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  • Filip Moravčík


    As there are many new set items already and I believe new will come soon it is getting hard to obtain set even if I spent a lot of Lucky coins on rolling piggy machine with 5x bonus.
    I got same items several times and it is pain in the arse when you just get 3 same items and still plenty to go.

    I wish you to change conditions while obtaining set items.
    Conditions would be simple:
    1. If you have the same level set item, you will not get the same one
    2. If you have one piece of set item, you have higher change to get the other piece, rather then piece from different set

    Also I might consider that with each bigger patch the leveling is going up and you need to collect all set items again? Impossible if I want to have each one!


    My item wishlist:
    – Pig Squire Set
    – Dragon Breath Set
    – Finisher Set
    – Reset Set Set
    – Twin Lightning Set
    – Nightmare Set
    – Artillery Strike Set
    – Save Me! Set (It’s so pretty!)
    – False Coin ONLY (It’s also pretty!)
    – Elite Mage
    – Archmage (If I could,???????)
    – Elite Pirate
    – Sweet! Set (Matilda’s)
    – Angry Bird Banner Head ONLY (Red is so awesome there)
    – All Classes Mastery 15!
    – Moon Priestess (If I could,???????)
    – Elite Knight (Not really, but I HATE the regular one’s looking, so ugly)
    – Elite Cleric (same as above)
    – Grand Slam Set (Not really, but I’m obsessed by the “Golden Red Bird” in combination with EPaladin, Knock Out Emblem, and Angry Bird banner head)
    – Lots of LCs!


    I got an idea how to fix ALL the cheater trouble in ABEpic:

    Rovio creates a department that deals with cheaters and cheaters ONLY. In any game. Not just Epic but also Fight, Transformers, AB2 etc.

    Then, put every player back to “honest player” status to avoid having honest players labelled as cheaters by accident.

    The game gets a mechanism that checks and notes down every score gain of each player.

    Next to each player on a leaderboard, a “Report Cheat” button is added. By tapping this button, the mechanism checks if the score is obtainable through normal means. All scores above 200,000 (NOBODY grinds THIS much, even when bored to death), all negative scores, and all scores that don’t end in a 0 or a 5 are automatically sorted out, the score is labelled as “Cheater” and the player’s Rovio account is banned.
    If the score jumps fall through the grid, all data noted down by the mechanism is automatically sent to the cheater department at Rovio for reviewing.
    They then manually check if the score jumps are legit – 5 points every 2 seconds would count as a cheat, so would 10000 points every 5 minutes, but a jump of up to 6020 (5500 from objectives and 520 being the maximum wheel reward during Arena Bounty in Diamond League) is legit as long as it happens only once.

    All players in the Top 3 are also auto-checked at the end of the week, in order to look for those people that were not reported because their scores were not obvious cheats.


    My wish list – inventing kind a market, where not only purchase possible, but also trade possibility to be present. For example, to trade or sell ready items from potions or simple ingredients into resources and wise-versa.


    Give us a confirmation when buying mastery in the Dojo using LCs or using the Hire button when borrowing birds. It is annoying when you accidently touch a button you didn’t mean to and it costs you 10, 15, or 75 LCs.


    I want a confirm lc spend option for mighty eagle mercenary as I accidentally clicked on it and wasted 15 LCS. im not impressed about that
    EDIT I force closed and went back on and my LCS were back. But still a confirm lc spend option should be implemented


    Okay…some ideas. (Iam Brazilian, them sorry about my bad english)

    1 – No limit level of characther. Yes, exactly. Let us go until the skies. Let us try to make our birds strong like Hulk. We dont have nothing to do on that game. We are stopped in level 60 for a long long time. Let us to fight for power. It make some diference. We will to have some fun on that game.

    2 – New stages with insaneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee difficulty. Something like “dungeons”…or “team dungeons”. Or maybe new quests…or new stages on “cave without the end”(I dont know hot to call that cave in english)…Maybe a new wizpig in a new castle…

    3 – Make a new map…yes…with many many many stages. or maybe make some extensions. ! each two months.

    4 – make offline mode. its cool.

