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  • Chris

    I think Rovio should have thought of that. They should not release updates for different devices at different times.

    Drinks pink ink

    My daily dungeons aren’t unlocking on the day they’re supposed to (or ever). I play them once and they never reopen. It’s been weeks.


    Hey I’ve noticed something recently on my ipad version. The golden pig machine is available to use in my friends camp, but when I tap on their pic to go there it doesn’t load up and then all of a sudden all the items in my camp are unable to load after attempting to tap on them. Anyone know why? Thanks


    For me there is no red key is not fix the problem what can happen?


    @sw0rdf1sh @sergiofunhouse @shaungy This is caused by your friend running v1.0.12 and you running v1.0.11. It will fix itself when you update to v1.0.12.

    The Red Key is obtained at the end of Cave 1.


    @Silvergirl @Amslimfordy -thank you, that explains it. Any schedule when is v1.0.12 gonna be available in iOS?


    I’m having a problem with going to a friend’s nest. There is a free roll for one of my friends and when I click on his name, it does nothing and I just see my nest but I cannot open anything like the birds or the anvil. When I click back, it’ll take me back to my nest. It’s like it won’t load my friend’s nest.

    I’ve deleted the game and re-installed it and that didn’t fix anything. I have the most recent version too.


    Thanks @amslimfordy, do you know when it will come to iOS?


    Grrr! — I’m having the same problem! Can’t access the free Golden Pig on one friend’s account. Does this mean we don’t get any free rolls until v1.0.12 comes out for the rest of us?!!! @AMSlimfordy — Seems like this is worth a huge ping to Rovio.


    Castle 5, the castle with Wiz Pig, Prince Pig, and King Pig, doesn’t seem to give you any exp or snoutlings for killing the bosses on wave 5. I tried this 3 times, and in the past, Wiz Pig, Prince, and King, would all give exp and snoutlings; and this was a very good way to get exp. Why is it not giving any exp or snoutlings anymore. Just to clarify, it is only on wave 5.


    @sw0rdf1sh @sergiofunhouse @mvnla2 There is no reason to ping Rovio. This is an inherent issue with data files in general: Backwards compatibility is easy; forwards compatibility is impossible. Try opening a .docx file on an old version of MS Word. The issue will correct itself when v1.0.12 lands for iOS, so we just have to sit tight until then.

    Please read a few posts before asking questions. It’s was answered directly above your post.


    Got it, thanks for the heads up!


    I’ve had this daily dungeon issue for a while (couple weeks tops, where no matter what day or dungeon I try, it just says it opens up next week), some days I can get one to work (last night I got to play Friday’s), but today, none of them are open again.

    This started with .11 and continues into .12. Harder to make snoutlings!

    Anyone else?


    Today i got problem with buying one of the IAP’s in the store. After buying a pack of 60 lucky coins, my game crashed, restarted and i didn’t got the coins (also Gmail wasn’t informing me about succesful purchase). Now i also everytime when trying to buy it again, message appears with text “Purchase failed”. Help :(
    EDIT: The mail from Gmail appeared confirming the purchase – still though, i didnt get the coins.


    This is something you’ll have to take up with Rovio or your gaming company @gulgor0


    Isn’t there any other option? I am just slightly sad with lost piece of money, but now i think about re-purchasing it, but just the error appears.


    An error like that cannot likely be cleared by anything within user power. Perhaps Rovio and/or your device company can clear it up. If you have the receipt, it shouldn’t take long to fix.


    You can now safely install Epic on another phone, log in to your account Rovio and does not remove the progress in the game? Because I remember that was the problem.


    For those waiting for the iOS update, it’s available now.


    My account have the same problem with @gulgor0
    Where should i report this to Ravio?


    None of my friends timers are going down. Theyre all stuck at 11:59:59. Has anyone experienced something like this? I just updated to 1.0.12.


    I’ve been having a crash on my Kindle after upgrading to .12. When I attempt to watch the video to get a free roll on the golden pig machine, it crashes ABE. Same thing if I try to watch a video to get free pig berry juice, or even if a video comes up in an ad. Anyone else experiencing this?

    Glad to see that the max level has been increased to 29, but I’ll probably be up to that level by the weekend.


    Since upgrading to 1.0.12 I am no longer getting rested bonuses. Is this happening to anyone else?


    I have encounter an issue ever since the latest update of angry bird epic for iOS. It stated that “balancing data download failed. Please restart the app and try again later”. In the other hand, it got stuck while loading balancing data. Please help me! @amslimfordy


    @sjmike yeah im not getting rested bonus too.

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