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  • MVNLA2

    @joeyba — You misspelled my name, so I didn’t get a notification.
    Well, I wasn’t thinking about missing something later.
    I don’t have many coins left (88, I think), since I foolishly wasted nearly 300 on a permanent bird swap in pork levels (the other way would have been better), but I was trying to see if you got extra coins for doing that. Then I bought Jaba and Tusken Raider twice! (my first purchase), because I didn’t realize the first one had gone through! Gaah!


    @sparty83 — A spread sheet? Omigod, yes you qualify for obsessive.

    TYTY – that list was oh too familiar, my first LOL this week. {Sigh} So I can confess that I almost broke out Excel myself, but thought better of it. I did start a fairly obsessive Evernote.

    As consolation, I went through the gauntlet to get a Ph.D., and somewhere in year 2 realized that the competitive selection process had sneakily selected for obsessiveness. They wanted someone with OCD personality disorder tendencies, like Monica in Friends. We are willing to stay late, go the distance, and get it right. Research requires that ability, computer programming certainly does, and maybe reaching SWII upper echelons as well? Maybe we can settle for only a Ph.D.

    My motto now is, “Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.”

    – Dr. Gelfling


    Rovio support finally said that the “game team” says there are “around 920.”
    “Around”??? Gaah! That doesn’t help at all!
    I’ve asked about a possible bug in B2-20 and whether the 920 has been verified by QA.
    That hasn’t been answered yet.

    Rovio Support Team, Apr 23 02:12:

    We asked the game team and they only told us that there is around 920. That is why it was used in Twitter.

    Kind regards,

    Rovio Support Team


    @gelfling — Congrats on the PhD! Just curious what field? FYI, I have one in chemistry, but that gives totally the wrong impression of what I did before I retired. You might know that @AMSlimfordy is on the way to getting one in number theory! Explains why he is so good at this game and being moderator, I think.
    As for spreadsheets, I have several active ones, but kept notes on coins in an e-mail to myself. If I had started counting at the beginning, I would probably have put it in a spreadsheet.
    FYI — The master table for the ABN Members’ Map is an Excel spreadsheet on my computer, I upload it to Google Fusion Tables every time I update it. Not the most efficient way to go, but I have more control over what people can see.


    @mvnla2 that kinda of ticks me off that now it’s ” around 920″ . Do they even know what their marketing is saying? 1000 coins does not equal around 920. What a headache they have created but then again we are the only ones who probably have been obsessive enough to actually * count* to 1000. Guess they rounded up but they even rounded incorrectly.


    @SwellD — I’ve been tweeting Peter Vesterbacka, who said that of course the game team should say how many there are. That was before I got the message with the “about”, so I’ve sent another round of tweets and e-mail to Rovio support. Um, I should really be counting how many I’ve sent, could be an interesting number.


    Maybe they just threw the coins in and don’t even know how many there are themselves.


    @mvnla2 — Clinical psychology, although I was an engineer before that. @AMSlimfordy in number theory and you in chemistry! Is that what it takes to max out SWII? Not. The tone here suggests some young, competitive but cooperative, and probably mostly male gamers here.

    I am retired too. Before I retired I ended up teaching at university. So this is what we do in retirement? I have watched myself, and it seems that this is one way I still achieve, although against myself. {Sigh} And it is a fun way to pass time in a Costco line.

    But I digress.

    How on earth am I going to open the Darth Vader level with a shrinking bag of coins and still complete all of the levels?

    And if the developers said there are 1000 coins, there are 1000 coins, and we can find 1000 coins, would we be hooked?


    @gelfling — With or without the help of my degree, I am not at the top of any leaderboards. AMSlimfordy is another matter, if he didn’t spend all his time on his thesis, not to mention moderating, I’m sure he would be at the top. I think most of the top players get there without the benefit of any advanced degrees.
    There are a surprising number of older players at the top, Rat9, for example. There are also a lot of women near the top. Not sure what you mean by “young”, but I think all ages are pretty fanatic. School and work do take a large amount of time.
    As for Darth Vader — Are you religiously getting the carbonite melts as soon as they are available? I’m pretty sure I got a Darth Vader or two. I haven’t spent any real money on characters or telepods. Between the characters you occasionally get for free, all the coins (914) from the galactic giveaway and others along the way, I was able to open all the rewards chapters. Not to mention waste a few coins on stupid purchases along the way. How many coins do you have?
    I did not use character swaps except to open rewards chapters and to get a few coins I gave up on getting without.


    They are developers, this is software.

    Advertising 1000 coins when there is only 920 is a bug, not a feature.

    I suggest that Rovio fix the bug and issue an update, with 1000 points total, as advertised. Then meticulous coin counters would have to scramble to find the other 80 coins, which would now have totally thrown off their spreadsheets and screenshots. Maybe this is their plan. {Distant, diabolical Rovio laughter}

    It is an easy thing to search code to figure out how many coins, where, etc. But if their development team is worth a damn the distribution of coins was explicit and documented, part of their software design.