    5 – Give us no limit enchant itens. Why note? only do it hard, but not impossible.

    6 – Give us possibility for enchance “birds abilities”. For example: Red has a Shield that reduce 40% damage? Ok, now is possible enchance it for 41% less damage, or 45% less damage (but do it so hard please).

    7 – New caracthers cool.

    8 – ok…if nothing above is possible, do Angry Birds Epic 2 with new maps, stages, characters but WITH POSSIBILITY TAKE OUR BIRDS AND ITENS FROM ANGRY BIRDS EPIC 1

    9 what about enchance weapons or hand itens with ELEMENTS? yes, water, fire, air, earth, dark and light.

    10 – actualy we got Normal class and Epic class. What about new updates in classes? For example… Blues got Spy class…and Epic Spy…why note some updates (avaiable only after some levels. level 100 for example)…what about “Insane Spy”, or “Angry spy” or “Rage spy”?

    Do you wanna know the true? OK…you all never had a best game than Angry Birds Epic. Its amazing…really. perfect game with insane details, songs, history. Please, dont forgive Angry Birds Epic…


    Come on!!! I told you my wish about no limit level and some new stages on the “cave without end” and you did some easy things?

    1 – You did maximum level 70, right? I was in level 60 and few hours later (exactly. only few hours later) I did from level 60 to level 70 in few hours. Very easy. Do it NO LIMIT LEVEL. LET US GO UNTIL THE INFINITY LEVEL. But do it a bit hard.

    2 – Do new stages on the cave without end and give exlusive rewards. For example new epic itens that can’t be buyed. Exactly…epic itens that can be taked from cave without end…but do it really very very very very very very hard…something like a stage where we cant using potions or another support itens. only our birds…

    3 – Make new update class…for example: Druid – Elite Druid – Dark Druid – Ultimate Druid…
    But change the maximum level…for example. Druid until level 50…elite druid from 50 until 70…dark druid from 70 until 100…ultimate druid from 100 until 120…


    4 – In arena give us the option of “autoplay”…yes, why not?

    5 – make some map extension with new stages. new castles. new bosses.


    6 – Make possible enchance weapons with elementals…water, earth, fire, wind, dark and light…its a rpg, right?

    7 – MAKE NEW CLASSES…yes…for example: “Tanker” for Red; “Black magician” for Chuck; Oracle for White; “James Bond” for Blues (ok Iam kidding). And “Taliban” for Bomb^^…Ok…seriously…Make ” Nuclear explosion” or “Atomic” for bomb;

    You need really good updates for Angry Birds Epic. The best mobile game of this century and sure the best game that Rovio make and Rovio never will make another insaneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee game like this.


    In case you thought so: This is not an official community hosted by Rovio. This is a page from fans for fans. Rovio does read some posts here, but they didn’t make this page or have the idea for the page.

    1. An infinite level is impossible to code. And besides, it would just make it even easier for cheaters to cheat. Rovio should just say “Level 99 is the ultimate maximum” and that’s it.

    2. Rewards for those endless amounts of caves would need to be coded in, too. You can’t just generate them randomly. Plus, an RPG with no ending would turn me off.

    3. Ok, as long as there is a way to obtain these in the game and you don’t have to buy them with Lucky Coins…

    4. I think no arena battle is so simple that we could hand it over to autoplay. Autoplay will lose for us. XD

    5. My words, since months! But Rovio is not interested in a new island…

    6. YES. PLEASE.

    7. I had the Atomics idea before but that was for the Blues ;-;
    Anyway, for now Rovio has the Elite upgrades to give away. I don’t think they will release new classes until they’re through with these.

    …and I disagree that Epic is the best game of the century. There are better ones out there ^^;


    Relly I didnt know about official community.


    1 – No, you wrong. Its possible. How? Easy…

    Normal Class (level 0 – 99) and wipe to…
    Elite Class (level 0 – 99) and wipe to…
    Ultimate Class ( level 0 – 99) and wipe to… well, I think you understood, right?

    2 – About RPG with no end…who play MMORPG dont think about “end” coz is really funny we can go until the skies. Can you imagine some stages really hard with exclusive rewards? Its make some difference in Arena.

