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  • Bloon Popster

    This probably won’t get implemented, but I would wish for double mastery to be added to the rested bonus. Mastery is so hard to get via normal gameplay so I think this is fitting.


    More than just 3 characters per level


    what I would like to see is unique rage special abilities for each different helmet rather than just the one generic one for each bird.


    allow for pigs to drop not only snoutlings, but also items broken down into 4 categories:
    – common (like wood, stone, snoutlings et)
    – rare (harder to get items like berry juice, experience potion, friendship essence)
    – epic (recipes, blue prints for weapons, blue prints for off hand, lucky coin)
    – legendary (legendary set items)

    depending on the pig/enemy each would have a %ge chance of dropping those items after getting killed.


    @uguisu I like the idea. Although the better the pig the harder it would be to beat right?


    replacing the last levels of Chronicle Caves with castles.


    New content besides caves!!!


    Has anyone e-mailed Rovio to inquire about an “accept all” button for gifts? I e-mailed them awhile back and have not had any response.


    I’d like to see an “express” option through the caves. If you ever tried to get from cave 1 to 10, say left a battle on cave 1, and now want to enter a battle on cave 10, it takes a long time as the birds travel virtually through every cave to get to the last one. It wasn’t much of a problem with only three caves, but now with over 10, it’s too long.


    Rovio Account for Windows Phone.


    More battles requiring unique bird combo’s.
    More unique bird abilities.

    Zeke Kaiser

    Ability to buy gold coins with silver coins. Even if it’s an obnoxious ratio of 100:1


    @zekekaiser I wish but that’ll never, ever happen.


    When a friend borrows one of your birds for a dungeon or cave battle, that bird class should earn experience from fighting with your friends birds. So it could come as a message saying, “a friend has borrowed your birds earning 27 experience for that class and one friendship essence!”


    Newbie here. These are my thoughts:

    – Expand the map and no more caves for a while. Right now there are 13 caves. That’s 390 stars from a total of 906. This means 43% of the levels are located inside the caves. Considering the cave levels are much longer than the map levels, most of the gameplay actually happens inside the caves!

    – New birds or new classes. I would like to have a big bird (Terence) that would function in a manner similar to the big pigs. Attack every 2 or 3 turns, doing massive damage. Could dodge weak attacks, similar to Shogun.

    – If a new class is bought, it would be great to provide a way to increase mastery quicker. Right now I have enough gold coins to buy Thunderbird or Skulkers, but I don’t bother buying them, ’cause it would take forever to take them to a reasonable mastery level compared to all my other birds (at least level 7). Maybe offer leveling up them to level 5 (equivalent to old elite) for a big amount of silver coins, or a few (25?) gold coins, only for this specific class, for a limited amount of time after buying it.

    – New “special” set items, providing the habilities a class weapons’ lack. For example, red has stun, chain attack and critical strike, but lacks healing and dispel. It would be great to have a healing weapon for red.

    – Make the daily golden pig roll appear at 0:00, not 24 hours after the last roll. Or, at least, notify how much lasts for the next roll.

    – Allow using friendship essence (5 per roll?) on golden pig rolls.

    – “Items dojo”. Would work similar to the mighty eagle dojo, but you could buy set items for golden coins (50?). It’s great when you get a set item on a golden pig roll, but sometimes it takes forever to obtain the complementary item. I think most people would spend more coins on weapons this way. Sometimes it’s annoying depending so much on luck. It would also solve the problem of repeated set items that many people complain.

    That’s all for now!


    One thing that would put this game above and beyond is a P2P Marketplace. Of course, then they’d be cutting into their own sales by letting players trade for resources.


    This was really @graugeist’s idea, but I think it is great and should be implemented:
    For the Epic events, the potions on the awards wheel should be replaced by +500 mastery for all. As it is, getting potions is a real booby prize. @qalauri


    More than one location to acquire Pumpkins. And with these locations, the chance to get more than one per Spin.


    Don’t know if it’s been mentioned before, but I think the position of the items in the event’s wheel should be random. The way it is, the best result is 1500 for all birds, 1500 for red, 1500 for black. So, it gets harder to improve yellow, white and blues.

    I believe a change in the raw materials/market system would be beneficial:

    A continuous-crafting command would allow players to simply tap a button and have a certain resource crafted down into another resource continuously without having to tap a button each time for crafting (i.e. shiny sand into vials).

    Due to the large amount of resources acquired after beating the Demonic Wizpig, entering Chronicle Cave and therefore having no need of crafting weapons due to increasing dependency on the Golden Pig Machine, there should be an option to sell extra resources for Snoutlings or even Lucky Coins, if valuable enough.

    A PvP (Player vs. Player) environment would also be a beneficial change. Players would battle other players in 3 different events; 2 against 2, 3 against 3, and 4 against 4. Mastery points would be given here as rewards for beating different players; the larger the battle (4 against 4), the more mastery earned. However, since mastery would be easier to earn in these PvP challenges, the current top mastery level would have to be increased to 15, making it harder to achieve a fully mastered bird class.


    One more thing about mastery.

    I think it’s obvious that, at some point, like @chrish15 says, the top mastery level will have to be increased. This, however, raises one problem. Every mastery level gives a 10% increase to the boost factor applied to the birds’ base level.

    Consider this table. We have an imaginary bird with a base attack/health of 300/900.

    Level	Boost	Attack	Health	Increase
    1	0%	300	900	0,00%
    2	10%	330	990	10,00%
    3	20%	360	1080	9,09%
    4	30%	390	1170	8,33%
    5	40%	420	1260	7,69%
    6	50%	450	1350	7,14%
    7	60%	480	1440	6,67%
    8	70%	510	1530	6,25%
    9	80%	540	1620	5,88%
    10	90%	570	1710	5,56%
    11	100%	600	1800	5,26%
    12	110%	630	1890	5,00%
    13	120%	660	1980	4,76%
    14	130%	690	2070	4,55%
    15	140%	720	2160	4,35%

    We see that the higher the level is, the lower the boost is compared to the prior level. This will eventually become a problem if the top mastery level is raised. For example an increase from level 14 to 15 would only be a 4,35% boost. Level 19 to 20 would be only 3,57%!! This would be a little unfair considering the amount of effort required to improve.

    I think a better solution would be that when you level up mastery, a fixed boost is applied to the prior level. Could be 8% up to level 10 and 6% above that. This would be the table

    Level	Boost	Attack	Health
    1	0,00%	300	900
    2	8,00%	324	972
    3	8,00%	350	1050
    4	8,00%	378	1134
    5	8,00%	408	1224
    6	8,00%	441	1322
    7	8,00%	476	1428
    8	8,00%	514	1542
    9	8,00%	555	1666
    10	8,00%	600	1799
    11	6,00%	636	1907
    12	6,00%	674	2021
    13	6,00%	714	2143
    14	6,00%	757	2271
    15	6,00%	803	2408

    I don’t know if it is a glitch or not, but could we have the re-fight option back in Chronicle Cave?

    Grumpy Cat

    @2000mushroom not to sound cynical, but I doubt Rovio would re-enable features they removed to encourage usage of LC.

    Grumpy Cat

    Honestly, Rovio needs to actually participate in these forums more. They don’t have their own official forum, and if your game(s) get really popular you have to get involved in the community to gather feedback and bugs.

    Especially for RPG-style games like these with high longevity potential, you have to cater to a reasonable amount of community-requested features, or at the very least fix the fscking bugs that are reported.

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