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  • Monkton

    Should be a better reward system for this lucky coins AND elimination of the PAY a friend dungeon function. Could you see this happen I an MMO, yes, but not for obscene amounts and it should be voluntary, not forced. A lot more birds for the dungeon to at least four.


    @tdcmoncton You don’t have to pay for anything in the Daily Dungeon. The only things that actually “cost” anything are:

    • Using the Mighty Eagle as your friend,
    • Trying to access a previously-defeated Daily Dungeon on a day other than its own.

    DH Kim

    Am I the only one to find the map is barely legible? Quite hard to find where’s where.


    We’re working on a labeled map for everyone :)


    Epic should have friend invite codes. Relying on Facebook friends is annoying. I’d rather post my code or add codes to gain friends.


    We are asking Rovio if they can add GameCenter friend support, which I think would address your concern @Simply.


    That would make a huge diffence. Thanks for the quick update.


    Would be fun to have PvP arena. Players matched by level bring in their teams without knowing the opponent’s formation. Also should be fight of honor (no potion.) Maybe even with prize coins on a pay-to-attend basis.

    League table will be nice incentive as well.

    DH Kim

    PvP should be a terrific idea!


    I would like to have a zoom out function, and a tap to go from that screen that would zoom back in based on where the screen was tapped. Assuming that future releases will expand the “world” we have to work with, this will become more beneficial.

    Top score by level would be nice, but with somewhat random opponents, this varies quite a bit.


    @burbman Zoom out on the map can be done by “un-pinching”.


    Where is Terrence? Where is boomerang bird? That puffy bird?
    I would love to play with more than 3 birds on at one time, the pigs could have 5 on at once
    Another adventure for the birds, more story pls
    Take away the need for internet connection
    More ways to earn lucky coins
    More free spins for better weapons and armour
    Take away the lv cap of 25 and increase it to 50


    This is the initial release. They need to leave room for additions later on.


    I think many of us would like to play the game without internet connection
    (excuse me for my bad english)


    Rovio has said that’s not possible. Too much relies on international timestamps.


    @amslimfordy : Do you know why the synchronisation doesn’t work like in AB Go, ABO and ABSW 2 ?

    When I pass from a support to the other one, I have to disconnect my account Rovio of the support that I leave (and so force the saving of my progress on the account Rovio) to connect me then on the support where I am going to play.

    And if on the support on which I am going to play, my account Rovio is connected, the risk that my recent saving progress is erased by that still present on this one exists unfortunately.

    While on ABO and ABSW 2 the synchronization is completed.
    On AB Go, the game gives the choice between local saving and icloud.

    But AB Epic, it is not very functional. You did not have this problem during these 3 months of test ?



    Rovio should preview the type of pig that we are going to encounter in each level…i hate it when i play a level and realise when it is the wrong type of bird and abilities being used (i.e: especially when certain pig abilities that avoid damage on certain threshold)


    I’d like to use my GC friends, I live in China, so facebook is blocked, which means I have to use in game currencies to open gates and get friendship essence.


    Some more instructions, and context sensitive HELP would be great. Most of the time, I have no idea of what I am doing


    Fb friends on iPad version do not load. A way to force the reloading of friends.


    Piggy Preview : function to see what piggies awaiting us in the mission.
    Especially piggy with Ironclad and Dodge, which make us no choice but return to change gears at nest.
    Or just add a warning sign to tell us that ‘Ironclad inside !’ or ‘Dodge is here !’ or something like that.

    Quantity Check : tab the resource image anywhere to check how many of them I have.
    While farming resource, I have to return to map and go to nest just for checking the quantity.
    But you can make it easier ;)

    By the way
    I’m playing version 1.0.9 on Windows Phone 8.1
    The game crash too often (since 1.0.8), I lost all 10 borrowed birds without any fight yesterday.
    Can you fix this ?


    I really wish we could do something with some of the crafting materiel like Banana, Snow Berry, etc. when they aren’t useful anymore.

    I can’t even make Banana Juice or Snowberry Juice so I feel like an option to convert them into seeds would be nice (I know it’s not realistic, but we are playing as birds fighting pigs). Or at least make the levels that drop them instead drop seeds.

    I just don’t see the point in making there be an item that literally has 0 use after you upgrade your potion juice.


    I would like to see the following:
    1) Legendary items should scale with level.
    2) Improve map, it is a mess.
    3) A weekly 20 lucky coins spin in the lottery.
    4) GC friends.


    Would be nice if you had to confirm purchase of something with lucky coins, etc. Just accidentally bought a potion I didn’t want while trying to scan the screen (and used up more than half my gold coins). Also bought some equipment the other day by mistake.
    You can return the equipment if you don’t need it (sometimes / all-the-time?), but there doesn’t seem to be a way to return potions.

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