    Or maybe they are a young company, still kind of sloppy.

    Mayhaps the SWII software team, who had largely moved on to newer games, discovered, from angrybirdsnest and email, that there are only 920 coins. The developer in charge of programming coins was fired. Then, in an act of revenge, the developer stole the spreadsheet used to keep track of all of the coins and trashed the backups. Now a lower level software grunt is laboriously going through the code to figure out where the missing coins were supposed to have been placed.



    Currently I have
    679 coins
    124 swapable birds
    59 swapable pigs (1 Darth Vader)
    2 permanent (cheap) characters

    And I
    Cleared all coins and 3 starred all open pork episodes (11)
    Now going back to do the same to the open bird levels (also 11)
    Melt carbonite 1-2 times/day.

    I have no clue as to how that compares to other people. That is based on never spending money on anything, including the game. I want to keep it that way. That, and doing it on a smart phone, are the real challenges for me.

    What would you do at this point, besides wait for melts?


    @gelfling — Not sure why you have so few coins and still levels left to open. Maybe it is the result of playing on a phone, if that means it takes more characters to open a reward level. I play on iPad, and have taken more swaps than the minimum needed to open levels. I’m not that great a flinger.
    Don’t remember which levels you have left to unlock. Is it Darth Vader or one of the Dart Sidious?
    * I looked for sales and packs on characters I needed. The sales items change periodically, maybe once a week.
    * I read all the posts about which levels work best for unlocking rewards levels
    * I waited patiently for carbonite melts, get 2 per day (more when you could watch ads), and carefully budgeted remaining coins vs levels needed. I lucked out on some characters. You only need 1 or 2 of some characters to unlock their level.
    I currently have 164 birds and 241 porks
    * 1 Darth Sidious
    * 1 Hologram Darth Sidious
    * 6 Darth Vaders
    * 70 Jabas and 16 Tusken Raiders! (see below for why)
    * 9 Carbonite Han
    * 9 Endor Luke
    Not sure how I got all the coins, but part-way through collecting coins, I had 3500. I don’t believe I’d spent any since the game started.
    This math won’t add up, but
    * I finished collecting all the known 914 coins
    * I got 200 coins for signing up for Rovio account
    * I spent
    * 299 for a bird-side unlock (wasted)
    * 2*859 for a sale pack of Jaba and Tusken Raider (2nd one was a very costly mistake)
    * All the rest except for my current 88 for characters to open rewards levels
    * I did spend some characters to get coins that I gave up on without character swaps


    Thank you for this, @mvnla2 !

    I have not been coming to Angry Birds Nest except when I was totally struck, maybe 10 times over all the games (I didn’t do Rio or Seasons). So I’m used to coming here when I am frustrated and tired. This is fun though, seeing what other people are up to.

    It is definitely harder on a small screen. Too often I can’t even see what I’m doing because the Rovio buttons are taking up a bigger percentage of the screen. VERY often it is difficult to see enough detail to aim properly, so I keep trying. Many of them I don’t think you can get unless you zoom out totally. The coins were hard to see, zooming in worked.

    How do you play a game when the rules change? I guess that is life.

    In the rearview mirror:
    – I did use up too many characters at the beginning of the reward levels (and I do remember Darth Vaders), because I didn’t care and was having fun experimenting. I had never played a game with this type of reward-level-character system (this is the only computer game I have played since warcraft 2). Oops.
    ~ I did spend coins on two permanent characters and on the ability to drag traitor birds into the pork realm, because I was getting 6:1 bird:pork characters from the carbonites. That strategy I’m not sure was a good or bad move. It did wipe out coins quickly. I don’t regret buying the traitor move, but I started off with only 24 porks.
    + Right now the tried and true. strategy that seems to be working is to stay on the level until I three star it with no character swaps.

    I will look at your strategies and figure out how to use them. Thanks again, I appreciate it.


    @gelfling — I also spent 299 coins on the bird-side unlock, but I think it was the wrong choice. The pork side characters seem to be more powerful, so I think it would make more sense to unlock the pork side. In justification, I did it as a contribution to the cause, because we Nesters wanted to know if unlocking a side would award coins. Of course there is still the possibility that unlocking BOTH sides would, but I don’t have enough coins and won’t spend any on what-ifs until Rovio gives an exact count of how many coins are currently available.
    Interesting — I don’t think I got an e-mail notification, and I think you spelled my name correctly? Does the site possibly think the space after my name is part of my name???


    @mvnla2 – Maybe you didn’t get email notification because I didn’t put your name at the beginning of the paragraph? I’m new to that also. It may have included the characters before and after too. If your name was easier to remember that would help! On my smart phone it’s not letting me cut and paste it into the message.

