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    kedik22, What specific issues are you referring to?  There are a few I can think of but I don’t know what’s on your mind.  I would respond if I knew more specifics.



    Hey, Piggsy,

    I’m a fellow AB2 gamer, and I really enjoy playing despite some of the obvious BS cheating/hacking issues.  The Mighty Eagle Bootcamo really opened my eyes to some major hacking!  Damn.  I started looking at some of the profiles of the top scoring people there.  One person had Star Rank and every one of their Birds was Level 95 and had a Legendary Hat.  I reported the person and haven’t seen that particular individual/hacker again, in the top scores.  I reported 3 people who had similar Star Ranks.  It pisses me off (sorry for the profanity but I am that level of frustrated).  I play a clean game and honestly, I wouldn’t enjoy playing ‘hacked’.  Where is the challenge?  Plus, you can’t make any friends because they might report you to Rovio.

    Anyway, I wanted to let you know that for me, in Amethyst League in the Arena, my rewards are 1 Arena ticket, then 150 feathers, Rare Chest, 2 Arena tickets, 600 feathers, Rare Chest, 1500 feathers.  I don’t understand why yours are different?  I’m at Star Rank 64, I think (lol, sad that I don’t recall!), Flock Power = 429, and Amethyst League for the Arena.

    I could go on and on about the Arena but you would stop reading!  When they put me up against someone with 480 Flock Power + 5 spells?

    Ask Rovio about your rewards using that in-game messaging system and let us know what they say in this thread!

    Regards, suzanne003

    I’ll send you a Friend Request!




    Stuporman (@stuporman), how do you know this?  Are you assuming that all CvC Battles will have the option to use spells, or has Rovio confirmed as fact?

    Please advise, Thanks!

    BTW, I don’t think this spells thing has been motivated solely by $$$, but I agree that’s def part of the reason for it.  I’m sure there were folks asking for the option to use spells.  I think it will skew the results of CvC, don’t you?  And not in a good way.


    Hey, Everyone!

    Thanks so much for sharing your suggestions and your experiences, and theories, about ToF! To SquawkTron, Vogel Birdson (@stevey), Mechanic Pig (@christian cosgrove), Piggsy (@piggsy), jo-ha (@ jo-ha), thanks so much for your comments and support!!  I hope I mentioned all who replied!

    I did see a strategy suggesting to choose the same card every time.  That helps a bit, but I switch to a different card when Pig approaches my card, if that makes sense.  Also, for me, Pig card shows up at the far right in level 6 about 8 out of 10 times.  I also have found that, once I get the Pig two times, I will hit the Pig every single time, about 8 of 10 times.  So, I am certain there’s some way Rovio has programmed ToF to correctly anticipate which card I will choose?!  It seems so weird.

    I have yet to pass Floor 41, and I have been playing for almost 2 years!

    / Vogel Birdson, I would love to hear the strategy your friend suggested, just to give it a try!  I really appreciate your interesting comment and would love to chat with you about game strategy if you’re interested!  Reply to this comment and maybe we can get in touch and chat?  Thanks!

    Suzanne (aka Zannie / suzanne003)



    Back in the “good old days” ~~ What a great topic!
    I remember when AB was about skill, not about how much money you can spend on winning power-ups and feathers and whatnot.  Players were on a level playing field, except for skill in gameplay.</p>
    I actually played the original AB before power-ups were introduced into that game, and I never had to spend $$$ to pass a level or earn rewards.

    I truly and intensely dislike what has happened to the Rovio games.  The movie characters are gross!  I am also disgusted by the Evolution Birds.  I miss old school AB gameplay!


    I agree!  How is the Clan supposed to enhance the AB 2 gameplay?  It seems as if this game has devolved into acquiring hats, accomplishing Daily Challenges and competing in the arena.  You don’t get anything, really, for actually playing the game!

    I looked at the available Clans today and they are all in countries where I don’t reside.  Do I have to join an American Clan?  Do I have to be able to speak the native language of the Clan I join?

    You are totally on point; I would appreciate some type of tutorial and / or explanation when a major element is introduced into a game.

    Another example is the “Star Cup” in AB Friends.  Like, wtf?

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