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  • chaucer

    Not sure if this is a bug or not but i’ve been keeping track of the “coin flip” over the past week and I win only 13% of the time. Thats not much of a coin flip. This should lean more towards 50% like a true coin flip would.


    @chaucer — I suggest sending your data to Rovio support. It seems that a lot of their chance-based awards / turns aren’t close to what anyone would expect from a fairly weighted chance.



    I apologize if this is listed already but I’m having trouble getting my Facebook account to link. I am playing Epic on an iPad 2. I authorized the app and it is listed on my Facebook page. But when I try to login to my Facebook account from the Angry Birds Epic app it will go to the Facebook app briefly before restarting the Angry Birds Epic app. Now that I have some Facebook friends who play Epic (thank you!) I want to be able to use it but I’m not able to get it to work. What am I doing wrong? Thank you for your help!



    @chaucer: Have you checked how your bird died? The bird will not get a tic in the round that it died. So if he died from some secondary effect like Sticky Goo when starting YOUR round, he will NOT get a tic. I use this to my advantage (because ist works the other way round too), relying heavily on Rouges and Druid in my Arena Battles and winning even against higher levels and when loosing the coin toss.


    I’ve really loved the game in the last few days..
    It keeps crashing during a PVP battle, so I need to shut down the app, and of course when I open it again, it takes away one game of the daily 3 (assuming I would have lost anyway…???) ;)
    Moreover, I can start the battle about 1/10 time on coin flip
    Really hard to climb up the leader-board with these conditions =( =(


    Well, where to start…

    1)crashing the game during Pvp battle=losing the battle for NO REASON-check;
    2)coin toss ratio below any possibility-check;
    3)league leaders starting week with high score-check;

    And now the fun begins:
    I finished previous leauge on second place, got promoted, and new week starts. After maybe 5-6 PvP battles, about half hour play, leader was having 12k points. Considering that acheving all day goals gives you maybe 6k points thats reeeally nice boost for the start of the weekend. Oh bother, what Im expecting, its “just a game” Then game crashed TWICE, obviously i lost twice-THAAAAANK YOU… And then, the final icing on cake-coin toss. Or, i should say-THE coin toss. From yesterday evening until today I have lost only 11 coin toss IN A ROW. Ok, maybe I’m not mathematical genius, but thats simply impossible with normal and fair coin toss. After that i win 2 coin toss in a row(what a suprise), But then I lost another 3. So, in total, it was 2 from 16.
    Nice job rovio, really nice job…


    Has anyone checked to see if the coin toss in Arena play is weighted to give the lesser-mastery team an advantage? Just a thought…

    I still think they should turn off knock-outs in the first round of fighting, and that would alleviate a good deal of unfairness. Or, as someone else mentioned, have all battles be two-wave, the first with the right team going first and the second wave with the left side going first (and allowing for ties, I guess?).


    EDIT: I suppose I could check the coin-toss/mastery idea myself, but I don’t waste time with Arena play since it doesn’t really benefit my birds for any non-arena aspects of Epic…


    Has anyone checked to see if the coin toss in Arena play is weighted to give the lesser-mastery team an advantage? Just a thought…

    Doesn’t matter if you fight against stronger/weaker oponent. You will not start the battle if game is not in the mood for this, no chance.


    I’ve lost the coin toss against equal or better mastery opponents. It doesn’t seem to be any correlation.



    Well, a full study would have to take the whole distribution into account. I’m not saying the lower-mastery team will always win the toss, just that there might be a better chance. Someone would have to do a lot of coin tosses, keeping track of the relative strength of the opponent to see if there was some sort of weighting going on.

    So, a LOT of data. And no, I don’t expect anyone to do that since I myself am not willing to do it. *smile*



    I use the german Version of Epic and have a bug at Wizpig’s Castle. When he grows up after I defeated him the first time, I can’t choose any bird to attack him. All actions are disabled. I can only reset the battle or return to the island. I need help. Sorry for my bad Englisch! :)


    Is this a bug or not?

    In Arena battle, about once per game, hitting an enemy bird will actually cause the enemy bird’s health to increase! I’ve tried checking all the banners, all the birds’ stats, and the weapons, and nothing seems to indicate this is something that should be happening.


    @osagej4 This is likely occurring when either Chuck (with Reborn) or Blues (with Save Me!) are revived by these set items.


