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  • Version 1.3.3 has just been released for iOS and Android:

    – ENCHANTMENT – Upgrade your equipment to new epic levels!
    – HOLIDAY MINI-CAMPAIGN – Battle your way through a winter wonderland!
    – NEW BOMB CLASS – Unlock the Frost Savage!
    – NEW SET ITEMS – Find them in the Daily Login Calendar!
    – BUGFIXES and performance improvements

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  • Angry Johnny

    Since I am not playing on iOS, can someone clarify what “– ENCHANTMENT – Upgrade your equipment to new epic levels!” actually means?

    Power Pork

    Maybe adds power just like in AB Fight


    Guys I will play on an iOS emulator and see the update

    Green Whacker

    I have tried it and it will increase attack and health powers on your set items by using craft items and shard items.

    I got my dragonset up to level 1 and I got 3 questions…

    1) If we get a higher level of a set item, do we have to enhance upgrade those all over again?

    2) What is the max enhancement level we can upgrade those set items to?

    3) Where do we get more of the shard items?


    What happened with the calendar?



    Good questions, need answers too.


    Guys pls share some screenshots about the new update.


    Another way of making us spend on obtaining fragments of enhancement…


    Calendar is now in settings, at left bottom corner


    Same max Mastery Level? That was my biggest concern.


    Available for Android as well.


    to show the fragments and upgrades:


    max level is 10 for a stagerring (starting from level 0): 1901x floatsam + 55x fragments + 1455 coins…

    Green Whacker


    So you’re saying the set items max level is 10? I suppose you had a huge amount of LC to purchase a bunch of shards?

    I gotta make sure my set item is level 52 itself before doing upgrades on it.. otherwise doing upgrades on a lower level of set items would be a waste..


    So, flotsam is the only (basic) ingredient for upgrades?
    That means farming…


    No, you can use all materials.
    If you farmed SRC for upgrade your rank, material isn’t your problem. Only shards.

    This novelty is possible only for 2 conditions:
    – the level 50 is the definitive maximum level (golden star would it mean it ?).
    – a free way (but length) to accumulate shards.

    If these cumulative conditions are not respected, it is about the biggest swindle of the game. We want answers.


    The enchantment is pretty cool, shards are used for Set Items, and max lvl for enchant depends on the stars you have: 10-3 stars,6-2 stars, 4-1 star,2- 0 stars.


    I’m with @grimmjow if we have to pay for shards or if the weapons we enchant are made obsolete this is just adding another layer of grinding to a game that already has a lot of grind to get to the max.

    I’d be fine if the enchanting mechanic was used to “upgrade” your lower level set items to max level. Maybe that form of enchanting could use some Lucky Coins since we wouldn’t be using as many Lucky Coins on the GPM.


    I’m sure this is adding more grinding to the grind for those of us who are level 50 and looking for an edge in Arena.

    I’m not sure I like this equipment leveling business until I understand how it works. Esp with obsolete Set Items.

    You’d think we’d at least be able to “merge” old and new items of the same type or features, reducing inventory bloat in the process.


    I also noticed that there is now a timer on the Golden Pig machine when you want an ad for a free roll.


    It looks to me like there is now an added benefit of having the gold anvil, in that I start each level of enchantment with a base starting point of +10%. Anyone with the diamond anvil want to take a look and see where you start each level of enchantment?

    Also, It appears that basic materials are worth ~1.43% enchantment per unit, Second tier Materials are worth ~3.69% per unit, and top tier materials are worth ~9.5% per unit. So it looks to be to your advantage to convert basic materials up to the top tier before converting to enchantment (works for all but flotsam, which does not convert to anything)

    My past observations show that a standard anvil produces just over 2 of the next tier material per 5 item upgrade, and the golden anvil produces approx. 3 per five. I do not have the diamond anvil, so I cannot test that one.

    I guess the one thing that we will have to wait and see on here is if there is any way to obtain shards outside of LC purchases. I suspect we will start seeing them on monthly calendars and in events.

    To answer some other questions here, it does not appear that enchanting one item will carry over to other versions of the same weapon/offhand, so I would not recommend enchanting anything less than the currently strongest version of the item. I did not look to see if recycling an enchanted item yields any more than the regular version does.

    Green Whacker

    Folks, I scrapped a older set item and I got an shard for it along with friendship essence so I guess that’s the other way to get more shards other than spending LCs.


    So, i upgraded my ballista bow and living lightning weapons to enchantment level 10 following the update.

    It goes up to level 10 enchantment.
    With each increasing level it requires more resources.
    You can upgrade from level 0 to 10 in one sitting, it takes 55 of the shards.
    Each enchantment level takes its equivalent shards to level up (eg level 2 will require 2 shards, level 10 will require 10, for a total of 55).

    The weapons are hella strong, my mastery 12 trickers are hitting 5850s when the crit kicks in (without boosts).
    Enchantment 12 ballista bow


    Make sure you equip Red with your best set weapon before downloading the update because I was equipped with a level 47 Dragontooth and it wouldn’t let me cancel or switch items during the tutorial it makes you go through to upgrade your weapon. Currently the max level for set items is level 52 not level 50 like many people here have incorrectly stated.

    Scrapping banner set items will give you a shard, but not regular set items.


    This new upgrade is going to make the arena even more unfair since there are a lot of cheaters that used an unlimited lucky coins hack and they will be able to instantly upgrade all their equipment and banner items to ridiculous levels now and there is nothing Rovio can do about it since they can’t tell the people who used the hack for unlimited coins apart from the ones who bought their coins.


    @dragonofheart73 — I did not get a shard when I scrapped an older set item. I am on IOS.

    — I don’t see any 10% base starting point for enchantment.

    — When / how are you asked to spend shards?

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