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  • Sandini

    this has happened to me twice after a revive in the chronicle caves. I’m bummed.


    @hadinaamne Unfortunately, nothing can be done from a user perspective. You manipulated the internal clock of your device, and unfortunately this is a consequence.


    I just completed the last cave, 5.10 and when I exited I went from 103 coins to 88… so somehow lost 15 coins.

    I checked my potions afterwards and I had at least 10 of each so not a case of accidentally buying a potion when I had run out.

    I didn’t get the chest on the wheel… Annoying!


    Two bugs.

    Dungeons aren’t resetting. Not on the days they claim, or ever. I’m level 20, never seen a dungeon reset since I beat it the first time.

    Friends are resetting. Sometimes when I close the game it disconnects me from Facebook and I lose my friends and THEREFORE I never get to roll the golden pig, because they’re not “friends” for more than a day.


    I hope someone can help me as I have no idea what further action I can take.

    About three days ago, the game became very glitchy on my phone. I first noticed it when I tried to start a battle and the game froze.
    It’s like the game wasn’t able to load all of the content. I haven’t been able to start a battle ever since.
    The animation and the sound are still there but nothing happens when I press any of the buttons.
    I can’t use the Magic Anvil at the Camp either. The game freezes frequently.

    I took some screenshots to show you what it looks like when it’s stuck.
    When I try to start a battle:
    When I try to access the bird’s equipment:
    When I try to use the magic anvil:

    I have contacted Rovio but I have had no response yet. Hopefully they’ll get back to me this week.
    In the meantime, I was wondering if anyone else has come across this bug/problem?

    Rebooting my phone and reinstalling the game did not work.

    I am playing on a Samsung Galaxy S4 with Android 4.4.2.
    It happened just out of the blue. I did not change anything on my phone.

    I hope someone has heard of this problem and can help me to fix this


    @mishatje it seems that your device has a hard time trying to load the assets needed, it may happen due to compatibilitty issue, corrupted resources (the ones who don’t get destroyed when reinstalling) or any issue of this kind. Try cleaning your files before reinstalling.


    Bug No.1: Demonic WizPig’s kobolds attack as soon as sumoned, with no attack animation.
    Bug No.2: Sometimes Demonic WizPig’s kobolds don’t appear before his attack, but appear the second round after, consuming them as soon as they are summoned, giving the player no chance of killing them.
    Bug No.3: The Mighty Eagle picture it’s rendered in the top right corner instead of the bottom right. (Mighty Eagle’s Dojo Training Screen)
    Device: AllviewSpeedDuo Tab, Android 4.1.1


    @ticka I’ve noticed that the dungeons do not reset at the proper time or proper days too but I always have one unlocked. Check the other days not necessarily the actual day and at least one should be open.

    Also, I have the same issue with the level three cherry juice not being marked as sold. Cant move on to the next rank. Same issue with some classes and weapon recipes, I’ve already purchased them but they are still marked for sale.


    If you change your Facebook password, you can’t update it in the game, and you no longer get the Facebook benefits.


    @netguru69 Sign out of Facebook from ABEpic. Go to your device settings and log out of Facebook. Sign in with your new password on your device. Sign in in Epic.


    I tried doing that but it did not help. What I did find out is that AB Epic does not freeze when I start a new game. It will get stuck whenever I synchronize my Rovio account.


    @Kalel – I had encountered the same problem with the pig cherry juice keep showing up after I purchased it. It finally says sold out. Had the same issue with the cake.

    – Game crashes on my iPad and Galaxy Star Plus Duos also.

    – I always have this problems. Friends reappear after some time or I have to manually log out and back in.

    This may or may not be a bug, but I noticed that the special offer hasn’t changed in days. I keep getting the same offer pig cherry juice for 50 snoutlings. I have over 200 now. It would be nice if I got offered the cakes or chilies instead.


    Sometimes – not everytime though – a three stars roll on the dice results in no stars when counting out potions. This only started happening after I bought the golden cauldron.


    Bug report: The recipe of fruit cake rank 4 appeared right after I bought it.


