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  • TomC

    A total star counter displayed somewhere like in the other AB games.


    For my wish-list, I would like to be able to control what enemy gets hit by Red’s chili attack. It’s very annoying when i’m trying to eliminate a healthy tribal piggy (not to sure of the name, would be more convenient with an encyclopedia that would also be beneficial for formulating a strategy, like in Plants vs. Zombies) who is on the verge of calling for back up, succeeds in carrying out his sinister plan because my attack hits the wizard pig that has full health instead.

    Also a cool, but not necessary feature, would be to challenge your friend’s bird squad to a battle. :)

    Rovio, if you’re out there, thanks for hearing my plea.


    Red attacks the enemy with the most health. It’s not random.

    The Red Bird

    My wishlist:
    – Change dungeons and Caves to allow 3 personal birds (So people without Facebook can enjoy “endgame”), and instead, give a group bonus (buff or loot, doesn’t matter) if you use 2 and a friend instead, to keep the incentive of the friend system.
    – “Fast-play Mode”, essentially making end of combat loot and crafting instant and skip the wheel and dice rolling and individual counting.
    – Reduce reagent crafting from 5 to 3.
    – Add “Craft again” button on the crafting outcome pop-up to speed up multi-crafting.
    – **Add “Swipe Up/Down Class change” so we can change classes as quickly as we change characters in the pre-stage menu.
    – Increase the silver coin drop rate across the game as you level (so you can realistically afford class upgrades).

    For Fun/ Game Improvements:
    – Add stronger and exclusive blueprints to dungeons, cave fights and Egg castles on the wheel, perhaps 3 per area, one blue print on every other slot. This will add replay-value, and add to the nostalgic “boss gear drops” feel that is so imbedded into RPGs.
    – Add “Raid bosses”, as an additional endgame which can drop “set” items (100% chance to drop random piece, only once per week, per “raid”), playable once per week like dungeons but tuned for level 20+ players. Additionally, these bosses should allow 5 bird action.
    – Remove any “lucky coin” requirements for classes, including purchases and being behind friendship gates.

    Those are my thoughts. That’s what’s get me to play even more. At this point, I’ve hit an “end game” wall. No friends high enough for me to use, and the friend system is too random. Snoutlings accumulate too slowly, and farming and crafting is too tedious and time consuming. Thanks for reading. :)


    1) I absolutely wish they would let me change my bird’s class when you click into a level instead of having to back out, hit the egg icon, click the bird, change it’s class, hit back, hit back, click on level again, then click play. This would be a huge QoL change for me.

    2) I also would love if GC friends counted instead of just FB friends. :-/


    @jmeredith06 — I agree with #1, especially since there are some levels where the difficulty of the opponents increases on every restart, even if that restart is to change your line-up of birds. I’ve started using the walkthroughs as a preview of the levels to make sure I have the right? / best? birds before I start.


    I hope the Mighty Eagle Stamp Cards will be “discount cards” for the Mighty Eagle Training Dojo. :)


    Add notification if it want to use mobile data to download something like ABGo


    after doing a golden clouds level the next golden clouds level to be accessible whenever after server’s day restarts not after more than 24 hours passed from the previous golden clouds level, as i am experiencing on my game


    @victordomnescu The Golden Cloud level resets at a specific time — approximately 8PM ET USA.


    It would really be nice if Rovio would change back to some reasonable level of strength and health of the enemies on those levels where they increased it drastically. They should also get rid of the automatic increase in strength each time the level is restarted whether or not you have completed it, and whether or not you are using the replay button. Strength and health of enemies should only increase after you have 3* and your birds have leveled up.


    They should be Dodging: The enemy should have a chance to miss attacks.
    If you’re at Max Level , all the stars should be replaced with Snoutlings to rack up more cash.


    How about adding an undo button or a confirmation when recycling an item via the trash can! I’m sure I’m not the only one who have accidentally thrown away the wrong item.


    The ability to trade snoutlings for coins, as I think has already been mentioned.


    I thought maybe a quest system. (Example: Three star a battle on your first try) After a quest is complete, you’ll get rewarded with any currency.

    This kind of goes hand-in-hand with the idea of having GC friends shown as well as Facebook friends. I thought maybe you could battle your GC and Facebook friends in multiplayer. Like GO, you would receive cash regardless of a win or lose. Losses would reward you with less obviously. ;)

    Finally, I hope that the #3 wish @Amslimfordy posted is put into action.

    If any of the above wishes was mentioned earlier, sorry. :)


    Don’t know if it’s a bug or on purpose, but i would like the abilites that makes the pigs take more damage to also affect damage over time abilities.

    For example, the Druids “thorny vine” dot-damage should be affected by Skulkers “weak spot” that makes the target take +30% damage.

    Sorry in advance for any grammar mistakes:)


    @trulsnert The Thorny Vine is a “poison” type over time damage, should not be affected by Weak Spot.


    1) Wish Rovio would give 1 free roll on Golden Pig machine per day, even if you don’t have a Facebook friend who plays Epoc
    2) Please change golden pig (cloud) back to every day at a fixed time, not 24 hrs since you last played. Rovio said this changed in 1.0.10, and the change really reduces the number of Golden Pigs you get to play drastically, unless you can play at the same time every day.


    A lot of people have “The ability to trade snoutlings for coins” listed on this wish list, but you have to make suggestions that make sense to Rovio. They will never do this because they can’t make money this way unless this suggestion is modified in a way that can make both players and Rovio happy. You can convert a bag of lucky coins (200 coins) to 3000 snoutlings so I would suggest a conversion tool get added to the valuables section where they charge you $.99 for each transaction to convert 3000 snoutlings to 200 coins. This would satisfy everyone since Rovio would make a lot of money and people will have a way to play the game at a lower price. It might even encourage them to play it a lot more to rack up the snoutlings so they can buy the master classes instead of quitting the game out of frustration because they don’t want to spend a lot of money.

    AngryBird TC

    I agree that entering a level with the wrong birds should be resolved because even though you do not battle you lose a “Rested Bonus”

    Squeaky McGee

    Scrapping an item is kind of weird from a UI perspective. Right now, you have to first equip the item you want to scrap, then then hit the Scrap button, and then switch back to the item you want to use. (Assuming you keep more than 1 item of the same type around.)

    Ideally, it should be done by dragging the item onto the scrap button, kind of like dragging a file to the Recycle Bin/Trash on your computer. Or possibly it could be an option on a long-click, but that would interfere with showing the item stats. I like the drag-and-drop option best.

    Likewise, equipping could be done by dragging the item onto your character, while clicking it just brings up the stats (instead of using a long-click, which often results in your finger being in the way of the stat screen).


    I have two items on my wish list (apart from bug fixes)

    1) It is so difficult to get a set item from the golden pig machine, it is heartbreaking to get triplicate and quadruplicates e6tc of items already in your arsenal. For set items it would be so nice to be sure that it is something one does not already have. – it would also encourage people to buy gold coins to feed through the pig to get them. As it is now, the incentive is low, as chances are you only get another that you already have.

    2) Currently you can buy snoutlings with gold coins but not the other way around. I want to be able to buy gold coins with snoutlings – even at an unfavourable exchange rate


    there needs to be a faster way to earn snoutlings. it takes so much mindless grinding to get one elite upgrade. the rested bonus should give double coins too, double experience is almost useless


    I wish I could get Android or IOS push notifications when the Golden Pig Machine is ready to be spun.


    Like other people’s GPM? Or your GPM gets a “Ad for Free Roll”

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