    3 – yes, its cool

    4 – Autoplay won’t lose always…actually I use a combination really impossible of lose (90% sure it is). And think about that…”Autoplay” can be used OR NOT. your choice, your risk…hum???

    5 – They can do it like “event”. But a event of months of duration…this is the new map.

    6 – Sure cool

    7 – We need some new classes or classes alternatives…

    Well, Epic is no doubt the best game of the century (FROM ROVIO). IAM TALKING ABOUT GAMES MADE FROM ROVIO and about turn rpg for mobiles (with that new idea.) Epic is really a original game like no other. with so many details and a nice story…well, hughs and cya.


    I would like the pigs on map levels to match my level


    Would be really cool for a “Hard” mode.


    @RedYoshi45 that is kind of what is happening now, I dont know if you played now, but the levels after the four egg are now realy hard.


    I hear you. I started a new game on a second account a while back, it definitely became a lot harder.


    My wish:
    More lands to explore (new quests) according to your level like 50-75 piggy island. Only birds between that level can enter. For example, you 49 illusions cannot but your 51 wizard can. And it has its own storyline. No point without a story line. I know it’s a lot but that would be fantastic. Thank you!


    I wish the caves would continue to give a daily bonus after completing the last cave.


    Wait. So there ARE bonus chests in the caves but ONLY before completing the last cave?
    This used to be different before 2.0.0………


    True for me. No more treasure chests. Gee what a surprise for completing the caves.


    i am yet to defeat boss at 18th level and i havent seen video chest since 2.0 update


    No video chests is not just a thing for when you finish the whole cave. I have seen none in the past few weeks and I am in the burning plains (cave 5).


    my idea consist on adding a “reward” in mastery points through arena certified battles. In order to balance things, it could be given at a lower rate compared with standard island battles. When you win against an opponent stronger than you, you’ll win more mastery rather than fighting weaker ones. You can state that no mastery could be won fighting and winning weaker opponents, for example. It could spice the pre-game improving strategies to fight and exploit AI-piloted team with higher levels than yours.

    Give more ways to find / recycle / obtain enchantment shards. Actually, aside buying them on McCool shop, you have 8 from calendar in a month and 40 from Arena in the same time, but It is subdued to FE lucky re-spins on Arena finale wheel. It is a little too slow, if you plan to bring more than the single Paladin Breath Dragon Weapons’ Set to enchantment level 10 before finding the entire game routine a little bit boring and quit the game ;-)

    Just my 2 cents.


    Customizable auto-play sequences’ moves for your team: this feature/routine could improve a lot the ROI of any single autoplayed match. If you can set up before the match the sequences’ of moves od your birds through a user friendly control panel, you could improve your winning rate and different birds moves combinations.

    Rainbird nor Druid could heal less than kick; Thunderbird could abuse of his secondary ability as well as skullkers or sea dog but with the right timing during the match, and so on.
    In this way you can your “combo” be player and iterated even during Boeing auto-play games optimizing result.

    I Hope It Will help


    It would be nice to have at our disposal a “summarizing clock table” somewhere on the screen where we can find not only events’ countdown but even the daily recurring ones like next Dojo trips or next GoldenPig appearance or next free video spins at GPM or GPAM and so on…

    It is really annoying to mentally keep track of the next to come daily or intraday things to do when they are so many, so crucials but with really few remaining “Real Life time” to use for games.

    It is a fair way to have a Win-Win situation for Gamers and Rovio



    1) I d’like to be able to send more gifts to my friends like coins and weapons. This could extremely help people new to the game.

    2) Could you update the google play achievements? I started the game a few months ago and I will never be able to get a veteran class.


    the best idea for angry birds epic is a battle creator

    here are my ideas:
    -drag and drop any pig from the game

    -customize pig’s stats and his name (example. The Great Porker HP 99807 Deals 1255 Damage Immune to harmful effects

    -choose a chronicle cave effect or not

    -customize special rules

    -customize waves 1-10

    -tap and hold to read abilities

    -part of game NOT a website on the computer

    -change background and soundtrack

    i really hope this is not asking too much of them.



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