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  • Gelfling

    These are my coin counts for Master your destiny BIRD level. Please let me know if your account is different, thanks! My guess is BM is Bird Mastery, since it is PM for the other side.

    BM-01 (4)
    BM-02 (5)
    BM-03 (3)
    BM-04 (4)
    BM-05 (8)
    BM-06 (3)
    BM-07 (4)
    BM-08 (3)
    BM-09 (5)
    BM-10 (6)
    BM-11 (4)
    BM-12 (4)
    BM-13 (8)
    BM-14 (6)
    BM-15 (8)


    @gelfling : I agree with you except for BM-13. I see and I collected 7 coins, not 8.
    2 behind the slingshot.
    1 at the top right.
    4 in the cavern at the extremity right at the middle.

    Where is the last coin?


    Here my list for master your destiny PORK level :

    PM-01 (6)
    PM-02 (3)
    PM-03 (3)
    PM-04 (4)
    PM-05 (3)
    PM-06 (9)
    PM-07 (5)
    PM-08 (3)
    PM-09 (3)
    PM-10 (5)
    PM-11 (6)
    PM-12 (5)
    PM-13 (7)
    PM-14 (7)
    PM-15 (9)



    @theuytte, I agree with @gelfling for level BM-13, I count 8 also.
    2 behind the slingshot
    1 at the top right
    5, not 4 in the cavern at the extreme right at the middle

    here is a screen cap of the level showing the coins



    @gelfling @sparty83 : Sorry and thanks :). This coin was out of my screen on my 3GS.
    So please confirm my list of PM because maybe some coins are hidden for me but not for you.


    B1 +4, 6862
    B2 +5, 6867
    B3 +3, 6870
    B4 +4, 6874
    B5 +8, 6882
    B6 +3, 6885
    B7 +4, 6889
    B8 +3, 6892
    B9 +5, 6897
    B10 +6, 6903
    B11 +4, 6907
    B12 +4, 6911
    B13 +8, 6919
    B14 +6, 6925
    B15 +8, 6933

    P1, +6, 6939
    P2, +3, 6942
    P3, +3, 6945
    P4, +4, 6949
    P5, +3, 6952
    P6, +9, 6961
    P7, +5, 6966
    P8, +3, 6969
    P9, +3, 6972
    P10, +5, 6977
    P11, +6, 6983
    P12, +5, 6988
    P13, +7, 6995
    P14, +7, 7002
    P15, +9, 7011



    @theuytte – No problem, that’s one reason we’re here, a reality check. I am crispied out on AB, but will be happy to check your PM coins later. Doubtless you are correct there.

    In Master Your Destiny, Rovio is increasing the level of difficulty by putting coins barely within the screen or somewhere outside of the default screen. On my galaxy android, the biggest pain was BM-10, where the top coin was out of sight until I zoomed in and out. Creating screenshots for Mastering is a pain, because you have to zoom out so far you lose definition.

    But it is SO much easier than P4. @sparty83 I have some vision problems and couldn’t wait for the clone wars screenshots. The good thing about that is that I developed a technique for finding coins in the murkiness. It enabled me to find the coins quickly and to be certain of my count. This, or something like this, might help you create the gallery.


    @theuytte – My counts for PM are the same as yours. The only tricky one was that last one, with coins in the log. Good thing that they were easy to shoot!

    – I saw that you posted your screen shots with the coins numbered. Great job! For me the hardest part in doing that was to remember to take the shot before starting to play, so that I still had all the coins in the screen.

    Coins are starting to be a horrendous deal, when you have to pay for characters. When you do a cost-benefit ratio, calculating how many coins we would have to spend on characters to get out of the way coins, it’s not remotely worth it. Coins became less fun, but I still really like being able to choose the lineup.


    Struggling on p3-19…


    Oh my goodness! You are right @catonpremise you don’t need swaps for B4-7. I was following your method and was able to clear the far end on my second shot to get the 3 coins! I had tried and tried and tried a couple of months ago but finally gave up. I am going through all levels now and have found some new coins as well as the hard to get ones. Thank you for posting this strat.


    @Laxietoo I’m glad you were able to get all of your coins! I remember that one and it took me sometime to figure out the blower positioning. Once I did it worked like a charm, but it took me hours! LOL!


    @catonpremise it was B4-7 that I finally conquered, not B4-17. That one still has me tied up in knots! The other one I am stuck on is P2-9. Someone posted a strat about taking out the lanterns and then shooting but I am obviously missing something. :-(

    All I need are to get those 4 coins – 2 on each level – and get a Hologram Darth Sidious and I will complete SWII. I messed up a month or so with HDS and could have gotten him but now I am stuck at 90%. I just keep melting and hoping I can get just one of him.


    @Laxietoo Oops! sorry about that. I can’t find a screen shot of P2-9 showing the coins so I can’t remember where they are at.