    The same !
    I was wondering the same question

    Daniel Joseph Feldman

    Ok, I have been an epic fan from day one. And as soon as the arena battles and the Christmas is Coming events launched, the whole thing became so frustrating I find myself losing much interest in the game, and I defintely play less frequently. Here are the bugs that REALLY bug me and have been going on for almost a month now with no signs that anyone is concerned or fixing what seem to be “minor” issues. Who am I to judge what a “minor bug” is other than these are major irritations:

    1) cupcake trap, reflect and so forth that shows a graphic vine on a bird or enemy no longer show any vine or indication that the spell is on! Sometimes I hit an opponent and bam! watch my health take a punch, only to look at the enemy properties and they have an active Reflect spell that there is no longer any graphic for. This sucks.

    2) you changed the rules for replaying battles on the island and caves! I can no longer borrow a bird for battle replays …. In fact the replay button has been removed altogether. Some of the caves have 12 wave battles which takes me an hour to get through. To lose to an unexpectedly powerful opponent at the end abs then NOT being able to use my borrowed bird again in a rematch really stinks. My progress through the caves has slowed down so significantly that I hardly play them anymore. Changing the rules on borrowing birds for battle restarts sucks.

    3) the graphics for red’s paladin devotion do not distinguish when he has the shield applied to himself when he is also protecting another. This is not a new suck. This has been an ongoing suck that I kept hoping would be fixed by now. But alas, it still sucks.

    4) the Golden Pig Machines rainbow riot makes me want to go into the street and pull my gay friends hair out and start a riot. The ratio for set items must be broken or it just sucks cat hair balls. Supposedly, it is three times more likely for a set time during a rainbow riot. I bought 200 gold coins for $9 a few weeks back for a riotous rainbow golden pig extravaganza. But to my surprise, I played 3 20g rolls and got nothing but lesser crap than what I had, instantly scrappable. 140 more gold (46 more 3g rolls) and I got only ONE new set item and ONE upgrade to an existing set item. All the rest was scrappable crappable. I got the stupid feather broom thing with a rubber glove FIVE times (120 points lower than anything I aleeady had) and a bunch of other junk, many of them repeated. Honestly, there is something totally completely and utterly wrong with the algorithm for awarding items, especially during a rainbow riot. In nearly 50 rolls to only get two set items (one was when the rainbow bar was all the way filled so it was forced to give me ONE) … If that represents 3 times greater chance of getting something, then we are talking about normal odds of about 1 in 75 rolls or 225 gold coins. And there I was $9 lighter and two set items with the jumping sparkling pig saying I had 2 minutes left to deposit any more of my money. The jumping sparkling dancing rainbow rioting pig can go jump and sparkle its way off the Golden Gate Bridge for all I care. Gay people do not suck but Rainbow riots totally suck.

    5) why isn’t there a jump to the nest from nearly every screen? Why not? I am dying to know this. Who wants to jump back to the island, back to the nest, back to the island, just to change a weapon. Can you imagine how far Batman would have gone in his career if every time he wanted to switch from the finger taser to his collapsible bat sword he would have to go all the way back To the bat cave bt have to go thru City Hall first every time, he would have gone Batty? You get the point… How hard is it to put a link in to the best nearly everywhere, or even at the start of a battle, to click a character and change its class, weapon, or shield. How hard? Batman wants to know. Not having nest links everywhere sucks.

    6) the frozen battle dilemma! Oh brother don’t get me started. The number of times I lost 3 arena battles in a row due to stupid game glitches is enough to make me call my mother and ask her if I could move back home. How hard is it to see that a game did not end naturally or that the program was stuck in a loop, and not to count that against the player. One arena battle I had SQUASHED the enemy into zucchini bread, and it just sat there, the enemies tattered banner on the ground, my enemies crying in agony over my brutal assault, and nothing. No scoreboard, no clicks on the screen would work. Soon I was the one crying in agony. “No you stupid effing game!! What the eff!?” Sadly, after letting it sit in its frozen state for a half hour, I sadly turned off the iPad to find that indeed Epic had scored me as the loser and it was my third strike for the day, and I had to medicate to stop myself from hurting someone nearby. Yes, oh yes indeed, the crashes and the losses, and the losses and game crashes, most indubitously suck.

