’t want to give me any 5* birds ! Many many premium tickets and diamonds spent and…nothing :((

    I can’t progress and I have no chance to win in champion ligue arena because of opponent have too many power with 2 or more 5*

    It’s not fun !


    Would love to try this game out but for some reason it is not compatible with my new Galaxy Tab A.  Android version 7.0  Any idea why?


    @banzaiii   You are so wrong regarding your statement that maybe you should just give up. I win almost every arena battle with 4* birds that have been evolved to Prestige levels. Many of the 5* birds are overrated and costs a fortune to evolve to Prestige (think 40+ thousand in gold just for Prestige levels). I have Dr. Probotnik, Bomb, and the new Eddie and in evolved states over 60 their super shots all suck. I have no 5* blue but who cares because blue birds only matter in the blue dungeon. I have one 5* yellow that only gets used for Major Pecker on yellow days. Right now I am leveling up another 4* Carson, 4* Jimmy and 4* Jacquie. Jimmy will have a super shot of 1 and will replace my 4* Bette. The only 5* that seem to be worth the time and cost to evolve are Chuck, Annie or Matilda, Claude (only if used as leader), and Dutch.


    New version is very slow, each window (event/team/etc) takes several seconds to open.. often freezing while i drag bird to level up. it started just after update.

    also very often screen background starts to flicker while i’m in village or hatchery


    I’m experiencing an issue with my game that started yesterday. When I pull back my birds to aim, they fire before I remove my finger from the screen. It’s horrible, I can’t win in arena or even do good in regular matches because the bird releases before I want it to. Please help, thanks!


    @bloopalooza  If your finger goes beyond the touchscreen active area the birds will release. On my tablet the glass goes from edge to edge but the active touchscreen ends about a 1/2 inch from the edge. If I move my finger too far down the bird releases. Same thing happens on AB Friends.

    Doug Greenfield

    Why can’t I play daily challenges?


    @doug-greenfield, what exactly is the problem, what happens when you try to?


    So I had 25 tickets for premium eggs, and 2700 diamonds, so I could buy 2×10 premium eggs. But I decided to collect more diamonds, and spend the tickets when I have 3×1350 diamonds.

    But two days ago, I noticed I had not much more than 1000 diamonds. I have no idea how I could have spent them, unknowingly.

    And a little later, I was down to 700something.


    Any clue what happened? I never lost diamonds, and now two times on a single day?

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Viewing 9 replies - 276 through 284 (of 284 total)
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