    Experimenting and making mistakes is how we learn, so long as we do not take winning too seriously.

    So far I am still happy with the decision to open up the bird side. But I have fewer resources and at that time I had much less, and almost no porkies, 24 I think. I squandered them before I figured out how much the game had changed and then the Carbonite was given me almost no new piggies. So maybe whether or not it is a good strategy depends on what cards you have been dealt and played. I wouldn’t have opened up as many levels if I hadn’t done that. I think. Maybe.


    As far as I know, you can put the @mention anywhere in the message. Also I think you can put punctuation immediately after the @mention as in @gelfling’s name. Let me know if you get this. As for my name, I’m MV (me) N (in) LA (Los Angeles) 2 (I had to start over when my first account was zapped by a cosmic ray).


    @gelfling and @mvnla2 Sorry for sticking my nose in where it might not belong, but I got the original email notification of that message (I am subscribed to this thread) and your name was not in it, so maybe @gelfling edited the message after posting? the system only sends a notification in the email once, on posting, editing doesn’t send out a new notification. An extra tip… I believe one can easily see if the @mentioned worked is when the name turns blue after posting, the system recognizes the name and link to the persons profile and therefore a notification is send as well.


    @E-Star — Thanks! I forgot about that possibility. It’s part of the reason why there are so many posts consisting of “Oops, forgot to @mention,” even when it’s possible to edit the original post.
    My name is in blue in @gelfling’s edited post, so the blue obviously only tells you that you spelled the person’s name correctly, not that they will get an e-mail.


    @E-Star and @mvnla2 — Thank you for helping to straighten me out. It’s fine to stick your beak into the conversation so that I fly right.

    I don’t normally edit posts because on this android phone, at least with swype and dragon, editing at the website does all manner of irregular weirdness, like occasionally stopping to display characters that I am typing. But I do remember editing a post, so you are probably right.

    If my post concern concerns other.parties, it seems simplest to list their @names at the beginning of the paragraph that pertains to them, and then if I do have to edit at least it would be delivered correctly the first time. ? If I did not understand that correctly please let me know.


    Oh thank you @joeyba for posting that on P1-14 2 coins are hidden behind Telepod icon. When comparing my list to @sparty83, I’m missing 5 on the Pork side & thanks to you, I’m down to 3


    @gelfling I find it easy to just put the names in where I would put them when actually talking, but most of the time that would be in the beginning of the paragraph that pertains them, but I also use them mid sentence when I happen to mention someone’s name. But you got to use whatever method works for you on your phone, cause I can relate to typing on the phone being somewhat of a challenge. That’s why I tend to walk over to the computer so I can easily copy the @mention names and type much faster. But long story short, if you get the name right the first time the email message will be send to that person yes, BUT…. sorry to make this more complicated… ONLY if that person has their settings set to send out an email notification when @mentioned.

    And yes @mvnla2 the blue only tells you that you spelled it correctly, but if the name is in blue when posting the comment for the first time, you can assume the email notification worked as well.

    And to further complicate the information stream…. the @mention can be retrieved without needing to stroll thru the whole nest. One can check their @mentions in their own profile> activity> mentions
    Even the edit comment are displayed there! So when one checks @mvnla2 @mentions the comment that started this @mention thing is there.


    @e-star — okay now my eggs still totally scrambled. ;) It works much better on the smart phone if I zoom out as far as possible, then I can copy the name. If I was more succinct that would help too.


    Sorry I could not unscramble your eggs @gelfling

    And I learned my new English word of the day YEAH!! hee hee… succinct!! It is of no surprise though because that word isn’t something I am or could be according to the Google translate ;)


    But Anyhoe… on topic, I just finished recording the Bird side of the reward levels and my coin count is still exactly what @sparty’s list says… didn’t expect anything else given the amount of time spend by numerous flingers before me… LOL I loved reading the convo in this thread from the last few days, the OCD like behavior, something we all tend to have, Rovio must know about us and did this on purpose… we are their lab rats to test how far we addicts with the need to record, write down and collect will go until we all end up in the loony bin… Well Rovio is seems even though this was a touch one… we didn’t break… yet ;)

    On to the porkside and hand over all the videos for BL to upload them :)


    @e-star Thass funny. My eggs were scrambled and overcooked before I came here. I know “succinct” because I keep a mental list of the virtues I don’t have yet, succinct is near the top, and I admire those people who are good at it. How do you record your game? I have wanted to do that. Maybe it’s not possible on an Android phone? I have used TechSmith products in windows but I didn’t like their screen recording very much.

    I was making fun of spreadsheets because I do them too and it is a good idiot light — I know when I do them that I’m going too far.

    I wrote a post about the psychology involved between Rovio and gamers that I’ll post later. I have a cynical and humorous viewpoint on it that is based on too much real data. One of the reasons I don’t spend any money on Angry Birds is because I can watch them trying to manipulate me more clearly, it is fun.

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