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  • Asen_77

    @elpapam Totally right, but no one at Rovio understand that unfortunately!


    I think @millforce2k is right about accessories. I did my daily spark run with Nautica (level 19) and Blaster (level 21) and although Nautica is currently ripped of her EMP capability she performed about the same.

    I would say that in my case accessories have about 10–15% effect. And a TF will probably gain that when it gets overpowered to the next level.

    Also, as it expensive to upgrade accessories I would only upgrade those accessories that have a special capability like EMP or acid. And possibly also accessories that increase defense.


    The crystals are expensive!

    Some very pricey missing crystals

    The Dark Knight

    @asen and that’s why this game is always rock bottom it’s not any near when it was at the first 2-3 years…


    I’m really disappointed.  I enjoyed having this game, and I will claim a mild addiction to it over the past several years.  But this update seems to have been done out of greed, and there doesn’t seem to be any enhancement to the actual game other than to make achievements and gameplay harder.  This finally broke my addiction, and I haven’t played since the first couple of runs to see what changed after I downloaded it.  I’m pretty sure I’m done.


    Yup, I’m done too.  Game just kept getting worse over the years and this upgrade is a down grade.



    Same here, I play on my tablet and would keep my tablet with me every night while watching TV and playing. Since this “upgrade” fiasco though, I’ve played only for about 10 minutes and have no further desire to continue.

    They took one of the things that I enjoyed each day and made it only available once a week, the spire. Lord only knows how that’s changed, if it has. I can’t even play it for 3 more days.

    I’m glad that I never spent any real money on the game, now I won’t be watching any of their ads either. If I do play and an ad comes on, I’ll just shut the game off and not let the video play.


    Yeah I gave it a chance but I’m done.  These changes seem almost more driven by spite than greed.  I mean who is going to give them any money at this point when they will just change the game to nullify whatever you spent it on?


    You know, I’ve been a member here for a little while now and I don’t know if this is an ‘official’ Rovio message board or if it’s a ‘fan’ board.

    Does Rovio keep track of the goings on here?


    This was an early April Fools prank right guys?! Right? Guys???



    48 hour hard mission result.

    There doesn’t seem to be any point in running missions once a bot is upgraded. There are only a couple Energonicons that are worth upgrading and there are way too many accessories to track what accessories need what crystals.


    Also I notice I got more gems and tokens than before. Yes tokens are limited (ie says 200000 now and zero tolkens) in the challenge but I got far more than before so far so dont mind price went up

    A bit confusing with the canons ei, but I just stick to the same as before and upgrade then, again coins. Though you need level 10 to use the good ones

    Lab or shop. Now I know what I get, almost. More cumbersome. But so far got 10 or more canons ei

    The spire. Everyday a disappointment. Now just once a week. I can handle that 🙂

    Spark run, same same



    @4 I dont know. As I see it I have the same but now with an option to upgrade. So far only checked Menasor and Superion. Both are still shining as before.

    I prefer the coins instead of gems but I have only played for a few months 🙂


    I’ve been playing from the beginning in 2014. I’m currently rank 1382 (Hound). This new update instantly negated probably more than 100+ million coins, gems, time I’ve spent upgrading accessories and nerfed the Energonicons that I used in all nodes/events. A slap in the face for a long time player.

    I ended up finding an APK (Android package) for version, and was able to “downgrade” (or I like to call it, an “upgrade”) and continue playing. (If you have an Android device or emulator, you can google for this APK file.) By going back to the older version, I can still craft GEMS in the Lab (earn about 50 Gems/day), and still do Missions (easy/mid/hard) that only takes 4-8-12 hours and also collect more GEMS. The Shockwave’s Spire still resets EVERY DAY (rather than 5+ days), so there’s more ways to earn sparks and GEMS. I can also finish upgrading SlipStream to level 15 using normal (easy to earn) materials. I can also do the Challenge Run with Superion and the EMP stunning still works (I’m still on track to be in the Energon league on Sunday.) I do miss out on the new weekly event “Beeper”, but I think still being able to earn gems and sparks and access to Spire DAILY and everything else is still work the same (spire, challenge run, spark run, piglab) outweighs upgrading to 2.0.x.x.

    No doubt, one day I will start up the game, and it will not let me continue unless I “upgrade.” That day may be the day I decide whether I want to continue or hit “uninstall app.”


    I think the real reason for raising the token price for coins in the Token Exchange was due to the fact it made no sense to buy the steel crate for 3000 tokens when you could just purchase 3 x 50,ooo coins and buy the crate for half price in the Crate Shop.


    Also, the daily free Steel Crate has gone.


    I used to be able to grind about 100 gems/day average, now with this overhaul of the game that rate tanked to a handful. Do they want to do away with the old gem-based system? Would the game offer new bots for old gems? What about the eggspark?

    Oh, and now coins seem to be more important than before.


    Anyone tried to get some epic and legendary crystals from the nodes on the map? I guess I’ve played 300 levels now and got 1 epic and 3 legendary… What fun this is


    You’re right that version for Android filled up the silo and seems to have fixed the token reward problem in the event.  So a few issues were solved.
    Yet there remain some other issues with varying size of impact  like no EMP-effect from accessories, no sparks in the token exchange anymore and only once a week able to visit Shockwaves Spire.
    Of course this is only a selection of the new issues. There are various other ones mentioned in this topic.

    Luis C.

    The final JARSU…!!!

    I’m done with this game after 6+ year playing.

    There are so many things in my mind I would like to say right now but I feel there would be no point, after all, nobody will listen.

    – No working EMP

    – Projectiles from weapons have now been reduced to something invisible to the human eye so you don’t know to whom or where your last shot went.

    – No more sparks available in the Daily Quests

    – Nodes rarely pump out legendary or epic crystals so you are stuck with harvesting  common and uncommon crystals (and you will need a gazillion of the former just to transform them into a rare crystal).

    Just to name a few. If they wanted to scare players away and shut the game down then they have succeeded


    I think that the main objection to this new update is that it had killed the fun factor of playing the game.
    During all the previous years I liked that I could play ABT without too much stress. When I have to wait for some time, e.g. when a bot was being repaired or upgrading, well that was more than OK.
    But with the introduction of the crystals it has now become an obsession to get as much of them as possible, meaning that you’re constantly playing. (The alternative to use gems as compensation for missing crystals I won’t even discuss (see the screenshot of @grimlockdown from a little more than a day ago)).

    So instead of a fun game it has turned into an obsessive stress game.
    I hope that I can find a way to deal with this, otherwise I’m afraid that the longest time playing this game is gonna be in the past.

    EDIT (45 min later):
    At first I thought that this update wasn’t so bad. Lots of new ideas (crystals, grades) which looked nice.
    Well, I’ve been cured from that delusion.



    Just gotta build up 🙂

    Challenges may not be as bad as they seem. I reached 200k+ and reward notet 0. Still I went from 7000 to 9100 tokens? Could be worse😉


    Crystal prices in gems

    • Common (white) 2 💎
    • Uncommon (blue) 12 💎
    • Rare (green) 18 💎
    • Epic (purple) 54 💎
    • Legendary (yellow) 162 💎

    And another (useless) calculation: To fill the silo from zero to full using only common crystals you will need 3,580 crystals and 796,000 coins. If you use uncommon crystals then “only” 1,160 crystals and 680,000 coins are needed (plus 100 common).


    I need help guys the game works almost normal except I cannot enter the lab as soon as I do it shuts the game down and I have to restart .  Any tips ?



    What a freakin joke, courtesy of a bunch of clowns 🤡 🤡 Bull$hit

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