    Not sure if it’s been reported yet but the videos seem bugged. On few occasions when watching videos for added bonuses before battles and for free items i.e health potions or free gold pig rolls I would watch the video till the download screen or returned to original screen and a message would pop up saying that I didn’t watch the full video.


    @red84 the length of the videos and the videos itself vary from country to country, some videos don’t have the minimum length, so they appear as invalid, even if you watched the whole video.


    I was doing the fight in the 2nd cave (One after getting the red key) the fight at the gem chest half way through. During the fight i revived my birds and my top bird failed to respawn. It showed the circle where he should have been and after having my other birds fight the only thing i could do is hit the auto fight button which just skipped his turn. Then when the enemies hit my invisible bird it just locked up the whole thing.I have 2 pictures but im not very good with computers and having issues attaching. If required i can send through email


    Bug in Battle

    I can not attack the evil wizard with the prince pig… the place holder is off to the side, and I am not allowed to attack. This has been attempted 3 times, and i have the same result. Can some one grant me gold snoutlings for the inconvenience?!

    If you can not see picture clearly, it is also located in my album.


    @colonelx420 ABN can’t grant you coins for any in-game inconvenience, nor Rovio. This may be fixed in a future update, as it seems that it occurs frequently for some users.


    @colonelx420 — Rovio has been known to give people coins for in-game problems. You should contact Rovio support directly. Tell them your platform, operating system, and version of Epic. Enclose the photo. It may take them a while (a couple of days) to respond, but they will. Don’t expect anything over the weekend in Finland, though.

    cc @danke


    Lumia 520: Can’t complete Star Reef Castle, the game crashes on the last wave sometime. Also all daily dungeons are impossible for me, whenever I choose a friend’s bird the game quits.. Also it crashes every now and then between loading screens but I heard that it’s quite common for everybody. Poor optimization I guess.


    I got the daily golden pig machine on a lvl 1 friend that doesn’t have the machine… So I can’t use the daily friend mechine…


    Android on Samsung Galaxy Note 3, french version of the game.

    Just tried to get 3-star on the last level, which I “only” got 2 stars previously.
    Al my birds are now level 25. I selected this combination: “Red, Knight” + “Chuck, Rainbird” + “Matilda, Princess”, all Elite.
    My problem is that I just can’t win the first fight: WizPig has more than 6,000 HP and heals for a whooping 10,000 HP when he performs his direct attack on Red (since Matilda forces the opponents to attack the healthiest bird). Yes, you read it right: each two or three turn he gets, he’s healed for 150% more life than his own HP bar (that is already quite large).

    I ended quitting the fight since it was a stall: my birds can’t be killed, but neither could I beat WizPig.

    Something is obviously wrong here, the ability of WizPig does not seem well-balanced…?

    Other minor bug: the “special offer” won’t disappear off Piggy McCool when the discounted product is bought.

    I have also encountered the “you did not watch the full movie” (or something like that) when watching a video in order to get an extra in the game (potion/turn on the golden pig machine). Pretty frustrating: people usually don’t like to be told that they did not do the right thing when they did exactly what was expected of them. I read somewhere in the thread that some videos do not last long enough, depending on the country – this is nothing but not receivable explanation: Rovio has to check the duration of the videos, that’s their responsibility – and so dead easy to automate, if you ask me. If a video is too short, then it’s not displayed, else it’s displayed, endif – as simple as that.

    Regards to all.


    After beating all the dungeons the first time 2 weeks ago they have never reset to let me back in.


    @MisterStix > If I got it right, once beaten for the first time, each dungeon is only opened on a given day (and closed on the other days – they are not actually “reset” as I first understood; if you ask me: yes, that sucks).
    If there is a bug, it’s “only” on the global map, since there’s no visual proof that a dungeon is actually opened. Say, today we are on Saturday, so I took an eye on Bottomless Cave (source): 2-star flag, nothing special (except that it should be 3-starred ;) ). Then I tapped the dungeon so that the birds go to it, and only on the next screen it appeared that the birds could enter the dungeon for real. Maybe it’s “by design” – if so, I would advise Rovio to reconsider: a visual clue (glimmering things, anyone?) on the global map would be much more user-friendly.
    @ABN: I understand you have a priviledged link to Rovio, could you try to get some feedback on this?

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