    I would live to demand immediate repairs by such and such date. But blah … Rovio has bigger fish to fry. Oh wait, they fry bacon. I guess I’ll keep dreaming as long as they continue to let this game suck. Just sayin …



    I feel your pain, though I have not been affected by the replay issue in caves (had them all done before the update came out). And while I only use Porky and Pigiana, I still will miss the replay when research or bad luck ends me up dead mid battle (when new caves are released). Not sure what 12-wave battles you are referring to, though — I have never seen such a thing. All Caves go 3, 5, 7, 7, 10, 5, 7, 10, 10, Boss (I am working from memory on that, but cannot recall a 12-wave battle, ever, anywhere in the game.)

    Red’a Paladin shield (Devotion) has another issue — I don’t think it applies when taking a hit on all birds. I mean, how could it — the graphic wouldn’t even look right, as Red can’t very well step in front of another bird while already being hit himself, can he? In any case, it doesn’t seem to work right. I’ve actually never tried it on two birds at one time, but I completely believe you that it would be buggy (or not present correctly).

    As for the rest, I do think the odds of rolling Epic are pretty low. I have had several weeks where saved up LC provided about 7-10 rolls-worth, and got no Epics even during “CRAZY” time. If you are also seeing droughts when spending on the 20 LC option…man, I am not sure what the odds are set for there. I only use the 3 LC option because that is all I can afford. *smile*

    I’d appreciate a jump to nest (or just easier way to swap out weapons and headgear) being easier. And I always want to add that I would love some automation when performing alchemy or forging. There are no ads during those clicks anyway, so why force us to tap literally hundreds of times to make a bunch of potions from raw materials? That’s the kind of grind that NOBODY finds fun. I recently cauldroned around 300 veggie cakes from seeds and crystal water, and we are talking about 600-700 taps for that. Very irritating.



    @braindandy — Your best bet for Rovio fixing any of these problems is to send a copy of your complaints directly to Rovio support. Hope you realize that ABN is not part of, or controlled by Rovio.
    There is a separate forum thread on the Golden Pig machine, which has some statistics. We (ABN members posting in that thread) would love for you to contribute any statistics you might have.
    For one, I stopped playing the arena battles quite a while ago when I realized they did not help with the rest of the game.
    I agree completely with all of your gripes, except for the one about Paladin. Will have to check to see if it’s changed.


    @braindandy — Re Paladin — If you are talking about Paladin in non arena battles, the graphic for devotion does appear differently when applied to others or to himself. In both cases it is a white circle with rotating shields on it. When it is applied to others the circle is around the other bird, and there is a white link between Paladin and that other bird. If you apply devotion to the Paladin, a white circle with rotating shields appears around the Paladin. It is possible to have devotion applied to all birds simultaneously.
    If you were talking about the arena; I’m not sure if it’s different.


    In the PvP arena the last couple of days, when I hit the crossed swords in the lower right corner, it can take as many as ten taps to get an opponent lined up, sometimes never and I have to exit the arena and go back in to get somebody to fight. Not sure if this indicates that Rovio is doing some vetting of potential opponents, or if there is some other reason for the new delay.


    I have had this happen on so many countless battles. It happens regardless if it’s a damage over time effect or direct damage. 70% or more of my birds do not get a tick and the computer birds always get one. This does happen most commonly in the first round but I’ve watched and it continues all throughout the game. There have been many games where all my birds take the full three turns while the pc birds never once take three turns. I’ve been beaten by a much weaker team as a result. It is very frustrating.



    I found an very useful bug (i don’t know if this was reported):Every time when I tap on my golden pig machine my rainbow bar is filled slightly by piggy mc’cool.I used this bug to get all the set items.

    ah it seems i’m not the only one who noticed this.


    @karnov This is definitely a bug, but it can be explained by the following sequence of events. I believe this is how it is coded (not confirmed), and thus the explanation for the bug:

    1. Attacks are ordered.
    2. The turn is considered over. Any bird currently knocked out gets a “TICK”.
    3. Helpful and harmful effects are applied. Birds who just earned their third “TICK” are revived. Birds who are knocked out by a harmful effect do NOT earn a “TICK” because that logic was applied in step (2).
    4. Repeat for the other team.

    The way to fix this would be to split step (3) into two pieces: Apply harmful effects should be logically applied between steps (1) and (2), while apply helpful effects and revive should be applied in its existing location.


    In arena, I just had my opponent use a rage chili on bomb, and then use a rage chili on chuck in the same turn…

    Any one else experience this?


    @rpbthree I can confirm, same situation, extremely devastating and will surely lead to defeat.

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