    B4-17 takes a lot of luck, you will eventually be able to drop the middle blower into the pit in the platform below but it will usually be pointed in the wrong direction.

    Good Luck!


    @medellia44 – there is a screenshotshot of P3-19.

    AB SW2  P3-19: 6 coins
    Which coin are you having trouble reaching? This level’s coins were very difficult to reach. Are you willing to swap in alternate characters, or only use the ones provided? If I remember this one correctly the alternate characters were not easy either.

    @catonpremise – here is a screenshot of if it helps. Good to see you here.

    AB SW2  P2-09: 5 coins


    @infoteq — Did you read this? I found it on the 3rd page of the “General” forum. Sometimes it pays to look through all the pages, especially if your question is about something that’s pretty old. : D
    Not sure this has your answer. If not, ask again in this forum.
    Good Luck!


    @MVNLA2 – Yes, I read it. It helped me get the first coins on the top. Unfortunately, there isn’t any way I can figure to actually have Dooku land on the ground. He _always_ hits the mound before where the torches are no matter what angle I choose.


    @infoteq If you’re still having problems with P2-9, here is @luvtub’s tip:

    Angry Birds Star Wars II Bird Coin Walkthrough Requests

    I can’t remember exactly where the coins were, but maybe she/he can help you.
    Of course, you could always swap a Tusken Raider, if you have one.

    B5-1: 3 (8459)
    B5-2: 3 (8462)
    B5-3: 3 (8465)
    B5-4: 3 (8468)
    B5-5: 3 (8471)
    B5-6: 3 (8474)
    B5-7: 3 (8477)
    B5-8: 3 (8480)
    B5-9: 3 (8483)
    B5-10: 2 (8485)
    B5-11: 2 (8487)
    B5-12: 3 (8490)
    B5-13: 4 (8494)
    B5-14: 3 (8497)
    B5-15: 6 (8503)
    B5-16: 5 (8508) +450: 8958
    P5-1: 3 (8961)
    P5-2: 2 (8963)
    P5-3: 3 (8966)
    P5-4: 6 (8972)
    P5-5: 5 (8977)
    P5-6: 3 (8980)
    P5-7: 3 (8983)
    P5-8: 3 (8986)
    P5-9: 3 (8989)
    P5-10: 4 (8993)
    P5-11: 2 (8995)
    P5-12: 3 (8998)
    P5-13: 5 (9003)
    P5-14: 4 (9007)
    P5-15: 3 (9010)
    P5-16: 4 (9014) +450: 9464

    @muffincake — I kept forgetting to keep track, so my list is not as complete as yours. However, on B5-11 I wrote down 3 coins. It’s possible I made a mistake. Would be nice if someone else could confirm. @Sparty83 maybe?


    I haven’t started these levels yet. Been too busy with Seasons. And with AB original dropping 30 new levels on thursday, not really sure when I will get to these. Due to the Last Chance option in Star Wars II, I’ve lost some interest in this version. (Some, not all, just not high on my priority list right now) I am still keeping a spreadsheet of my coins and screen caps, but not sure when I will have these, sorry.


    @mvnla2: I don’t see a third coin and I always wrote down before/after… I guess we need a third opinion :-)


    @mvnla2, @muffincake & @sparty83, I only found 2 coins on B5-11 while playing on both my iPad & Android phone


    @mvnla2 @muffincake @sparty83 @justpast40,

    Me too, I confirm all the list for B5 and P5 except B5-11, I found 2 coins.


    Posting my “Revenge of the Pork” coin counts here also (will continue to edit post as I complete more stages)

    BM-24 (4)
    BM-25 (4)
    BM-26 (3)
    BM-27 (4)
    BM-28 (4)
    BM-29 (4)
    BM-30 (5)
    BM-31 (5)

    PM-24 (5)
    PM-25 (3)
    PM-26 (3)
    PM-27 (5)
    PM-28 (6)
    PM-29 (3)
    PM-30 (4)
    PM-31 (6)

    B5-1 (3)
    B5-2 (3)
    B5-3 (3)
    B5-4 (3)
    B5-5 (3)
    B5-6 (3)
    B5-7 (3)
    B5-8 (3)
    B5-9 (3)
    B5-10 (2)
    B5-11 (2)
    B5-12 (3)
    B5-13 (4)
    B5-14 (3)
    B5-15 (6)
    B5-16 (5)

    P5-1 (3)
    P5-2 (2)
    P5-3 (3)
    P5-4 (6)
    P5-5 (5)
    P5-6 (3)
    P5-7 (3)
    P5-8 (3)
    P5-9 (3)
    P5-10 (4)
    P5-11 (2)
    P5-12 (3)
    P5-13 (5)
    P5-14 (4)
    P5-15 (3)
    P5-16 (4)


    I hadn’t played B5-11 yet (have been taking my time and had only gotten through B5-10) so I took an extremely close look and found only two coins.

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